Saturday, May 16, 2015

not true until authorities say it's true

The 99% Are Ignorant, But We Can Educate Them
by Chris Hedges
Disinformation Clearing House
May 15, 2015

Currency valuation rigging?  By banks?  Or currency traders?  NEVER!  They are merit-ful people who gained their stations through prestige parchment and immense native talents of the sort you'd never hold, let alone develop adequately. 

The finest people work hard to achieve positions of worth.  If someone is an executive making decisions for a financial entity, rest assured he or she knows more about financial affairs than you.  Otherwise it would be you making those decisions!

People in positions of decisive power deserve to be there.  And in those positions, they exercise great care and rely upon preternatural talents to make far-reaching decisions for the benefit of all.  They would never make decisions which benefit only a small percentage of humanity.  If they were that imbalanced and overselfish, they would be you, sitting on the sidelines, complaining about the decisions. 

Everyone rises to their appropriate station.  The system we have in place circa 2015 ensures that merit, and not graft or favoritism or old-boy-networks, determines who gets to climb the ladder.  It's most probable that if you see a decision which appears to be corrupted by powerful influences, you just don't know enough about the subject or applicable landscape to understand the decision and its holistic impulses.

As a journalist who spent 20+ years covering global matters for The New York Times, I am familiar with those Americans who toil in the corner offices spread throughout the financial world.  I did occasionally encounter someone whose abilities or agenda were in some minor way questionable and perhaps untoward.  Yet in every case where I found such a person, the system prevented him from advancing further.

The system we have works well.  It relies upon merit and talent.  To prove this, I got arrested at Occupy: Wall Street, where I was protesting about one of the few financial executives (a Republican, of course) who wasn't in his position because of merit or talent.  He was installed there by GOP cronyism, and I wanted Wall Street to know that I knew this.  Basically I was threatening Wall Street with my journalistic exposure of the GOP crony.  As a result, Cornel West and I were arrested, mostly because NYPD is run by GOP operatives. 

As you can see, the real problem is the GOP.  It's not our financial system, which is 99% pure in motive and noble in purpose.  And I beg of you to notice that this fallacious story was run by The New York Times after my tenure there ended, so it is of marginal importance and questionable veracity at best.  I would urge all good progressives like myself to be skeptical of such GOP propaganda.  The once-honorable NYT has been in an embarrassing backslide since my days working there.  We can count on Elizabeth Warren to change those reactionary regressions in our media, and to spot and expose chicanery wherever it arises on the financial landscape.

Remember, I'm for the little guy.  And you can trust me when I tell you that Wall Street is, for the most part, also in favor of helping the little guy, the average American.  As a regular guy yourself, you should know that I'm sincere when I say this, because I was arrested when trying to help the 99% avoid the nefarious cronyism worked by the GOP's one-percenters. 

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