Friday, May 23, 2014

not ciccone youth

but it is into the groove-y


Chet Redweld said...

You know you didn't know:

Joe Henderson - tenor sax
John Scofield - guitar
Dave Holland - bass
Al Foster - drums

and it's a Miles Davis song, as are all the others on that album.

Chet Redweld said...

Chet Redweld said...

at 51 mins probably tl;dr for you tweetheads, you have to settle into the conversation, it's a real talk more than a Q&A with soundbite answers ready for press

Chet Redweld said...

besides, jazz appeals mainly to two people: aesthetic draws, and academic ones.

academic draws like the fact that so much of jazz is re-interpretation and thus you need to know the history of interpretations of the standard as well as the standard's original vibe, flow, emphases. there's a lot to research, learn, understand as the history, and this draws both Big Beards and Profitists and even non-party-sans.

oh there's a lot of original construction too, and that provides PhD levels of specialization in demonstrable knowledge

I don't think many of these academic draws are musicians themselves, and if they are, I doubt they play at any level of acclaim among fellow musicians.

Chet Redweld said...

most interesting: scofield and henderson talking about young musicians being robots, and why that has happened

gee, look at how that has played out in the entire spectrum of "internet journalism"

not a single voice talking true, but a fuckin' stampede of them all talking professionally.

Chet Redweld said...

scofield saying you can't just memorize the licks, but have to come by them due to wide exposure, finding a favorite, making that favorite part of a composite of favorites -- the generational difference couldn't be more stark

now it's what/whom you emulate, or what form you take

not why you got there and why your getting there makes you YOU.

Chet Redweld said...


"The labels... I just... I took the labels away. If somebody else wants to put a label on me I have no control over that."

Chet Redweld said...

Chet Redweld said...

hipster being socially keen and geekily research-happy, gathers liking "jazz" (such as gaining a "like" on zuckbuck) is socially niche-gratifying, becomes scholarly, learns to drop the right names at the right times in the right places, gains social cred

never feels a note

Chet Redweld said...

Yeah and you probably didn't know this either.

In the YouTube of Scofield's Grace Under Pressure there are two guitarists playing. Scofield's on the left speaker, Bill Frisell's on the right one.

You may have known Frisell was there if you have the album, know the album, or wiki'd that sumbitch:

Could you identify him by tone, timbre, color, feel? If someone asked you which channel is Frisell and which Scofield, would you know?