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Personality Diagnostics Inc.
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April 6, 2014

Chester B. Redweld, Esq.
5291 Scheperdeis Court
McBoulder, Neuwestia 50189

RE:  Narcissism Assessment -- Harold Caidagh

Dear Mr. Redweld:

We thank you for using our services in the diagnosis of your client, Harold Caidagh, on the narcissism disorder spectrum.  Mr Caidagh visited our offices on April 2, 2014, at which time we interviewed him and gathered data for our assessment.  Our findings are set forth below.

Testing Method

Initially we interviewed Mr Caidagh to get an appraisal, in his own words, of his background and his views toward himself and others. We found Mr Caidagh to be a calm, self-deprecating man of above-average intelligence and extreme modesty.

When we discussed matters oriented toward humor and its use as a coping mechanism for struggles in life, we found Mr Caidagh to be strongly aligned toward use of humor as a successful coping strategy and further, we found him to fit squarely within what most comedians and students of comedy would call "dark" humor.  He takes enjoyment from such comic constructs as absurdity, caricature, lampooning, satire, sarcasm, irony.  He seems to take especial delight in the employment of words, phrases and notions that people find culturally forbidden.  These aspects of the humor facet of his personality are directly in line with his above-average intelligence, and suggest he is gifted in the imagination realm.

After discussing Mr Caidagh's background and humor orientation, we talked about his social identity and where he "fits in" with present American and Neuwestia society.  Mr Caidagh is aware of his status as a bit of a loner, and he discussed the point that on numerous occasions throughout his life, people have accused him of being arrogant and narcissistic.  It would appear that his accusers have conflated his social aloofness and a status of arrogant narcissism being the cause of that aloofness.  However, our assessment of Mr Caidagh suggests that his social isolation is more a result of his use of humor for coping, and his sense of humor being one that only a very small minority of Americans seem to share, let alone enjoy.  In other words, he does not choose to be a loner, but rather ends up as one because not many others can identify with his views.

We asked Mr Caidagh about his social isolation and whether that disturbs him, causes him anxiety, or otherwise generates a negative attitude toward the society in which he lives.  We found him surprisingly candid on this subject.  He does not harbor antisocial views, but rather expresses surprise that others do not understand the world as he does.  It would seem that he is quite unaware of his relative intellectual gifts, and so he remains puzzled as to how those gifts separate him from most people.  Simply put, he tends to assume that most other people actually are smarter and more intellectually gifted than he is, and thus he is amused that his intellectual superiors do things which he, himself, finds unwise.

We did notice a general relative deficiency in Mr Caidagh's understanding of, and familiarity with, the world of human emotions.  To sum it up rather simply, where most humans employ emotions to guide their interactions with the world, Mr Caidagh uses logic.  He expresses surprise at the idea of, and result from, another using emotion where he would use logic.

Writing Samples

You provided us with writing samples by directing our attention toward the blog found at and the posts Mr Caidagh authored on and after October 26, 2013.

Our assessment of the writing samples was an enjoyable task.  We rarely get to read such creativity.  When viewed on the grounding of his actual personality (as described above), we see Mr Caidagh's writings as one man's successful negotiation of life's little anxieties through the vehicle of writing from a darkly comic perspective.  Mr Caidagh's satirical touch may not be enjoyed by many others, and likely is misunderstood by many who encounter it, but we found it a refreshing criticism of the extreme narcissism and general immaturity that are so prevalent in American society today. 

Our pool of readers included people who had interviewed Mr Caidagh and/or had read the results of that interview, along with people who only got their first exposure to him via the blog writings.  Some of our readers were sensitive about the provocative nature of Mr Caidagh's entries, but none of those people had interviewed Mr Caidagh nor read the interview transcript.  All who were so sensitized were able to reconcile those sensitivities after familiarizing themselves with Mr Caidagh's actual background and person.

In other words, once put into context, Mr Caidagh's writings were seen by all as written with a positive light, rather than a negative one.

Narcissistic Personality Inventory

We next tested Mr Caidagh using the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (Raskin & Terry, 1988), a 40-question survey designed to assess degrees of unhealthy, asocial narcissism.  Using the NPI, we found the following.

Mr Caidagh scored 3 out of 40.  For comparison, here are scores for 3 segments of American society.

US university undergraduates -- 15.6
US adults -- 15.3
US celebrities -- 17.8

We also found that Mr Caidagh tested at the minimum levels (in other words, non-existent) for these individual narcissistic traits:


and we found that Mr Caidagh's 3 affirmative questions revealed low levels of the following individual narcissistic traits:

Self-Sufficiency (2 questions)
Authority (1 question)

We should clarify that these 3 affirmatives are consistent with his social outcast/loner perspective and, on the whole of that background, do not indicate narcissism of any measurable degree/quantity.


Harold Caidagh shows no signs of an unhealthy narcissism, regardless of whether you test him individually, or compare his tested results against the average American citizen.  Further, when compared against average Americans, Mr Caidagh is strongly under the narcissism quotient.  It could be stated fairly that as compared to his fellow Americans, Mr Caidagh actually is narcissism-deficient.

We thank you for the privilege of serving you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if we may be of further use to you.

Very truly yours,

Personality Diagnostics Inc.

Holden F. Tazewell, PhD


Wissel B. Loeur said...

I have it on good authority that Glenn Greenwald scored 37/40.

Priscilla Houle-Eaton said...

This has to be a mistake. I interviewed Caidagh and found him a dangerous psychopath with extreme narcissism.

But maybe it's not a mistake. Tazewell says US celebrities average 18/40, and when I took the NPI test I got 29/40. Since I'm clearly on a trajectory for celebrity and it seems my track is the fast-track, perhaps Tazewell is correct, at least where I'm concerned.

I disagree with Tazewel's ad-lib commentary talking about American society being immature and narcissistic. Personally, I think healthy narcissism results in scores of 20/40 to 30/40, and people who score in single-digits are dangerous sociopaths IMO.

BroTarzie, Whore of MENSA said...

I told you I own you, you little breeder homophobe.

I aced this test. 40/40. Suck that one, retard.

Lewis S. Lyspe, Esq. said...

35/40 for me.

I don't know how any litigator can score under 30/40 and consider himself a good lawyer.

Dixon R. Butz, Esq. said...

33/40 for me.

I bet Redweld got some stupid score like 10/40, which explains his loser status in litigation if you are smart enough to agree with Lew's observation above.

Prof. Corey Robin, Leading Expert said...

36/40 for me. I could still go get a law degree at Brooklyn Law. I wonder if they have room for me at Butz, Cox & Dynia?

Helicopter Parent said...

40/40, baby!

Rick Ellensburg said...

I have it on good authority that Glenn Greenwald scored 37/40.

Clearly you're jealous of Glenn Greenwald and have understated his score due to jealousy.

Glenn Greenwald has taken the NPI a total of 315 times, and never has scored under 40/40.

Chet Redweld said...

It's a little strange that someone named "Rick Ellensburg" would know such personal details about Glenn Greenwald.

Ellis said...

Not strange at all, unless you are unaware that Glenn Greenwald has a large number of fans and supporters gathered at a website that we don't discuss with non-fans/non-supporters. At that website, The Great One has disclosed all kinds of personal data. You'd be surprised what you can learn there -- if you're a true fan and loyal supporter. It only costs $50/month, which is well worth it considering how heroic The Great One is, and how much we can learn from him.

Chet Redweld said...

The Great One?

Thomas Ellers said...


Only someone who is jealous of Glenn Greenwald's intelligence and success would be unaware of that title.