Saturday, April 4, 2015

...but they're gay, and they're such geniuses!

Yeah right.  Flop-wristed Tarzie, light-in-loafers Glennie, both pretending to be the great sages of our era.  Both pretend they have the gouge on Ennay Essay Eh.  You hear/read either of these poofties talk about this?

Naaaah.  'Cuz bein' gay is all you need from these two fruitflies.  They don't have to know jack (crow) shit, do they?  Naaaah.  Just gotta be ass pirates.  That's good enough for you. 

Good one, little half-a-man almost-a-pair.  Be proud you're such great liars.  Or such a great liar cloned.  Whichever it may be.

--Paul Behrer, signing off.


BroTarzie, Whore of MENSA said...


You're just jealous that you can't get laid by random dudes in a sex bunker, not like me every night of the week. That's why I walk like I do, half floating skippy and half cowpoke, but with a tampon pull-string hanging out of my cute little ass, which you know you want.


That article was written by CIA, I told you it's all about CIA vs NSA. You dumb redneck misogynist homophobe cracker christer bigot who is in the closet, corporate, and can't get laid. I own you, here and on twitter. Get juiced in it!

Jeffy Weffy Ding-Dong said...

I'd correct you with 25,000 words that go nowhere, but I'm busy hovering and complaining about how in crackerland there's no fancy restaurants. No, I can't prepare my own food for road trips to hover. I need to buy, buy, buy when I'm on the road, it proves I'm an upscale consumer with refined tastes. So I heap scathe on the sick-ass redneck shitholes I stop in when I'm hovering-but-pretending-I-love-country-roads. I hate my background, hate it hate it hate it, I'd kill my parents grandparents and great-grandparents if they were alive today, they were all christer cracker redneck fucktard asshole repugnican reactionary breeders who didn't know a good pinot grigio from a god-damned pine box. HOLYFUCK!

Rick Ellensberg said...

This Behrer loser obviously is jealous he doesn't have 5 books published and two in the works, jealous he didn't get chosen by Pierre, jealous he doesn't live in Brazil, jealous he doesn't have a beautiful boyfriend like le Davide, jealous he wasn't cited in the Congress, jealous he's not America's Constitutional Lawyer. So jealous it oozes from the page! LOOOOOOZAH!

Ellis said...

Don't forget he's jealous of Glenn's IQ, jealous of Glenn's superior legal skills, jealous that he didn't work for the finest law firm in NYC like Glenn, jealous he makes no money compared to Glenn, jealous he's not loved by every gay man like Glenn is, honey. TERMINALLY JELLY!

Carl Ellers said...

Also, jealous he doesn't have a Fan Club numbering in the millions. Not like Glenn. SOOOOOOOOO JELLY he should die in a fire right now!

Chet Redweld said...

Seems to me our commenters above are their own words... "jelly" about not winning that sad lawsuit they filed against this blog. Maybe The Great One should have been the trial counsel, instead of Butz Cox Dynia?

When you lose, and you're sore about it, the best recourse is to claim the winner is "jealous" of you. Especially if you're a gay loser.

Pip Squeequi said...

why are you picking on such invisible people when the real criminals are Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin and John Boehner and Glenn Beck and the whole evil RepugniKKKan party? you're a small man, Jackie Creaux was SOOOOOO right about you. go get some dick, you closeted jagoff... I mean... no I didn't say jagoff, that would make me sound like myself, I mean it would make me sound like PackBackJake, I mean it would make me sound like a half-baked half-Jewish half-Italian trustafarian who went to Oberlin and loves overwrought modifiers and emotionally infused handwringing and pearl-clutching, sweetie.

growin' pain said...

never will be
smart as me

chris cross
is my boss
killer tunes
year of junes
perfect weather

negative, sire
this cannot be ire
my crotch is on fire
with a big desire
for the necklace tire
to which you aspire
don't be so dire
you're just a cryer

my poetry kills
since I left the hills
that gave birth to me
out there in pee

Michael J. Smith said...

Remorsefully, I shall wade into this fetid swamp of ignorance and proceed accordingly. According to what, you ask. Fine question, and one which I shall attend to as soon as I have achieved peak vomitus and deposited the effluent here. I would apologize in advance, however I feel quite securely confident in the notional truth of emesis being an improvement, rather than a defacing, of this horrific establishment. Bon soir, pissants and slaves.

H.M. Lohmann said...

Why is Jeff Popovich trolling this site? Wasn't he just complaining a couple days ago, saying that "oxy" is his "troll"?

Chet Redweld said...

Hy, Jeff's been trolling UNSF for a long time. It's that eggshell ego of his, forever stuck in the adolescent phase, perpetually unable to find his own identity, constantly looking outside himself.

Also, is it really possible to "troll" someone who has a blog that is open to the public? If you want a private blog that's meant just for your close kin and friends, to share personal news and daily taste-finds, blogger lets you set it up that way. One would have to assume that Mr Popovich wants eyes on his blog, he even says so about 4-5 times per week that he's insecure and sadly in need of others' attention even if negative, because he's so petty -- this he admits.

It's no wonder he pretends that he can discern "smallness" in others. Projection, you know. It's the staple of the lefty progressive outlook.

Bill Duke said...


Jackie Blue said...

Totally a GOTCHA!, Bill. I agree.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Here's the lowdown, in case you missed it.

The Ding-Dong thought if someone else in "blegsylvania be dyin' yo!" likes one or more of the same musicians he does, then some kind of kinship exists, and this musical appreciation brotherhood gives the Ding-Dong freedom to his deficient tongue... "troll" while pretending he's not. The Ding-Dong thinks, for example, that if someone else likes Yo La Tengo, then that someone else has to be a lefty-progressive who has huge blind spots and a fragile ego, just like the Ding-Dong.

What is really sad is how the Ding-Dong thinks himself so wise, bright, refined, and scholarly in his artsy-fartsy-ness. That's proved by citing Arvo Part, right?

Pardon me while I tend to a burst appendix from laughing so much.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Also, I think we need to hear Duke & Blue explain their little "GOTCHA!" tag-team of self-congratulation. Somehow I think they're the ones ensnared, but I'll give them a chance to prove me wrong.

Grandma Sheila said...

We've been tagging you Bircher Randite RepugniKKKans for many years, and we do it under many different fake-separate-identities. That's what we do, since we're superior and you're inferior. We're just reminding you of your proper place -- as our servants when you're not our whipping boys. Right Phylter?

Phylter said...

G'day Sheila, aye that's right. Fair dinkum to ye.

Any of you bogans disagree with Sheila, you're admitting you're corporate and misogynist and rapist, aye?

shrieking insecure poodle said...


this sick breeder is punching down, he's supposed to punch up.

Newbomb Turk said...

My dick is in the punch. Drink it up, drink it down, just drink it.