Friday, February 14, 2014

you stupid, pretentious fuck

You want a solution to the problems in the "economy" as they relate to "jobs" or "employment", pretentious PowerNoggin fuck?

Here's your solution.

The national standard is changed from 40 hrs/week to 20 hrs/week.

Twice the number of people employed.

It's that simple.


PowerNoggin fucks like the Simulated Beavers once tried to tear apart this proposal of mine.  PowerNoggin fucks like David Graeber, commenting under a "unique" handle, tried to soft-criticize this proposal of mine. 

These fucktard putzes are limited by their understanding of the world.  They see only through the lens roughly ground not by Carl Zeiss but by Karl Marx.  This lens requires that you see the world as Glossy Karl did.  You can't see the world any other way.  So the question then becomes, would Glossy Karl have approved of Harold Caidagh's proposal.

The PowerNoggin collective, found blogging at various waypoints along the BlogTrust highway, assures us that the Caidagh proposal cannot work. 

Because Glossy Karl never suggested it could work.  And we know that Glossy Karl knew everything, including how life would play out for Americans in 2014.

Are you starting to see why Marxists are always wrong, you eedjit fuckstick pimple on the ass of the internet?


What are the real problems with 40 to 20 reduction?

1) Doubling the number of employees means doubling the overhead required at the employer's expenses end of things.  

I'm pretty sure the increased productivity of the now-20-not-40 worker will offset these expenses.  You'll see it only as a bottom line issue, Mistah Cappy Tollist, but there's more to life than a balance sheet where jobs are concerned, and you can't measure worker happiness or productivity through an accounting exercise -- no matter how creative your accountant.

2) Halving the work week means halving the individual worker's income, while life remains at the same expense/cost.  So the worker has half as much to live on.

This is true for the already working 40 hrs person. 

This is untrue for the unemployed 0 hrs person, who gets a big windfall and probably gets off public assistance.

Is your measure "jobs" or "employment," Mistah Powuh Nogen?  Or is it "purchasing power"? 

If it's "purchasing power," then isn't the 0 hrs person increasing purchasing power likely to offset the losses felt by the 40 hrs person diminishing to 20 hrs?  Don't answer reflexively here.  Think about it.

3) Splitting shifts will cause new, off-hours "rush hour" commuter headaches, will mess with "lunch hour" planning at eateries, will stress public transit facilities.

Imagined fears are not equal to actual problems to solve.  Why not try it, and see how it works.  I'm guessing eateries would happily prefer several surges of activity rather than only one.  I'm guessing the commuter headaches will include reductions at current peak times as well as increases at current "off-peak" times. 

In other words, it'll balance on its own.  If you can only trust it.


Am I missing something?  Maybe.  Everyone misses something when analyzing problems.  I've never known anyone who caught every possible hitch and resolved it smoothly and accurately when examining such spectral social problems.

I bet I'm adding solution far more than I'm creating problem.

I bet that no matter what "problem" you say I've created, I can show you how it's not a problem at all.

You wanna take the bet, you drooling eedjit fucktard misogynist rapist bigot homophobe reader of this reactionary moron blog?


MRMacrum said...

No I won't take that bet. I don't give a fuck if you think I am a moron, your "solution" has merit in my opinion. At least you are making a suggestion instead of just pissin and moanin about it.

The employment world seems to be heading for some major changes anyway. Working from home. 4-10 hour days - 3 days off. Seems employers are experimenting with all kinds of variations now.

Harold Caidagh said...

At least you are making a suggestion instead of just pissin and moanin about it.

So you have a blog yourself, or a twitter account, where you solve everyone's problems by OFFERING SOLUTIONS NOT JUST COMPLAINING?

Guess I missed that. Naturally, critical thinking and issue-spotting is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is OFFERING SOLUTIONS so that others won't have to come up with their own solutions. They can just look at YOURS. And maybe even utter snark regarding them.

(Caidagh wanders to left margin of stage, pukes in the brass spitoon)

Well, it's good to see you use those manifold existential insecurities as a vector for trying to insult me, passive-aggressively.

Where would I be if I didn't have people getting all wound up at me making fun of their pathetic idiocies and sad hypocrisies and worthless inadequacies?

MRMacrum said...

Yeah, I have a blog. Signed up on Twitter years ago, but have never used it. Think it's stupid.

I don't solve problems on my blog. And I do my best to not create them either. Blogging is just another form of masturbation I guess. Who fuckin cares anyway? It would appear you definitely don't. Give a fuck that is.

I don't know what I enjoy more, your posts or the comments that follow.

Harold Caidagh said...

You must be a hell of a dart player.

I bet the whole bar clears out when you toe the line.

"Fuck, Simul A. Crum is throwing darts tonight. Time to go somewhere else to drink. That dude's a spaz, lousy aim, everyone is at risk for being an involuntary large-gauge acupuncture victim."

MRMacrum said...

Based on the accuracy of your shoot from the hip attempts to pigeonhole me, I would say that it is a safe bet I'd kick your ass in darts even If I didn't beat anyone else.

Harold Caidagh said...

Your insult game is non-existent.

Maybe you could point out where I "pigeonholed" you?

Maybe it's where I called you Simul A. Crum, rather than Mister Mac Rum. I guess that's some sort of stuffing you into a mini-cage in a pigeon coop. If you're stupid and have poor reading comprehension, I mean.