Wednesday, May 21, 2014

uh...oh...hey, sorry I didn't see ya

The original TdF nemesis of Mister Cheatin' America recently decided, while hauling ass on a country road, that he would ignore other vehicles much in the same way one would if playing a video game that simulates racing. 

You don't feel collisions there (well, a controller rumble maybe), just keep 'er pinned and that 90deg right turn is good to go!

Thurgau police ... said simply that a 41-year-old driver failed to brake in time at a junction and crashed into the back of another vehicle which had pulled up at a stop sign.

* * *

The car that was hit was thrown into a field, overturned and then came to rest on its wheels, while the 41-year-old’s car went on to collide with another vehicle and also went off the road.

VeloNews -- Jan Ullrich drunk driving accident

How fast was he going into that right turn? If there's a stop sign there, how fast can you really take that turn? So you come cooking into it and maybe break a little wimpily and now you're going to probably tap bumpers, huh?

No. You're gonna send that sumbitch flying, far and forcefully enough that it strikes the ground and rolls once, landing upright in an adjacent field.

That's still not enough displaced energy. You've got a bit left. You've got to now smack into yet another car.

Bumper cars.

-- Chet Redweld, wondering why Ullrich can't find a better outlet for his competitive nature


Toady Ponesta said...

Walk it back, bro.

Walk it back.

Johd Ponesta said...

It could have happened to anyone. Literally, anyone. I like that.

Pay for their grief counseling, Jan. And send them on a nice vacation.

We'll put together a package ready to roll in 24 hrs.