Thursday, April 23, 2015

let me congratulate myself and link to myself with praise

Fishing, just casting a line, while working the same theme worked in 2008 and 2012 on behalf of Obama (he's Black, so he's "for the little guy") we can see the willing Langley dupe working 2 of the 5 heads on his dragon corpse. 

Remember who got "arrested" in the fake "arrest" at Occupy:NYC with Chris "2 proud decades serving the NYT-Foggy Bottom-Ft McNair-Langley-MIT gang" Hedges?

The cat wrote an okay book in the early 90s but that doesn't mean his fake "arrest" with Hedges proves modern era bona fides.

However, the 2-of-5-heads animated by the voice of Langley assure us that this time, notwithstanding the bogus charade arrest at O:NYC, things are serious.

Why are the 2 heads deflecting onto a non-issue right now?  Why aren't they talking about the bullshit "rape" allegations at TomJeffUni?  Why aren't they talking about the other shit that's going on?  More importantly, what do these 2-of-5 cabezas, o los tres otros, know about anything outside hot guy-on-guy personals ads?

The Ding-Dong assures us it's all above board.  We know the Ding-Dong is reliable, since he's all about the social signaling of his pwogwessive pyooowitty (chapter 57:  now I'm a leftist, previously a donkophile, always progressing society with my opinions). 

Look at the little twisters go!  I bet there's all kinds of twitter one-upmanship (or is it one-upfemmeship?) happening.  Genius, really, when you think about it.  Gaytopia needs goat-roping too.

--Karl Franz Ochstradt, nemesis of numbskulls everywhere


Chet Redweld said...

That's not exactly how I'd have said things, Karl, but the essence is accurate anyway.

By the way, did you guys know I earned myself a new stalker yesterday. It's true. Obsessive hardly begins to describe this sick human's behavior toward me. Reminds me a little of how "Tarzie" followed you, Charles and Hal around like a heartbroken puppy, with all the same disturbing emotional projections used by that poor soul who hides behind "Tarzie."

It also reminds me of how that "Jack Crow" guy was obsessed with you folks to such a degree he thought it best to make up lies about your psyche, your alleged hatreds (all of them claimed to be illogical bigotry put into action), and some curious, if not unquestionably bizarre, projection of "rape fantasies" and a history of rape.

We all know that people under stress like to assume the world is their mirror. The question is, what does the poor human behind "Tarzie" (or "Chris Floyd" or "Jack Crow" or "Arthur Silber") have festering in his/her/its psyche that drove him/her/it to such lengths?

Perhaps we'll never know. I suppose it's possible that, given that the aforementioned keyboard warrior lurking behind online identities is connected to skull orchards and spades and rape o' the mind, he/she/it might also be behind my new stalker. It would not surprise me.

But who is this "Ding-Dong" character, Karl? I know that phrase only from those hockey-puck shaped snack cakes delivered by the great bakery called Hostess. Clearly there is more to it.

H.M. Lohmann said...

bats, and a
sense of

That's what some doggerel scribbler suggests as maybe having something to do with it, Chet.

(I didn't want to be left out of this thread, sorry for butting in, guys)

Anne O'Dyan said...

This topic interests me enough to visit after my long-ago departure and median silence.

The nick-name you mention, Chet, reminds me of this old song. Perhaps one of you will get the message therein.

Ding-Dong, the witch is dead!
The wicked witch!
The mean old witch!
Ding-Dong, the lizbitchwitch is dead!

Sing-Song, the ditch has bled!
The weedy ditch!
An overgrown ditch!
Sing-Song, the brushy ditch has bled!

Wing-Wong, our glitch is lead!
A chemical glitch!
Reactive glitch!
Wing-Wong, the entropic glitch yields lead!

H.M. Lohmann said...

I always said Anne was a brilliant poet and lyricist. Nobody ever believed me.

Anne O'Dyan said...

Hy, you're interrupting. There are more verses.

Ping-Pong, how red the stitch!
On the surgeon's wife's fitch!
Not a sherpa on a pitch!
Ping-Pong, the sanguine stitch has fled!

King-Kong the ape was bred!
By a man made rich!
From a bunco niche!
King-Kong, he had a giant head!

Wring-Wrong, the accused has pled!
He did not out-pitch!
A mental micro-switch?
Wring-Wrong, the perp has made his bed!

Bing-Bong, the cop's a snitch!
It's a real eldritch!
Or a psychic twitch!
Bing-Bong, the vice squad cop's a snitch!

Chet Redweld said...

As counsel to this blog I must advise all visitors that the contents herein are protected intellectual property and, despite my seemingly casual and almost apathetic demeanor, I will vigorously prosecute all IP thefts of material from this blog.

Normally I wouldn't be compelled to leave this sort of caution, but it's not every day that we get treated to Ms O'Dyan's lyrical largesse. But the mere fact of her bestowal upon this blog does not grant you, rare traveller to this backwater locale, the right to use without attribution and tribute.

I should also utter a speck of warning concerning this blog's tracking devices. We know who visits us. Or at least, I do, and I'm the one who would hunt you down and subject you to the vicious canine jaws of my pit-bull legal persona.

With that said, I hope Ms O'Dyan has more and can continue without further interruption.

Pip Squeequi said...

oh hai pleez stop this horrid punching down so I can haz giblets gravy and sardinian small fry in an artisanal handmade dining vessel ok bai

pee?yess! open wide and ready!

Paul Behrer said...

Hey Tinker Bell, the Peter Pan blog is 3 doors down.

Anne O'Dyan said...

Paul, that's the sort of comment that made me wonder about your sanity when I was active here long ago. Is everything all right with you? Did you forget to refill a prescription?

Paul Behrer said...

I got your medicine right here, Annie.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

See, lying douchebags like Hedges & West are counting on you remembering nothing from the passage of 3.5 years.

Here's what I said about this bullshit the last time someone tried lionizing West and Hedges for their "rebel cred" --

Back around the same time our good spectre/muppet "Tarzie" was following me around the internet chock-full of unrequited love turned into spiteful catty snark, which "Tarzie" used to supposedly correct, repair, etc., my alleged mistakes about Glenn Greenwald's heroism and Chris Floyd's not-a-Donkey status.

In that same 3.5 years period, Greenwald = Scam, which "Tarzie" learned only by realizing that his/her/its corrections, etc., issued toward me were in fact mistaken. The reason "Tarzie" was in love with me is understandable, I'm far smarter and far more insightful than he/she/it and weak-willed persons want to complete themselves with a "partner" who has what Weak-Will lacks. The trouble, then and now, was that I'm not gay, which rankled the "Tarzie" character.

Naturally, "Tarzie" chose the only path imaginable: adopt my insights as being from the mind of "Tarzie" and this, "Tarzie" imagined, would endear me to "Tarzie."

Even if I were gay, why would I be attracted to a person who has no identity other than being stupid, wrong, and copy-catting instead of admitting error and acknowledging who knew and who taught whom?

As to "Chris Floyd," that sad sack has been Donkeytastic his entire life, and still can't find himself objective enough to spot his own flaws. Why would he do that, though? He's exactly like "Tarzie"! So identical that you can't tell them apart; they are the two faces of Janus.

What's behind the doorway, Janus?

The path to Wild Bill's progeny.

Chet Redweld said...

Once again, Karl -- not how I would have put it, but still it strikes at the heart of the matter.