Saturday, May 3, 2014

point of order

Elsewhere in blogtopia, a certified hater of this blog accused a random commenter of being "Oxy" and the accuser went to lengths to ...well, I'm assuming here... try to insult the random commenter by saying "Oxy" used to be a lawyer.

In the interest of keeping the record clear and clean, I'd like to offer a point of clarification. Or, rather, several points.

1) "Oxy" is the pet name given by Simulated Beaver, Michael J. Smith, to this blog's first author: Charles F. Oxtrot.

2) As the lawyer representing this blog in the lawsuit filed against it by GRH, LLC I am in occasional contact with Mr. Oxtrot. I confirmed with him the fact that the random commenter accused as being "Oxy" (as noted above: thus, Charles F. Oxtrot) was, in fact, not Mr. Oxtrot. Mr. Oxtrot also does not know anything about who may have written the comment that prompted the accusation.

3) Mr. Oxtrot was not and is not a lawyer, nor is he this blog's lawyer.  Mr. Oxtrot's background is stated quite clearly on the right margin of this blog:

Charles F. Oxtrot - The Magister of Mendacious Mirth himself, hated by leftists, rightists, misogynists, misanders, feminists, lesbians, gays, bis, trannys, liberals, progressives, Marxists, Republicans, conservatives, neocons, neolibs, socialists, agorists, futurists, optimists, scientism-ists, pseudo-skeptics, statists, libertarians, Chomskyites, Zionists, kibbutzers, armchair athletes, people who think knowing sports statistics is an impressive feat, road bicyclists, nordic skiers, mountain lifestylers, country clubbers, trust funders, hipsters, Green Economy boosters, NPR fans, PBS fans, public school fans, Will Ferrell fans, Fred Armisen fans, Democrats, people in each coast's Portland, golfers, card players, gamblers, SUV owners, spineless wussies and other pathetic characters on the human stage. He left the writer's position to assume the editor's job, but only lasted 3 days as editor before getting on his bicycle and pedaling away for an un-announced length of time. Still drops by occasionally via deus ex machina.

4) Perhaps the accuser has a difficult time keeping organized in her mind the separate authors who have contributed to this blog's posts. Perhaps she is just confused. The only person who has served as counsel to this blog is Chester B. Redweld, who by no mere coincidence happens to be myself, so I am not presenting specious rumor or second-hand hearsay.

Further your affiant sayeth naught.


diane! and I'm tough! said...

You lying fuck, you patriarchal misogynist, you filthy reactionary, you psychopathic homophobe. Fuck you. That background doesn't mention Oxy's work history or education. Fuck you. You're Oxy.

Charles F. Oxtrot said...

When Redweld sent me a link to that place where someone got accused of being me, I thought it was some kind of joke. It's amazing how many people harbor a grudge that obviously is based on things I wrote back when I was actively blogging.

How did that woman imagine it would insult me, if I were indeed the person she was trying to insult, when she said I am a lawyer? I didn't study law, never worked in a law firm as an office grunt, don't know anything about the law other than getting a few speeding tickets when I was young. But I don't have some fucked-up categorical hatred of lawyers, like you can just blame everything on "lawyers" and solve all the world's problems. I think that's kinda what Hitler was trying to do, wasn't it?

Chet Redweld said...

I don't know, Chuck.

I've known some nasty lawyers. But then, I've also known some nasty accountants, nasty electrical engineers, nasty chefs, nasty auto mechanics, nasty doctors, nasty teachers, nasty intellectuals, nasty politicians, and nasty priests.

As I said in a different comment elsewhere on this blog, bossy people basically want dullminded followers who don't question anything. Someone who uses category-blaming is just acting on a passive-aggressive kind of bossiness. In my experience, passive-aggressive bossy people tend to have a lot of blindness regarding their own bossiness and their own passive-aggression.