Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Genetic XYs suffer a genderbound flaw:  when stuck with a problem, the solution must be buy new gear.  Nothing else will work in your favor.

This is classic ego defense.  The problem can't be me.  It must be the device I'm using, the tool I'm manipulating, the toy I'm swinging/riding/otherwise monkey-moving.

As previously stated here, XXs default to the it must be me.

We pause for a moment to consider whether this difference is at the crux of why men and women often don't understand each other.


Pre-enlightenment, your average random Enlightened XY would have done likewise.

I'm not sure whether I can build a bicycle wheel.  I suppose I will need a truing stand, and not just any truing stand but probably something built by the Swiss or the Germans and priced like a Mercedes Benz.  I'll probably need some spoke wrenches and there's probably all kinds of artisanal ones coming out of Portland.  I've gotta bear in mind that people judge my core-ness in subtle ways, such as whether my gadgets are true Portland Artisanal Period, and not just some Chinese knockoff.

Soon enough your idea of "build my own wheels, save some money, learn a skill" has turned into "buy the keenest tools I can find, thus reversing the money-saving goal and sending the skill-learning goal down the wrong path."

The road to Enlightenment is paved with once-used expensive tools.


There is no Valhalla for the Enlightened.  Their enlightened state puts them beyond the need for such halls of honor.  See here:

Yep, that's a Xmas tree trunk.

-- Hal Caidagh, in the attic of someone else's mind


Harold Caidagh said...

small print

The Authorial Consortium** recommends playing this while reading:


Charles F. Oxtrot
Karl Franz Ochstradt
Hyman Mittleman Lohmann
Paul Behrer
Harold Caidagh

**excepting Anne O'Dyan (who could not be reached) and Walt Greenglen (who hung up his iPhone when we called)

Chet Redweld said...


Sometimes a client actually listens to what you say.

Mark your calendar.

Harold Caidagh said...

Hell, Chet. We went one better. We didn't just listen, we acted upon your suggestion.

I don't know, it could be group psychosis of the sort that explains the Greenwald fan base/apologist army, or it could be that we actually respect what you had to say, and enough to implement an idea or two.

Maybe you're not the hack lawyer people say you are. But maybe I am being hipster ironic when I say that.