Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Heavens to Murgatroyd!  Someone published at a "leftist alternative" (ish) website has actually done a half-decent job of analyzing health care issues, as they connect to other systemic problems in HuhMurikkay!

In the absence of a single-payer healthcare system that would control costs...

For Pietro's Sake! How dare this person speak of cost controls! We're supposed to blindly pursue single-payer, cost-control being damned to the hindmost position! Medicare for all, fuck the absurdities of that scheme and its failure to meaningfully control costs!

But a system that targets the assets of the poor for liquidation and provides care pegged to one’s income level is a system dedicated to reproducing inequality.

Reproducing inequality in HuhMurikkkay? That's un-possible. Each of us can, with the right dosage of ambition and eagerness to cheat our way there, reach the tippy-top of the Income and Asset Ladder!

Even Libby "Rabbit" Warren cautions us about the pains of the middle class, that gang of Upwardly Mobile Strivers! Our dwindling figures in the market for car loans at vehicle prices of $40k and up, and the relatively shrinking category of New McMansion Starts, they are the most crucial things to worry over! Why, just yesterday one of my "consultant" friends with a $125k (creatively accounted) AGI was complaining about his investment returns!

Rabbit to the rescue! Make sure Fudd's blunderbuss won't fire!

Chris White, The Real Illness Plaguing US Healthcare

Believe it or not, it's at CounterPunch!**


** Fear not, brave supporter and reader of PunchCounting.  Elsewhere on the site we have the standard banal equivocations from that heat-free firebrand, David Swanson, imploring everyone to "do more to prevent war."  Remember, kiddies, that bumper sticker on your car, t-shirt on your torso, and slogan-parrotting on twitter will achieve what Swanny Davidson wants, so it's easy to "do more" and meet the standards set by His Mediocreness.

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