Wednesday, June 4, 2014

instant gratification!

Apparently, bikes are so hard to learn to ride that someone had to invent a bike that doesn't want to tip over when you try to ride it.

I suppose it's obvious that the prospective buyer could simply buy a cheap kids' bike and slap on some training wheels if Little Missy or Toughguy Junior is terrified, or their parents are terrified.

Probably this helps ego salving, there's no Visual Stigma of Training Wheel Use to handicap Blossoming Ego's fitness for the task of learning to ride a bike.

Such precious little snowflakes.  We can't possibly subject them to a skinned knee/elbow, and the ego blow of having to use training wheels could turn Little Missy into a harridan adult, or Toughguy Junior into a Macdonald Triad case.


Chet Redweld said...

Because most parents quit what little athletics they ever did once they got a driver's license and/or graduated HS, they think that everything's about Being a Natural and they don't realize that balance is a trainable skill. They fail to realize this even after watching their Precious Snowflake figuring out balance while learning to walk.

One of the best non-professional skiers I've ever known also was --outside of skiing-- one of the most gawky, unnatural athletes I've ever known. Gosh. How could he possibly have mastered skiing? Nobody gave him a gyroscopic Stay Upright On Two Planks device.

Harold Caidagh said...

You don't have to use a fake 3d person story to reveal that personal detail about yourself, Chet. We all know you are gawky and unathletic.

diane! and I'm tough! said...

OMIGOD. You are such a misogynist and clearly an ageist who has a pathological hatred of children.

This clever device will help millions of children become comfortable on a bicycle. You'd rather take us back to the days when everyone died of typhus and no antibiotics existed.