Thursday, June 26, 2014

the james bond car had a wicked dashboard switch for belching smoke to drop a tail

So when a pseudo-intellectual gets his or her smoke-puffing engine warmed up and starts belching those opaque clouds:

Conventional wisdom sees a transition somewhere around the 17th century between ancient ‘science’ and the genuine article we know today. Astrology gave way to astronomy, alchemy to chemistry, and the old doctrines of ‘armchair philosophers’ were finally abandoned in favour of hypotheses that could be empirically tested. Galileo’s experiments on motion are a school-room paradigm of the modern scientific method, while Aristotle’s idea that stones fall because they want to get to the centre of the Earth, and fire rises because it belongs in the sky, is typical of the unscientific approach.

you can see the tailing vehicles smashing into smoke-obscured obstacles, spinning blindly off the pavement, or driving off a cliff.

Stones DO want to get to the center of the earth -- that's what the pull of gravity does, and that's what the more meritocratic field of physics eventually realized.

Fire DOES want to get to the sky -- this was shown, again, by the meritocrats studying physics. Warm air rises, cold air sinks. But hold on a minute.  Any climber or hiker or backcountry skier or alpine runner or bicyclist who plays in the mountains will tell you:  temperatures drop as you gain elevation.

Wait, is observing this also some kind of magical thinking?


Blah blah blah. Just because you actually composed an essay-length gathering of facticity it doesn't mean your essay is clarifying anything for us. As with Jack Crow, you are using all manner of logical fallacy in your argument. Confirmation bias and appeals to authority are your biggest flaws.

I'm sure your audience Brights agree, though. That magical thinking is definitely what gets Richard Dawkins' nose out of joint, so it must be an existential enemy ripe for the purging.


Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Holy Vesuvius! The sky is black with ash!

The most important factor that makes a rising civilization work, he suggested, is mimesis—the universal human habit by which people imitate the behavior and attitudes of those they admire.

Bwaaah hah hah. Cool citation and authority-buffing, MICHAEL. You have again found an obscure concept in your library of ridiculous arcana, and elevated that idea anew to make yourself look like the font of all wisdom stored and previously hidden from view! You are the ARCH MOTHERFUCKING DRUID, bro!

That 54-year-old-still-wishing-for-HS-cool-kid-status sure know how to pick cotton, don't he?

Paul Behrer said...

Picked, ginned, and woven into an artisanal wall-hanging for your steampunk post-modern post-collapse world where you spend your evenings playing Magic: The Gathering or listening to THE ARCH MOTHER-FUCKING DRUID lecture boringly.

Brandy Own said...

We are the repositors and curators of culture. You will seek our advice when you are blindsided by the ongoing collapse, which you don't even understand let alone see.

Everything we will need post-collapse is curated by JMG. It's rather sad to see you sniping at one of the world's few living geniuses. He is the John Galt to our Galt's Gulch -- to put it in a metaphor you can understand as a Randite Libertarian reactionary.

Harold Caidagh said...

The BlogTrust is bumpin'!

Chet Redweld said...

I have to admit that reading you guys' past entries has me gaining new appreciation for the various ways in which you have placed people, ideas, things, arguments and proposals in your crosshairs.

It reminds me a lot of catching someone in a lie during their deposition testimony.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Another idea originating at this blog has been stolen by others and presented as their own: namely, the notion that on the global stage, with various nations resembling humans in different stages of life --

USA as arrogant teenager

This blog mentioned the subject long before Big Self-Promoter Sam Kriss ever tackled it. However, you read and admire Sam Kriss because you think him bright and original, when he's been mining this blog and re-presenting its observations as his own work for over 5 years now.

You couldn't ever reference this blog because it's reactionary and doesn't give sufficient
kind to judgmental fucks who look for reasons to split things and put themselves on a higher pedestal.

You love intellectual grift -- especially when it makes you feel superior.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Reference for my comment:

Chet Redweld said...

More reading of back pages and linked discussions reveals an impressive number of frauds out there in what you guys have called "the BlogTrust." It's almost unbelievable how many of them took pains to first discredit whichever of you guys was writing, and then adopt whatever the discredited writer said.

More surprising is that those "BlogTrust" writers all seem to fancy themselves great thinkers, excellent writers, and clever comedians, and when they have discredited one of you guys, they have done so with all the tangible, defensible reasoning of a knee-jerk reaction.

Their collective migration to twitter gives them freer range to copycat this blog since none of the past authors here has a twitter account, and I definitely can't be bothered with twitter.

Twitter seems to have the same importance as Pep Club or A/V Aides status in high school. Let's all gather to gossip with snarky observations about those disgusting __________ who should be purged from our school's otherwise fine social fabric.

That Kriss guy writes like Jack Crow. So many words, so little being said -- but lots of references to obscure ideas of questionable relevance, much like what Karl said above regarding Greer.

Chet Redweld said...

Also, that "Cats not War" guy obviously steals from this blog and does a Tarzie with what he's stolen.

And such a funny twitter puppet for him. Patrick Higgins/Donny Diggins. Gosh. What a funny fellow. "Here, I'll show that I'm a Jake Bacharach sycophant with my Donny reference which is an IOZ reference which was the insider handshake there: pointing back at the Coen Bros funniest movie."

The BlogTrust: a gathering of fops who have a very high opinion of themselves, and no use whatever for anyone not playing the scripted role in the echo chamber.

It's always amusing to see these privileged people pretending that they are salt of the earth when they are little more than gestalt of the wurst.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

You noticed the Jacobin/New Inquiry connection?

Stern Public Intellectuals gathering to cull The Reactionary Mind from American society, one pompous blowhard essay at a time.

Where's that Corey Robin douchebag these days? Aren't you going to depose him, Chet?