Friday, June 6, 2014


Update on Gays R Heroes, LLC v. Universal Non-Stick Formula and Harold Caidagh.

1) Basic discovery has been exchanged.  No surprises; plaintiffs' answers were equivocal where not evasive, and their interrogatories and requests for admission were polemical and accusatory rather than investigative.  We aren't fans of docket-plugging discovery motions, but if a 2d round of discovery occurs, we may quarrel with the content if the 1st round's tone and style is repeated.  Generally, however, we like to deal artfully when responding to such distorted discovery questions rather than having an endless exchange of motion arguments, which gobble up time and yield no strategic advantage to speak of.

2) GRH has stalled on our depositions of Corey Robin and Priscilla Houle-Eaton, receiving the court's indulgence on re-scheduling due to alleged inconvenience.  Please note that each of Robin and Houle-Eaton agreed to the previously set deposition dates -- they were set by negotiation and open discussion, taking deponent convenience into account.  This judicial indulgence may foreshadow how the court will see the case throughout its duration.  We're used to that and can handle it easily.

3) Although Houle-Eaton's diagnostic report was supposed to be delivered within 45 days of her diagnostic interview of Caidagh, it has yet to arrive.  We are mulling over strategies on this.

4) PDI's diagnostic report was shared with plaintiffs the same day it was shared here.  Whether that triggered (2) and (3) is an open question.  Our intuitive guesses on that?  We're playing close to the vest on this question.

5) As indicated in comments elsewhere on this blog, our investigative efforts uncovered a fact about plaintiffs' counsel Lewis S. Lyspe, Esq. which could provide a fruitful avenue for positional wrangling.  It was discovered that Lyspe came to the law as a career change from psychological counseling, which he performed under an LCSW licensure from the State of Neuwestia, and which license was revoked due to problems of sexual impropriety and assault in the conduct of his counseling.  An interesting development, to be sure.


Dixon R. Butz, Esq. said...

Sloppy. You reveal some of your insights and strategies here.

Lyspe's background is not a problem. I could take over; Anne Dynia could take over -- it doesn't matter either way, we're all 3 of us better lawyers than you, Redweld.

Also, we heard you like to investigate everything with an electron microscope, so we're not surprised and not handicapped by your learning about Lyspe's prior career and minor peccadillo, both of which really have no bearing on this case or his handling of it.

Good luck getting Judge Flappe to see anything your way.

Prof. Corey Robin, Leading Expert said...

I had real surprise inconveniences that prevented me from being able to appear at the previously scheduled deposition date & time.

First, my daughter's pet hamster was taken ill, and we had to rush the poor critter to a specialist in Berkeley. The veterinarians in the NYC metro area are far too misogynist and reactionary for us.

Second, my wife had a bad case of intestinal gas, which was very disconcerting to the whole family and disrupted our typical exemplar of harmonious progressive living. The foremost non-reactionary expert on gas in progressive partner/mother females is in Portland OR, and so we had to go there.

Third, there was a massive dust-up in the comments section at my blog, and I had to spend 135 hours cleaning it up.

Fourth, tenure review occupies much of my time in the early summer and late spring. As a non-academic reactionary, you probably wouldn't understand let alone empathize, but let me assure you that my status as the leading expert on the Reactionary Mind depends greatly on my retention of tenure.

I have 3 other reasons too, but the above 4 were enough for Judge Flappe to grant me an adjournment of the deposition.

diane! and I'm tough! said...

What is this "we" shit? I'll pretend to ignore you're not Oxy and ask, how is Chet Redweld practicing law alone any kind of "we"?

What an asshole. Go die in a fire.

Harold Caidagh said...

me as named defendant

That's two right there. But you go on and fume and spew as always, diane. Since you're so tough, 'n' shit.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Don't forget me.

That's 3.

Karl Franz Ochstradt said...

Make it four.

Hyman Mittleman Lohmann said...

Looks like there's at least 5.

Chet Redweld said...

I think that answers your question, diane.

Please resume your frantic misunderstanding of everything.