Sunday, May 24, 2015

whom would you crown?

Blogger who does best job of ghost-writing different "people" who "comment" at blogger's blog?

(A) Tarzie
(B) Chris Floyd
(C) John Michael Greer
(D) Michael J. Smith
(E) Tom Feeley

When grading the above candidates, please consider the number of "different personalities" ghost-written, the names chosen for the "different personalities," and the images attached to the respective puppets.

Please also consider which blogger writes under his/her own actual name.  Those who do, those who can be identified in meatspace by the name under which they blog, by an actual physical address for home, and by an actual verifiable background supporting the "wisdom" he/she shares on that blog, should receive greater weight for ersatz authenticity, balancing against their sock puppetry skills.

Negative scoring shall be attached to those bloggers who imagine themselves doing a satire or parody, yet who fail mightily at such striving.

Positive scoring shall be granted to those bloggers who, despite imagined satirical/parodic content, ironically are doing little more than exacerbating the problems about which the blogger pontificates.

Also, please be aware that the true king of sock puppetry is not in the running.  This contest is more about discerning who is the next-best sock Geppetto -- please identify the blogger who, in your view, best emulates the true king's practice.

Finally, please do not confuse this poll's focus with any person's habitual practice on such formats as facebook, twitter or reddit.  Several of the candidates may have a sideline of sock puppetry on one of these non-applicable formats, but such sideline activity does not count in this poll.


The King said...

I hope you noticed that Hodding Carter has apologized for doubting me and Edward. In light of that, I hope your readers will understand that you are just jealous of my wisdom, fame, social stature, political clout, media prowess, and publication history.

Chet Redweld said...

Well, old Hods is weary of being away from the spotlight for so long, and he's always been a slick operative, so I'm not all that sure his apology is sincere or in any way meaningful.

If a King's domain is holographic, what does that portend in meatspace?

Chet Redweld said...

Especially since The Hodfish only apologizes re Greenie/Snowjob, and not for failing to believe Bill Binney, Mark Klein, or anyone else whose story was the real "breaking news" upon which his Kingship built a holographic kingdom, and after which the GreenSnow story was modeled and treated as The One True Original Story.

If Hy Lohmann were to step up and tell us, on this day of 24 May 2015,

"Say, did you know that in the early 1970s, political operatives routinely used burglary and wiretapping to work chicanery against their adversaries?"

would he be the real Deep Throat?

Linda Lovelace said...

Absolutely not.

The King said...

I don't think my fat income and repatriation in Brazil enabled thereby are in any way holographic, you jealous breeder.

Harold Caidagh said...

...old Hods is weary of being away from....

Weary of, or weary from?

This kind of preposition awkwardness is atypical for you, Chet. I'm sure you didn't mean "wary" so shouldn't it be "from"?

Chet Redweld said...

Hal, I can offer only this:

Michael Dawson said...

I suppose I agree but it's not conditional -- you ARE crazy.

I've never written as "J. Smith" and only as "Dawson," only as myself. And I'm a pretty well-loved character, willing to give/make The Ultimate Sacrifice. For the children, of course.