Thursday, April 9, 2015

norwegian folk tales? in maryland?

I'm really mad at "my troll".

Last time I looked around, "my troll" was pissing me off.

The sorry state of my life is entirely the fault of "my troll".

I've been reduced to self-medication, to deal with "my troll".

But it's not working, as you can plainly see.

At this point, sanity is entirely vestigial -- if in fact it ever was there.

Friends suggest I was mellower when younger, but do I look mellow here?

Just yesterday, I snapped at a co-worker for no reason.

I got ready for my talk with my supervisor by evoking sympathy.

"This is strike two, Jeffrey.  I've warned you about personal activity on the clock."

But...but...but...I blame the caffeine!  It controls me!  And scares me!

"Don't bring that work friction home with you, Jeffrey.  I have a show coming up."

"Dad, I'm busy getting ready for graduation.  Stop hovering!"

It's the same old story.  Everywhere I go, nobody worships me.  It's frustrating!

My shrink was no help, stupid question, "How does it make you feel?" 


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