Friday, May 23, 2014

whackjob fundamentalists gripe about atheists, story at 11

You can't say our God doesn't exist, because It does. Our God is superior because it's not some stupid homuncular deity.

We all know there is no Superman who will save us.**

What will save us is The God's way of thinking.

Others say that religion is nutty, barmy, loopy, pig-headed, 'fraidycat reactionary nonsense. "Magical thinking," they say. "You're engaged in fantasy!," screech the jealous wails echoing through our bank-vault-secure, loyal-to-God outlook.

Religion is for those feeling a blank hole in their spirit or existential outlook.

Our True Belief satisfies a far different thing.

It palliates the guilt that follows a holistic inquiry. For if Profit is King, we have no right to question what the King has ordained, and the unfortunate casualties in lost/damaged lives, destroyed natural resources, and diminished existential enjoyment are just part of His Divine Plan, which we have neither the right nor the intelligence to question.

We want more Stuff, and we want it forever. Your sad atheism, in which you deny royalty to Profit and ignore God's Will, will earn you eternal damnation. You will labor under the self-recriminations that trouble lesser beings such as yourself, unBeliever. You will tarry over people's unearned demotions or firings at work, fretting the poverty creeping throughout that portion of The Economy.

You must learn to un-hitch your conscience from your bank account, unBeliever. What gains at the bank actually is a gain for all alive today on Earth.

This is the will of our lord.


** Though we do, when opportunity presents, direct the unBeliever's attention to The God's one true Acolyte, Ludwig von Mises.

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Chet Redweld said...

It pains me to read such nonsense on my lunch hour. I could be watching Stupid Human Tricks on YouTube instead.

If the world were full of curious people, rather than insecure robots who need to emulate The Popular Kids all the time, I suppose we would see more hypocrites being lambasted rather than what now is the case.

I'm not saying hypocrisy is the telltale sign for personal failure or the best trigger for a Shirley Jackson lottery event. But exposing the hypocrisy of one who stands firmly atop a house of pseudo-logical perspective defense cards can make for some good satire.

The ping-pong match shaping up between modern Big Beard-ites and modern Profitists is enjoyable, but there isn't enough skill on display to watch for more than 2-3 points. I couldn't make it to 21.

Big Beardites have some Big Smug to earn since Wilsony is modernizing Big Beard's loopy fundamentalism.

Profitists get to praise The God and denounce the unBelievers, and since the whole tick...tick-TOCK scene is conducted as a statistical proof match, we can rest assured that the Commentariat will be gravely concerned about the possible nefarious play likely to be practiced by _________________ (insert Evil Other's identity here), including such tricks as ignoring the sector of underemployed who have become: (choose one) -- (A) rightly disaffected as per Big Beard's Progeny, or (B) obviously lazy and thus undeserving of more as per The Profitist Directive.