Sunday, May 25, 2014

end run around hipster tag

Can you like this song and not be interrogated on the sincerity of your affinity and whether you read Nick Hornby or watched John Cusack playing Hornby's fictional muppet?

Does it even matter?

It will be inevitable in certain groups, the Torquemada's fun-time. I mean, did you even read the novel, or did you just watch the movie? Or just read a thumbnail review of the movie? Or of the soundtrack? Or an interview with John Cusack or Jack Black or Nick Hornby?

And was it just the vibe of one of the scenes in the middle of the movie, inside the record shop, where they're all amped on musical discussion? What, did that pull you along?

Or maybe it was just that you like the vibe of the song outside the context of the book or movie, because it reminds you of:

Which sorta reminds you, for some unknown reason, of:

Who remind you of:

But if you only come by your "likes" through zuckbuck or flitter, I suppose I can see where you went wrong.


Chet Redweld said...

Faith and begorrah, Straitjacket Fits sometimes reminded me of Mister Punny Name Provocatartiste:

Like here:

You'd have to mix Straitjacket Fits a bit differently, though. Fuller guitars, fuller drums. Bass would work where/as it is.

Chet Redweld said...

It will be inevitable in certain groups

The only funny thing Fred Armisen ever did:

Chet Redweld said...

One of the things you can say about nerd rock is that it rarely has swing.

It's pretty much never like that.

Chet Redweld said...

Contrast Dulli's swagger to the nerd swagger Armisen nailed in that only funny thing he ever did.