Wednesday, April 1, 2015



Well, the lawsuit is over, and GRH LLC got its well-reamed arse handed to it.  Judge Flappe was removed from the bench for impropriety in chambers, and lawyer Lyspe has been disbarred.  Our private investigator has learned that GRH LLC asked the Neuwestia Secretary of State to remove its LLC status and dissolve the entity, and mail sent to GRH LLC is returned with Return to Sender, Address Unknown stamped on it.

Rumors have circulated regarding Glenn Greenwald's notice of the lawsuit and eagerness to revive it with appellate proceedings, but it's our understanding that such rumors are engineered by lawyer Lyspe, whose fantasies continue to invigorate his detachment from reality.

In other news, a sadly insecure blogger out there in blogtopia -- a member in good standing of the semi-dormant BlogTrust, in fact -- has taken it upon himself to revitalize the Doc Pomus hit, "You're Oxy and You're a Misogynist Psychopath Rapist Teap Artier Repthuglican Closeted Homosexual who Can't Get Laid."

However, given the death of Top 40 radio and its supplanting by vectors like Pandora, we wonder how much Hit Potential the insecure blogger's revival attempts will earn.  In any case, we remain amused at the sad projections used by sad insecure blogger, since those projections tell us all about sad blogger's psyche and nothing about what sad blogger believes he "knows" about people he's never met.  After all, how can you know the psychological profile of someone you've never met?  We are reminded to return to Paul Behrer's famous quotes on the right margin ---->

All in all, it's been yet another Victory Season for UNSF and its roster of retired jerseys.  We await, most eagerly, the sad blogger's unfortunate attempts at rewriting history for his ego's sake, and our breath is bated for the potential star calibre appeal action of Glenn Greenwald stepping in for Butz, Cox & Dynia.

It's a great season, truly, to be an inactive blog writer whose past writing gets misunderstood by people who pretend to be literary geniuses.  Truly.

Your humble correspondents,

Chet Redweld
Paul Behrer
Karl Franz Ochstradt
Hyman Mittleman Lohmann
Charles F. Oxtrot


BroTarzie, Whore of MENSA said...

You're a liar. You're a psychopath who accused someone of raping his daughter, and you're trying to escape that by pointing fingers elsewhere. Not only that, where the fuck are Walt Greenglen and Anne O'Dyan? They wouldn't sign onto this update? Clearly you're Oxy. Clearly you're in the closet and can't get laid. Obviously you're mentally unwell, you don't show The Kind to anyone. This is the Internet and this is Reality, you sociopathic homophobe who can't get laid.

diane! and I'm tough! said...

OMIGOD. SOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with Tarzie, SOOOOOOOOOO in the closet, SOOOOOOOOO can't get laid, and such a lying psychopath. Go die in a fire, you unKind asshole.

g Mike, abstruse scholar said...

You're not well, it's obvious from your writing that your soul is in agony and you can't find peace.

If you learn to just don't worry, be happy everything will melt away. Be Kind. There's enough unKindness in the world without you adding to it.

No, I'm not a blogger under other names. I just like capitalizing the "k" on Kind. It makes me feel Hawaiian.

Lewis S. Lyspe, Esq. said...

I don't care what lies you spread about me, I'm still adding ", Esq." after my name. You have no proof of my disbarment. Also, you're going to be sorry you said Manny was removed from the bench, since actually he retired. To be with me.

Jerome Solon Felder said...

I did not write that song.

Ultimate Literary Genius said...

You don't know anything about the Paris Commune. Communism will work, as long as we first kill reactionaries like you. Then everyone will agree with me, and I can be the Stalin of the United Socialist States of Popovicia. Dictatorship has always been my game plan, it's why I like the Left. That, and passive-aggression being the staple binding my viewpoint's Executive Summary.

If you knew the Kind, you'd know this -- what matters is what notions or famous people you affiliate yourself with, and not what you have done yourself. In my eventual Popovicia, people who are found doing actual things will be sent to gulags and starved until dead. What matters is symbology. Ask Professor Chomsky. In fact, the manual for operating Popovicia will be written by Professor Chomsky, inasmuch as he and I are confidantes.

Chet Redweld said...

You're a psychopath who accused someone of raping his daughter

The only accusations I've leveled have been in meatspace, toward Judge Flappe and lawyer Lyspe, and those accusations were successful and proved factually correct.

Unlike yours.

