Tuesday, June 30, 2015


(standard internet celebrity)

(as it were)

This could easily explain former UNSF blog nemesis Jack Crow, or current sociopolitical snake oil salesman Glenn Greenwald, or Greenwald's alter ego, the faaaaaa-bew-lisssss liar Tarzie.

Click farmers who lie about their "expertise".

Standard Joseph Weil stuff, I guess.

Only literally ironic given their SJW perspectives, eh?

Not hipster ironic, therefore not seen as ironic.

Monday, June 29, 2015

we done tole you, cletus

We sed it befo'.  Themz Pwogwessives think nuthin' wrong wif hatin' Christian folk, 'cuz freedom of RAH-lidgin only sticks to thet six point stah.

But lissenup nah.  Doan bleeve me.  Bleeve one-ah yor'n.

WaPo on ACLU

-- Red Naecker, havin' me a Tea Party!

perdoneme, senorita, but my chalupa is under-cooked

Ess Ess Dee Dee, bitches!  Got some crackers to blame!
Can't wait to see Scalia's head explode when he realizes I'm right and he's wrong.
Scalia spends a lot of time worrying about what Jeff Popovich thinks about Con Law
Scalia's jealous he can't do PoMoPoetry like me
Have I told you lately how much I hate cracker christers?
My parents wouldn't let me have a gay orgy at age 13 in the rumpus room.
All the brainiac nerds of my peer group wanted to try ass sex, so I was just facilitating.
I wish my parents were dead and never had sex while alive. 
HOLYFUCK!  Then where would I be?  Fine metaphors abound!
I've never done anything myself, but I worship plenty of others!
I am legally partnered and I have female offspring.  So fuck you, former brainiac nerd peer group!
When I was young, I was uber-hip.  I was the top, the tip, the championship.
Now I'm old, and I consider a two mile walk "exercise," because I'm 50 lbs overweight.
I quit athletics when I failed to make the soccer team in 10th grade.
But my fellow pro soccer fans know I'm really knowledgeable about sports.
Statistically speaking.
Isn't it a delicious irony that I'm a chihuahua, but I hate dogs and LOOOOOOOVE me some cats?
Tarzie is a genius!  Send money to Art-for-Silver!