Wednesday, June 25, 2014

hey Slattery, that's some sincere flattery

If they'd asked me to ghost write this, it would have been even funnier, but I guess when someone is imitating me it's asking too much to request any more than getting halfway there.  You can't know it if you haven't lived it.

Yes, it does a Tarzie-like job of imitating my style but tweaking it for a Purple Dinosaur Barney audience re MTB where Tarzie tweaks for a snarky gay lounge lizard audience re sociopolitics.

Good job.  Being a pale imitation of your superior is far better than being the best you, isn't it?


Harold Caidagh said...

I think you mean they're imitating me. We've established that you can't even go without your training wheels attached.

Paul Behrer said...

Hal, while you're a reasonably funny guy yourself, I'd have to say they were imitating me. The dryness may not match my own, but you can't expect the McKenzie Brothers to be sharply witty, they are much closer to The Red/Green Show and miles away from MST3K or Chappelle's Show.

BC Department of Tourism said...

Regional tourism is regional. And our region is the best! Come experience it for yourself! We want to see all those sleepy little towns booming with economic incentives sprung to life!

BC Department of Economic Vitality said...

Listen, the 20th Century was all aboot our neighbor to the south, and we envy the sharktank materialist view that is native to the You-esss. As you people did with the post WW2 metastatic development and hypermodernization, we will do in the early 21st Century. That's the way forward for Canada. Vampiric economic measures may look short-sighted to you, but who thinks in generational terms these days, eh? Our citizens are modern and futuristic, and they realize that it makes no sense to look more than 2 or 3 years down the road.