Friday, April 10, 2015


You can find the lyrics if you search.


Chet Redweld said...

As a perfect example of what Alvin Lee was saying there, I give you the peculiar Sundance television series, The Red Road.

I've watched 5 of the 6 episodes of 1st season and, as someone who has spent a fair amount of time in the region supposedly depicted in that show, I have to disagree with the NPR/PBS/TED Lecture types who say this is an "environmentalist's show" or a show that "finally gives the Ramapo Indians a good social profile."

The show begins by portraying the Ramapo people -- in the show called "the Lenape" -- as criminals who have no respect for anyone or anything, who use violence everywhere, who enjoy using guns and murdering others. The killed NYU student? Jewish. And White.

What message do you think that's sending?

Some reviews that go beyond Season 1 suggest it's a slow-burn where the Ramapo people get their justice, the environmental crimes are shown to be the reason for their violence. That's justice? That's a fair portrayal? AFTER you've established them as filthy dirt-eaters who live in half-build houses, who steal and lie and beat up and kill, and especially kill a keen NYU student who just happens to be white and Jewish?

I don't think these PBS/NPR/TED types really get what the show is telling them subliminally. It's not glorifying the Ramapo people, not giving them a fair shake. It's portraying them as the element that must be eliminated from Good Progressive Culture, but giving them a mild excuse in the form of toxic paint dumping.

If you spend time in the Ramapo Mtns you don't get accosted by the natives, they don't brandish guns or machetes or knives or blackjacks, threatening you and demanding you leave.

The show is not a coup for the Ramapo people.

It is, however, good at letting Mike Farrell show what a pathetic douche he is. He doesn't even have to act to play that role he's playing. It's him. Sorta like Tom Sizemore is playing himself.

Peebs Nipper Teddy said...

But the killed NYU student is revealed as going to the Ramapos to buy meth. That's making him a victim? You're insane.

Also, how can you "review" a show that hasn't finished yet? Season 2 proves people like me are correct, this is a real step forward for the Ramapough Mountain People, who deserve recognition. It portrays the fictional Walpole NJ police as bigots and Mike Farrell's character is a reactionary, not a progressive.

Chet Redweld said...

Thanks for making my points for me, Tedster.

Otis Campbell said...

Speaking of television, there's a burp at 1348