Wednesday, February 12, 2014

what's really modafoggin' sad a blogger who also tweets and whose blog and tweet activity is designed to help him feel better and more "popular" at the age of Fifty-Plus, when he's still trying to make up for his Immense Butthurt felt while in grades 7-12 because he wasn't "popular" then and because now, at Fifty-Plus, he's not as famous as he thought he would be when forecasting the future while in grades 7-12 or perhaps while earning the batch-o-luhrs, the massuh's, or the Pretty Hilariously Dumb (and this parchment tries to disprove that).

How fucking pathetic is it to have to make public every fucking fart emanating from your cloaca, every booger you pick with your finely manicured metrosexual hand, every momentary thought about some shitty poem, lousy song, or pretentious and really fucking horrible novel written by the Latest Academic Hipster Fad Promotion Darling?

The easiest way to soothe that perpetually fractured and splitting eggshell ego is to say it's all a "gag" and to think you can proclaim "gotcha" when someone (like me) sees your sad ego projection bullshit and thinks to himself (or herself), "what a pathetic middle aged loser trying desperately to regain the hip status which passed him by at age 17!"


Harold Caidagh said...

What comes really close, however, and occasionally rises to equal the 50-plus Fraud, is the person who blogs and tweets from the Fancy Gay Man perspective and who hopes that being gay continues to trump smart writing, witty comedy, or brilliant insight.

And while not often gaining Win or Place, we can sometimes find Show filled by the Male Feminist who busies his floppy-wristed metrosexual self with chasing down imagined "misogyny" around the internet and launching into lecturing tirades about "rape fantasies" icksetteruh icksetteruh icksetteruh.

It's kinda funny how these Win-Place-Show position horses have a lot of parallels with the 4 Fucktards of the 21st Century detailed in my prior entry.

MRMacrum said...

I consulted my fellow tweetsers, tweetettes, and sexually ambiguous fellow internet personas. As a group we decided that since you just don't get it, we are not going to grace your blog with our presence. Hope this doesn't hurt your feelings.

Other than that, just love your blog. (I'd put some kind of emoticon here, but I fear you would not get that either.)

Harold Caidagh said...

As a group we decided that since you just don't get it, we are not going to grace your blog with our presence. Hope this doesn't hurt your feelings.

I'm sure I'll be hurting for at least 0.00000005 seconds at the knowledge of that.

Hey, I appreciate how you know I don't "get" something. Not everyone has the arrogant certitude required to draw an erroneous assumption about the knowledge & comprehension held by someone they've never met. You are in the top 0.0002345% of the class where such certitude is concerned, and that's definitely something honorable and impressive to someone somewhere other than me here.

I propose that you continue in your intellectually and psychologically fettered conceits, since that will do the least damage to your already friable ego. We wouldn't want to see you go up in a cloud of ego dust, would we?

Harold Caidagh said...

Other than that, just love your blog.

Sure you do.

You know how you learned about "reverse psychology" back when you were something like 10 or 12 years old, and thought it was the funniest or coolest thing ever?

Well, you were mistaken. And you remain mistaken about its utility. It only works among people who enjoy passive-aggressive practice, and the people who enjoy that stuff are several blogs down the e-street from here.

(I'd put some kind of emoticon here, but I fear you would not get that either.)

I'm guessing you think that your nagging elbow-into-ribs about "not getting it" somehow is a winning snark. I think what you're looking for is one of the BlogTrust hangouts, which are --as said above-- several stops down the e-street from here.

Please tell Oh Pee the Failed Satirist that I said hello.

Harold Caidagh said...

I find it annoying to be interrupted in my compositional creativity by an actual external commenter.

Simul A. Crum seems to think that I'm trying to "build a community" here. And, you know, the last time Crum dropped by -- maybe 6 years back, I think it was -- I had to tell him the same. Last time he tried to tell me that he couldn't dare send his father a link to my blog because it's too insulting.

It's disruptive, his little gucci bag full of kitty poo on my doorstep.

But it's not funny.

Maybe there could be some minor smirk generated if we were pals in some kind of online comedy clique, but we're not, and that's mainly because I'm not trying to have e-friends -- as I've said repeatedly. So I'm not "sharing the joke" with Crum or anyone else.

Insecure middle aged losers need to go a few more doors down the street to find their sad needs for tribalist belonging filled by a member of the BlogTrust. I would suggest trying to reach Tal Cobbler. Tal was always trying to reach and court a wider audience.

MRMacrum said...

You are an odd blogger. Carry on.

Harold Caidagh said...

Thank you for your mandate of "carrying on." That was wise of you to add. Now it will appear that I'm carrying on because you told me to.


Gosh, and I was considering NOT carrying on for a moment there. Good thing you commanded me otherwise!

MRMacrum said...

I guess it was a good thing I piped in, spoke up, let you know you were letting us down.

I do enjoy reading your words. Even when they are aimed at me. Gives me quite a chuckle.

Maybe it is because you have in the past, visited a few bike forums.

Harold Caidagh said...

You keep thinking you're my Gepetto and I'm your Pinocchio.

I love when delusional e-personae visit my settlement pond.

I love it most when they convince themselves they've accurately read my mind, and/or forced me to write something. Yep. It's all you, bro. You forced me to write something. In fact, you're guiding my externally-controlled fingers as I'm typing this. You are the master of all I write. I have no say in the matter.

How long you been at that gig of projection and self-delusion?

You must be a buddy of Stam, Blackwood, Bazar or Wehner to have been moved to comment after I knocked those 4 fucktards around the ring and then throat-punched each of them to send them into the e-mortuary.

MRMacrum said...

You seem to think I give a fuck what you think. And at the same time think you know what I think. And that's fine.

Harold Caidagh said...

I'm not really sure I understand how your sense of what seems is relevant in any way to what is.

However, since you keep bouncing back like a lacrosse ball thrown at a wall for pass/catch practice, I'm pretty sure you care a fuck-ton despite proclamations attempting to stake out a contrary stance.

Maybe you should try some face-time in the mirror, where you read aloud to yourself the comments you are thinking about posting here. You know, as a sort of credibility check, 'n' shit.