Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"I'd like a Kale & Quinoa chalupa with extra smug sauce, please."

MY troll is bothering ME again.

He is MY PERSONAL troll.

I've NEVER trolled anyone, despite 10+ years of blog
activity blaming Crackers, Christers, Reactionaries
 for all the pain caused by my ego brittleness

In pure indelible fact, I've NEVER trolled.  I've merely written
 poems and prose. I'm a writer, you see.

OTHER PEOPLE troll.  I simply spread The Good Word -- TRUTH.

That's WAAAAAY different from Christer Crackers who say they spread
The Good Word when they harangue others regarding Jesus.

The blogtag My Complicity excuses My Hypocrisy.

It also converts my 4 decades of teenaged angst into witty observations,
which I offer in the form of accusations regarding others.

If I say it's MY TROLL making me be an asshole,
that's because of MY TROLL,
and not because I'm an asshole.

Please send $$$ to an Internet Construct.

Also, please remember Tarzie is a genius, and you're just jealous of his genius.


H.M. Lohmann said...

How or why could anyone ever want to mock, deride, jape, scorn, scathe, tear down, ridicule, parody or satirize someone like the BlogTrust(TM)'s version of The Taco Bell Mascot?

This is all very confusing. When I have visited The Taco Bell Mascot's blog, I have found endless praise for people who write things like this:

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anboihpkuprk[pmk 6191gghom,,;[ gquivcu 82huv7nurtkiyj

(abbreviated to 1/1,000th its original length, for bandwidth preservation)

Clearly, The Taco Bell Mascot is a literary savant, and quite possibly THE Ultimate Literary Genius. So why are you punching him? Why are you acting like HIS TROLL?

Chet Redweld said...

Hy, to whom is that question directed?

I didn't write this entry. I'm just the bloglawyer. I'm pretty sure this one was done by Karl. And if I know Karl (and I do), he did it mostly to give himself a chuckle, and again as usual, at the expense of someone Karl finds a pompous blowhard -- for whatever reason, and such reason(s) typically is(are) particular to Karl's unique sense of comedy.

Sometimes he treads in the footsteps of our rejected former tribesman, Harold Caidagh, and this may well be one of those times. We'll have to wait for Karl to stop by and grace us with his insights.

All I did was publish this entry, which I found waiting in the queue when I logged on this afternoon.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Maybe he'll explain that "Kale & Quinoa chalupa" reference. I've been to Taco Bell and I haven't ever seen such a chalupa on the menu.

I don't even see what kale, quinoa or chalupas generally have to do with this sequential visual commentary he's offered. It's almost a non-sequitur to me.