Monday, May 12, 2014

dumphole of the gaily

"Bailey" is a gay man. Good job taking the troll seriously, gaylib commenters!

I like how the "reason" commentariat walks on eggshells around "Bailey" in that thread. Looks about identical to the kinds of "criticism" we see from Greenwald or "Tarzie," where snark on a tangential bit of noise is deemed incisive deconstruction of the problem truly at issue.

--Hal Caidagh, ipecac'd by the whole subject.


Harold Caidagh said...

The "reason" commentariat can be summarized as this:

We radical liberty fans are serious about being able to fuck wherever, whomever, whenever we want and that's the first pillar of our libertarian edifice.

The second pillar is economic freedom because looking fabulous, driving a fabulous vehicle, wearing fabulous watches, eating at fabulous restaurants & bistros, seeing fabulous art at fabulous galleries, reading fabulous snark from our favorite non-cis authors at fabulous little book stores, drinking fabulous coffee while bemoaning the pressure of living under filthy reactionaries -- these things cost money, honey.

The third pillar of our libertarian tripod is a free market economy because seriously, honey, who cares how bad the world gets after I'm feeding the worms? That shit is for breeders to worry about, and I don't give a fuck about breeders.

Harold Caidagh said...

The only thing that distinguishes "reason" commenters from those dipshits at Gays R Heroes is the "reason" commenter just doesn't like progressives. Apparently it's limited only to the issue of aesthetically encountering progressives in an internet forum, too, because I'm not seeing any real efforts being made to implement the ideological/economic agenda that they seem to hold so respectfully and haughtily above others.

The identity politics are amusing, since "reason" commenters like to whine about the identity politics found in progressive sputum.

The metrosexual concerns and love of affluence and desire to feel superior for the quantum and type of material possessions hoarded, they're identical. So is the arrogance.