Saturday, May 24, 2014

mailbag 1

Though it's been a while, this blog occasionally gets reader mail with questions we find answerable. This just in:

Mister Redweld, how come you never post essays like this one any more?

I was able to contact that essay's author, Paul Behrer, for his response.

Interested party,

I would direct your attention to my position in the right-hand Retired Jerseys section:
Apolitical satirist who enjoys writing satirical observations that confuse readers who cannot understand comedy unless it is not only partisan, but done in favor of their chosen tribe. Quit writing when too many readers were stopping by to read his satire. He did not seek fame nor fortune, and was not trying to "build a community." In other words, he felt claustrophobic among the many visitors, and had to leave for less crowded spaces.
There you have it.

As Behrer says, there you have it.

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