Saturday, June 7, 2014

the laughs are endless

Again we see Sue d'Ochridec and the CIA Asset patting each others backs, and the 54 year old hipster PR agent boosts the spectacle of BlogTrust Pseudo-Honesty.  Again we see the ramped-up attention toward OCL, and the fake-dissection which talks only of OCL's haircut and manicure being tacky and gauche.

Genuine criticism always soft-pedals.  Right?

If you witnessed a traffic accident where a car blew through a red light, and you were tasked with mediating the dispute arising out of the accident, would you emphasize the red light issue, or would you talk about the driver's need to more frequently check the air in his tires?


Red Light Runner:  "I was doing the speed limit."

Victim:  "I had the green light."

RLR:  "I have never been issued a traffic ticket."

Victim:  "I had the green light."

RLR:  "My car just got a 35k checkup.  It's safe."

Victim:  "I had the green light."

RLR:  "I have a certificate from the Skip Barber Driving Academy proving my competence."

Victim:  "I had the green light."

MEDIATOR:  "So, Red Light Runner, was the training area at Skip Barber dry, or wet, when you took that class?"

-- Hal Caidagh, amused that a scandalous gay twitter pilot and a Langley asset are jerking each other off with so many enthusiastic spectators enjoying the jerk action.


BroTarzie, Whore of MENSA said...

That mediator sounds a lot like me. He must be a genius, holding back on the snark while serving as mediator.

diane! and I'm tough! said...

That mediator sounds SOOOOOOOOOO much like you, Tarzie.

mennonite hoe fracas said...

Totes like Tarzie.

Floyd Christian, Domestic Goat Roping Desk said...

I thought it sounded somewhat like me, but at the same time, I agree with Tarzie, whose comments are poignant and insightful.

Argentus Roundtable, LLB said...

I agree with Mr Christian, whose prose is both erudite and artistic.

The cats are meowing plaintively, and I'm completely destitute right now. Please send coins.

silverfish pithing consortium said...

I have to say, before the Mediator stepped in, I was ready to believe the Victim.

Thank you, Tarzie. You opened my eyes to the fact that Glenn Greenwald has absolutely shockingly bad taste in neckties.

diane! and I'm tough! said...

Don't forget the haircut. The haircut is embarrassing.

And the manicure. Too much clear glossy polish, I get blinded when the camera catches one of his fingernails.

mickey's hep said...

Without Tarzie, I never would have known that Glenn Greenwald lives in Brazil.

And I never would have known that it was Greenwald's editors who made him write tail-chasing empty essays.

And I never would have realized that the true crux issue is whether someone spends all his intellectual energies worrying about Chelsea Manning's heroism.

Curious George said...

Who is Chelsea Manning?

mickey's hep said...

So you're a homophobe too?

Who's got the jellied gasoline? Let's have us a Georgefire!

diane! and I'm tough! said...


Can I light the match?

silverfish pithing consortium said...

An open-pit-roasted homophobe is just what the Doctor ordered.


Doctor Feelgood

mennonite hoe fracas said...

Anyone who hates on Tarzie is a homophobe. Tarzie is a hero. Everyone is jealous.

Chet Redweld said...

After accepting the GRH lawsuit defense, I read through this blog's entire back history of posts. In the course of doing that, I noted the number of bloggers who have found themselves visiting here and leaving wounded, vengeful comments.

It would seem that one of those wounded souls found it necessary to feel hurt and rejected like a jilted lover, and obsess endlessly (meaning: for a number of years well after the fact) regarding the insult felt when first reading something at this blog which made the insulted reader feel as if he or she personally were attacked physically by this simple collection of letters, spaces and punctuation marks. It's as if a word is the same as a tanto slicing open someone's abdominal wall and spilling some viscera.

To take that level of haemorrhoidal pain and turn it into a vehicle that steals another's wise teachings and offers them as original thoughts, that suggests a deep kind of pain, the type palliated only by opiates or suicide.

Let's hope Sue d'Ochridec can keep her hands off the razor blades, sleeping pills, oven gas knob, and makeshift noose material. We wouldn't want to lose such a powerful fraud!