Wednesday, June 25, 2014


You'd prefer to listen to Greta van Susteren, Nina Totenberg, Alan Dershowitz, Radley Balko or Glenn Greenwald when it comes to legal matters, and that's because you're stupid AND arrogant. 

Stupid because those listed people are not legal pontiffs, but rather quasi-legal spin artists.  Arrogant because despite what I just said, you continue to think that only the media-sanctified Experts can know anything about that broad subject on which you know absolutely nothing:  the Law.

You'll also think that Tarzie is "on point" because his gay lounge lizard snark toward Greenwald makes you think he's got Greenwald's number (as it were), but Tarzie doesn't know jack shit about the Law, nor about anything outside the universe of the essence of flamboyant downtown gayness.  If you want to know new blow job techniques for use at your favorite sex bunker filled with people like you (XY+XY), seek out Tarzie's wise counsel.  If you want to know what makes Greenwald a bogus artifice, maybe ignore Tarzie as readily as you'd ignore the reason commentariat or Glenn Beck.

I don't recall Greenwald, Balko, Dershowitz, Totenberg or van Susteren telling you what is the problem with modern po-po interpretation of 4th and 5th A rights at stake when they (po-po) want to dive into your iPhone's contents.

However, I do notice that the Supremes just handed down a 9-0 smackdown to Holder/Obama/Emanuel/Rubin/Israel on the subject of po-po leniency where iPhone snoopage is concerned, and I notice that I was correct when I told you earlier what's at stake on the Q.

Naturally, you should continue following your chosen tribal klaxon and partisan expert, because they tell you that you're a genius who needs no deeper investigation or understanding.   There's no way I could know anything on this subject, as I'm not a gay lawyer who lies about his expertise, not a trustafarian twitter-based ripoff of the guy who wrote Live from Golgotha acting as the catty-sphere's hottest purveyor of gay snark, not a Libertarian, not a Zionist, not a familiar NPR voice, and not a bad advertisement for facelift surgery.

Also, as the great sages Krogh Barr and diane! and Sprytel J. Chimchim have told you, I'm just a stupid reactionary who doesn't have sufficient respect for the Lefte Banke's colony of trinket-acquisition-based-progress.


diane! and I'm tough! said...

OMIGOD. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with Tarzie.

Tarzie is heroic. He doesn't need to have studied law to know that Glenn Greenwald's haircut is unfortunate, that Greenwald's neckties are always tacky, or that Greenwald really should wear some makeup when he appears on TV.

You are right about Tarzie resembling Gore Vidal, only I think Tarzie is smarter and funnier by a long, long, long way.

Obviously you're jealous. What's wrong, can't figure out how to start a twitter account or work making entries on twitter?

Your homophobia is repellent. Just die in a fire already.

Radley Balko, Self-Appointed Legal Genius said...

I know how to take news stories and describe them in a way that distracts libertarians from the flaws of the libertarian philosophy, and blames everyone but libertarians for thinking such incredibly stupid non-libertarian tings. If someone can get rich on an idea, I can give you a quasi-legal defense of that idea and its implementation. I boned up on my legal terminology by reading all of John Grisham's work, and that's more than I could say for you and this blog.

It's sad how jealous you are.

Toady Ponesta said...

Rahmbo's already talked to me & Johd about this, and we've already set up a war room at Ponesta & Associates for the purpose of figuring out how to get around this embarrassing 9-0 decision where not even the Team Blue players sided with Barry and Eric.

Out of chaos comes opportunity. That's our motto.

Harold Caidagh said...

...for thinking such incredibly stupid non-libertarian tings.

Is that the Irish or the Jamaican sort of ting?

I thought Balko was a test-tube baby with no ethnicity, but here he is showing signs of Irish or Jamaican dialect.

Glenn Greenwald, Constitutional High Counsel said...

I have NOT had a facelift. And I don't appreciate you suggesting I did. It's going to cramp my sausage sampling, you creep.

I guess you're just jealous because you weren't:

1) chosen to be the conduit for world-shifting, game-changing revelations from a former NSA employee who is now a sexy metrosexual boy-spy living a jet-set lifestyle

2) cited in the US Congress by a Team Zion player, and referenced as an expert on civil liberties

3) tapped to be the lead writer and editor for a global bully who formed the 21st Century's leading voice of dissidence and journalistic integrity

4) the author of numerous published books

5) given massive leeway for technical knowledge and analytic expertise simply because you enjoy XY+XY

It's no wonder you're supremely jealous of me.

Eissy Aitch said...

Clearly you're no John Whitehead.