Monday, May 18, 2015

free bee

(not a drone)

Systems analysis seems beyond most people.  Most try to split hairs already split 1000s of times, in order to carve out a tiny niche of expertise.  This pushes people into narrow views.  Holism is dead, long live the infinitesimal niche, over which one is Absolute Lord.

Apparently people think this is useful.  Everyone an expert, and a proper gathering of experts leads to a meritocratically wise consensus. 

Using an automotive analogy, can you imagine this being good/wise/respectable?  Instead of being able to take your ailing vehicle to a single garage/mechanic, you have to go to an infinite number of them.  One for your braking system.  One for your exhaust system.  One for your transmission.  One for your differential.  One for your driveshaft.  One for your clutch.  One for your steering assembly.  One for your intake system.  One for your camshaft.  One for your valves.  One for your carburetor/injection system.  One for your ignition system. 

No mechanic could possibly do all those things!  Not as an expert!  IMPOSSIBLE!

If my metaphor continues in the same way I've watched other dimensions of American culture continue, soon that list of individual mechanical specialty experts will be expanded.  Exhaust expert fractions into exhaust manifold experts, exhaust tubing experts, catalytic converter experts, muffler experts, tailpipe experts.  Then further into specific expertise:  not just an exhaust tubing expert, but a Ford exhaust tubing expert.  HE KNOWS NOTHING OF CHEVROLET EXHAUST TUBING! says sideline fanboy/shadetree pseudo-mechanic on the internet.FN

It's all pathetic at best, lampoonable on average, and puke-inducingly destructive at worst.

What could you possibly know about any of this, Redweld?  You're an internet construct and your C.V. is not posted, and even if it were, you couldn't possibly hold prestigious degrees in every subject you have addressed since assuming control over this blog!  I bet you don't even have a degree, let alone several, much less as many as needed to be a Real Expert and True Genius of Everything!

I hear you, random internet idiot.  Loud and clear. 

But it sounds mostly like static.


I would suggest you spend some time looking into this guy's overblown areas of wisdom.  Nobody could know what he knows.  He hasn't properly specialized in a microscopic niche!


FN - Shadetree know-nothing doesn't realize exhaust tubing doesn't care whether it gets connected to a Fiat, a Lada, a Yugo, a Cadillac, a Ferrari, a Bentley, or a Lamborghini. 

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