Thursday, June 5, 2014

just is

Totally in sync with what I knew of prosecutors offices around a certain mid-Atlantic state in the 1990s.

Culture of conviction + political show-/gamesmanship + dirty cops + judges engaged in the first two items + lying witnesses + sham "evidence" + due process violations swept under rugs + spineless accomplice public defenders + _____________ ....

Where judges are elected the judicial role obviously is politicized, but don't fool yourself into thinking appointed judges are not politicized people.  Same influences pushing.

Don't know why it would bother anyone.  On TV and in movies they're always such diligent, noble people.  And besides, as the linked story says:
"[Leeper] was universally thought of as a model prosecutor," said Dan Saunders, now a Queens Deputy Executive Assistant District Attorney, who once worked with Leeper in the Brooklyn District Attorney's office. "You'll hear that from everybody. He was a trustworthy and reliable guy. The kind of guy you want to entrust with the difficult work of being a government prosecutor. I hope people say something like that about me one day."
Sounds like the best man for the job, doesn't he? Prosecutors don't have some kind of "secret brotherhood" where they cover each other's asses like cops and soldiers do -- do they?

I can't speak to anything but what I mentioned in the first sentence.

Might be time to revisit this one, as long as lawyer ethics are the hot topic.


BroTarzie, Whore of MENSA said...

Do you like how I mentioned that ethical infraction in a comment thread recently, and pretended I'd found it on my own?

I steal from you and you keep letting me. Must be because you actually love me and are ready to come out of the closet, sweetie.

Please continue to stay away from twitter, because if you show up there and upstage me, I'll have to go eat a bottle of sleeping pills.

BLCKDGRD said...

Hah hah hah hah. You fucking, you motherfucking, you grandmotherfucking CRACKER! Tarzie is so much smarter than you! Tarzie knows the law better than you! Tarzie knows politics better than you! Tarzie knows everything!

My citing Tarzie is just another gag where I'm provoking you. Yes, that's right. My self-validation consists of trying to piss you off, and telling myself I've succeeded.

I win again.

Chelsea Womanning said...

I'm the real star of all this circus entertainment. I'm the bullseye. I'm the fulcrum. I'm the pivot-man. I'm the point guard. I'm the quarterback. I'm the Homecoming Queen. I'm the head of the sorority. I'm Woman of the Year.

You're just jealous, Redweld.

Chet Redweld said...

Oh yes, you're "winning" all right. Your ego hinges upon counting views on your blogs and summing up your followers on twitter.

I'm sure that has nothing to do with the massive disappointments you are enduring at middle age.

And likely nothing at all to do with you being fat, out of shape, and proud of a one mile walk, which any non-comatose human can manage even at age 75.

Well done. You've surely "provoked" me and definitely have had a laugh at ...uh... my expense. Sure, you go tell yourself that, and then run to the bathroom to have a pep talk with your mirror reflection.

Nice work.

Michael J. Smith, Head Beaver Leftist said...

Please be reminded that I do not write the Tarzie comments anywhere.

I'm busy doing cartoons under the Flugennock handle.

Besides, I've been in mourning since Alex Cockburn died.

Chet Redweld said...

You're just jealous, Redweld.

Jealous of someone so psychologically and existentially confused that he doesn't know what plumbing hangs from his crotch and who imagines himself an XX when he's an XY?

That may be the best piece of unintended comedy ever left at this blog.