Feel free to offer your link to ...uh... "Oxy" saying someone named Jeff Popovich "raped his daughter," okay?

Poor Jeff Popovich, so eager to accuse others of harboring the rape fantasies he's plagued with. Perhaps he'd like to file a defamation action against this blog, like his pals at GRH LLC.

What if the ultimate gatekeeper.... is Jeff?

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

You'd think a self-appointed Ultimate Literary Genius could comprehend clearly written items like this:

But there's a problem. Can't appeal to any authorities if you don't see them as authorities, can you?

Paul Behrer said...

Clearly as a reference librarian, you are a gatekeeper. For appeals to authority. For logical fallacy.

I don't know about you, but when I need a lawyer, I want a lawyer and not a legal librarian or paralegal or amateur poseur at jurisprudential comprehension. Someone who needs to consult the reference librarian for how to find something, well -- not impressive, not a good lawyer, surely not an inventive one, and never to be a successful one, legal-talent-wise.

You might say the know-nothing would take a subject and expend 25,000 words on it and end up saying nothing of utility. The know-nothing thinks wordiness = revelation of expertise and creativity. Talking in circles, missing points, failing to spot issues, and never addressing these pivotal-but-ignored essentials: this is the pride of the passive-aggressive progressive. The pretense.

Especially the pretense at being Hawaiian.

Do you wonder what he sees as he gazes into quicksilvered glass? Do his eyes glow red and are his incisors blood-tinged?

Harold Caidagh said...

Hey Chet, thanks for letting me sign on this update. Seriously.

Chet Redweld said...

Hal, I appreciate your embodying the passive-aggressive stance for our audience. You know as well as I do that our only concession in concluding this lawsuit as a win for UNSF was to drop you from active posting. Nobody wants to be affiliated with Hal Caidagh, no matter where he got his start.

Pete Antick said...

"You're Oxy and You're a Misogynist Psychopath Rapist Teap Artier Repthuglican Closeted Homosexual who Can't Get Laid."

Actually, the full title of the Hit Song is this:

"You're Oxy and You're a Misogynist Psychopath Rapist Teap Artier Repthuglican Closeted Homosexual who Can't Get Laid. (And who is Corporate.)"

Ultimate Literary Genius said...

Good eye, Pete. I should know, I've been singing that song for so long, and playing the 45 so long, that the grooves are worn and it sounds all wobbly wnd watery when I play it back, but it's still got a ton of soul and it's organic and green.

H.M. Lohmann said...

I think the Ultimate Literary Genius has a very hard time imagining anyone else being smarter, more insightful, or better at analysis than he is. Maybe he should go read some Sam Vaknin, it may be almost as valuable as trying to see a reflection in the mirror, or trying to catch a kip anywhere but in a coffin.

Harold Caidagh said...


He's too busy hovering over Child Prodigy, while rationalizing the hovering by saying he likes driving country roads.

Priscilla B. Houle-Eaton said...

You didn't win anything, you obnoxious homophobes. Glenn Greenwald is going to expose your bigotry and Corey Robin is going to help, as is Tarzie. You don't stand a chance. You just wait. You'll get beaten on appeal.

I'm the real winner here. You did not succeed in having me disqualified as an expert. That's my springboard to $500/hour work. Bet you feel ashamed of that one, eh homophobes?

Chet Redweld said...

We didn't need to "succeed in disqualifying you," Dr H-E, because your own client rejected your work and summary report in favor of someone else's work. You're hoping the readers here don't know that, but you and I know better. You're not an accepted expert, not from the Neuwestia District Court perspective anyway. Your qualification as expert was never finalized.

I would expect that's why you're lying here -- like lawyer Lyspe, you're based in a fantastic view of life, rather than a real experience of things.

Nope. Not Jeff. Not close. said...

You're obviously very angry and likely unhinged. Only insane people would post what you post. I bet in real life you have murdered thousands and tortured millions, while still not getting laid and still being in the closet. And still Corporate. Why don't you go read some Ayn Rand, you reactionary asshole?

Fitzhenrymac T. Feeley said...

I agree completely with NNJNC above. This blog is misogynist and its operator is a rich corporate attorney who is a GOP operative. He has nearly a half-million dollars in petroleum investments, and he got them by raping women and uttering bigoted remarks about gays. When Czar Popovich puts me in charge of the Ministry of Reactionary Extermination, you're the first head on the chopping block.

