Tuesday, May 13, 2014

wanna know why?

You want to know why the Blogosphere did not become Blogtopia and completely replace Leading Newspapers of Record?

I have a few reasons to offer.

1) Too many bloggers were Democrat / liberal / progressive / leftist morons who really truly thought the GOP was/is the reason America is in the downward vortex, and as an adjunct, they thought Obama was The True Saviour. Their realization of Obama's bogusness --which was delayed well past the end of Obama's first term-- has embarrassed them. They can't admit it to themselves, let alone acknowledge it to their readers.

2) The metrosexualizing / feminizing of American culture, which forces PC onto everyone and makes everything about Identity Politics, rewards only those people who get paid to provoke a frenzy of clicks.

3) The same thing just recounted in (2) has pushed most people toward twitter, and since gay men and women of all bents really enjoy snarky catty remarks at 140 characters or less, the effect of (2) has really magnified. Twitter is all about a "win" in snark, and is completely inable to offer any kind of substance.

4) The vectors of hope which existed outside the hallmark event of First Black POTUS were all discovered to be shams. Occupy:_______? Sham. Obamacare? Sham. Global anti-terrorism? Sham. Homeland Security? Sham. Glenn Greenwald? Sham. Edward Snowden? Sham. Wikileaks? Sham. Bradley Manning? Sham. Sham, sham, sham, sham, sham. Sham-a-lama-ding-dong. It's all a fucking fraud. Do you know why?

You comfort yourself by reading "radicals" like "Tarzie," and congratulate yourself on agreeing with Tarzie's snark. You don't examine whether Tarzie is just another idiot embodying (1) through (4) above, because his snark makes you feel superior. For global accuracy, replace "Tarzie" with whomever is your chosen hero. It could be Chris Hedges, it could be Chris Floyd, it could be David Graeber, it could be anyone really. Just remember, you were gulled, and you were too proud to admit it.

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Blayd Bell-Textron said...

But I had my Obamapostasy already.

And that makes up for all the time I have spent blaming my life's travails on corporate cracker redneck reactionary rethuglican homophobe misogynist bigot teap artier libertarian Randite Birchers.

I am way hipper than you ever will be.