Monday, June 2, 2014

that about covers it.

I spent time yesterday recovering from a backcountry ski day on Sat that turned into a Quantico death march because of angry feet resulting from an initial in-boots 1.5 mile hike to snowline plus a fast pace on the uphill resulting in near-bonk on the long steep bootpack to the summit for the big open face loaded with pretty good corn but great turns on the way down then more podalgia for the first return skin but decent enough turns on the next ridge descent followed by 0.5 mi down-hike in patchy terrain where I was already eager to shuck the boots and go barefoot on snow then saved only by one of my friends being generous enough to lend me his running shoes which he was smart enough to use for the initial 1.5 mi hike proving his strategic superiority as I'd chosen willfully to leave my shoes at the truck when heading up the first 1.5 mi hike.  As any idiot so strategically hobbled would have done, "recovering" became reading the Genius e-Commentary regarding Sunday's political landscape.  The feet would not support cutting the lawn as that would have caused shoe-rub on the bipedal big blister situation, the legs would not support a bike ride as that would have caused seizure of the overworked biomachinery.  Yes, the idiot move said "go read some of the Genius Class".

It's the idiot move because every time I read the Genius Class, I can only respond this way to what I find in my readings:

And you could rightly inquire: "well then, who are the Genius Class?"

They're whomever you're reading and regurgitating on the strategic grounding of "defensible, because expert."

-- Chet Redweld, of the Hamburger Feet victim category


creepy stalker bro said...

I thought you were some kind of skiing expert and boot fitting knowalot.

Why don't you get some better fitting boots, nimrod?

The decision to leave shoes at the vehicle and wear the boots for a 1.5 mile hike paced by people in running shoes doesn't sound very smart, smart guy.

diane! and I'm tough! said...

No shit. What an idiot. He's gonna get crushed in that lawsuit if that's his show of strategic advantage.

I'm eager to see him lose, like the misogynist reactionary he is. And the suffering of sore feet is nothing like what he's going to experience when his ego gets destroyed in that lawsuit designed to prove him worthy of execution.

My only question is, how should we kill him? I think we should ask Tarzie.

mincing miguel said...

In a fire.

splashy little sister said...

A slow fire. Starting at his feet.

Lewis S. Lyspe, Esq. said...

Nothing to fear here, I have enough dirt to get Redweld disbarred after the lawsuit is concluded. Trust me, disbarment is like a lifetime in hellfire for a lawyer.

Chet Redweld said...

Interesting comment, Lyspe. I suppose you thought I was unaware that you lost your LCSW status because of client complaints related to sexual assault and other improper conduct.

It's natural for someone who loses a license to government process to find himself attracted to litigation and therefore law school, Lyspe. You really have nothing to be ashamed of there.

Your legal practice standards, however, are another matter. Perhaps that's why you are so eager to suggest possession of "dirt" which likely amounts to proof of me jaywalking at 15, or something similar. Maybe a spit in public somewhere.

Chet Redweld said...

CSB, of the 6 skiers 3 wore their boots and 3 wore sneaks. Of the 6 skiers, 5 had packs suitable for lashing skis when hiking or bootpacking, 1 did not. I shouldered my skis the whole time I was hiking or bootpacking. Of the 6 skiers, 5 are impressive cardiovascular fitness and strength wise, and then there was one who isn't so impressive -- and that would be me.

Might want to mention my skin glue failed and the final skinning section was done with Voile straps wrapped tightly around the tails of my skis to hold the skins from flapping away.

But all that would be nothing more than excuse-making.