Everything is simple: either you are a gay man or you are an ugly reactionary murderer who rapes women when not fantasizing about raping them. Either you are corporate or you are a communist. Either you worship Chomsky, or you deny his Supremacy and thus are an apostate. It's true that you can have an Obamapostasy and still be Leftist, even if you thought in 2008 that Obama is a leftist. Everyone gets hoodwinked by Corporate.

Bill Duke said...

Agreed, Fitzy.

BroTarzie, Whore of MENSA said...

It's the same old message from you Oxy, no matter what name you pretend to have. Always homophobic, always misogynistic, always bigoted, always reactionary, always corporate, always repthuglican, always teap artier, always randite libertarian, always Christer, always cracker.

If you wrote more like JimH, the voices would be completely indistinct and flat-lined, but at least you would not be such a fucking bigoted homophobe who can't get laid.

Duwayne Josephsson said...

Which handle do you like better?

This one?

Or mistah charley ph.d.?

Grandma Sheila said...

I like this one best.

Phil "Phylter" Rockstroh said...

No, this is the best one of all. Isn't that surname punny as hell? Throwin' rocks at reactionaries?

Yuk yuk yuk.

Anyone who disagrees with Sheila is corporate.

Chris & Floyd, my childhood lovers said...

Wait a minute.

When trolling for money, I can be rich if I just cast a line, a trot-line as it were, into the muddy benthos.

--Rich Kastelein

Michael "ParEcon" Albert said...

My brain is huge. Huge, I tell you. I was destined for academia, but instead in my early 20s I saw a ripe vineyard for Marxism among the young, stupid and impressionable. I saw the way Marxism was beleaguered and harassed by thuggish reactionaries who are corporate profit-leeches, so I created ParEcon to sell Marxism with a soft touch. I'd love to discuss ParEcon with you, but only if you first tell me what you know about the great Karl Marx. If you can't pass that test, you can't participate in the economy.

Arhtur "Walter Glass" Silber said...

Horrifically I wish to inform you all of my health travails and remind you that 15 years into my repetitive, self-quoting blog operation, I am still dying. Please send coins, so that my feral cats can be fed with quinoa and kale and imported sardines delivered fresh on ice. My health is so unstable that I could die at any moment, which would mean the cats would starve. I beg of you to think of the kitties. I really am dying. I've been dying since the day I was fabricated on the internet!

Tom Engelhardt said...

I'm not Tom Feeley.

TomDispatch said...

True enough. That's because I am.

Harold Caidagh said...

I think the Ultimate Literary Genius has a very hard time imagining anyone else being smarter, more insightful, or better at analysis than he is.

Almost, Hy.


Adjust the focus: unless you are one of his Avowed & Acknowledged Experts, you can't possibly know more. They are the only ones allowed to know more. The only ones. If your ideas contradict ULG's ideas, and can't be found among the Avowed & Acknowledged Experts, then simply put: you're wrong, and insane, and a psychotic reactionary repthug bircher randite homophobe christer cracker bigot who is in the closet, corporate, and can't get laid.

It really is that easy!

Bajah Seyrah R. Teeste said...

You forgot small man. Oxy is a very small man. Tiny, microscopic, nearly invisible.

This is proved by a simple test: is he on Twitter?

Twitter is Reality. Twitter followers are Real Friends. People not on Twitter are hateful, small, insane, and misogynistic with deadly, dangerous rape fantasies 24/7/365.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

We do love the misanders here.

The Druidic Dynamo of Plagiarism said...

Forsooth. I am apoplectically drawn to phatic communication while using my whole body to Druidically reframe what I find here and present it as my own thinking, albeit stuffed with steampunk fantasy, blindness toward hypocrisy and/or inconsistency, and a never-ending "to be continued anon" sentiment embodied in a supremely solipsistic sophistry which goes hither and yon yet never arrives at its destination. Else how would we continue anon?

Now that this blog is active again, will I have to endure mockery of my plagiarising impulse and deceptive presentation of others' thoughts as my own? Tune in anon, and I shall grant you a Gold Star if you should educate our flock of proto-druids with an accurate regurgitation of my prolixity.

--John MICHAEL Greer, Arch-Druid of the North American Land Mass

Harold Caidagh said...

Sometimes we get reminded that reality tends to stick close to the ways UNSF has described it, however obliquely:

Harold Caidagh said...

I tell you, it's tough keeping up with teh interwebz. Above link now defunct, so use this one:

Harold Caidagh said...

Or, if you like a better formatting: