Sunday, February 16, 2014

The eye, it liked to think

Perhaps I was just a bit snappy in my judgment of those e-riders in my last post.  Maybe they're not all 30-, 40- and 50-something dentists architects doctors lawyers engineers and "developers," but instead are just-after-HS or -college kiddies who were Cheerleader Parented, and they think the reason they can't shred the radbrognar on their $7,000 Turner Burner is due to their lack of self-confidence in anything at which they're not an expert, and maybe there's not much (if anything) in the world at which they're an expert, so everyone else must have got where they are --able to shred the radbrognar on a fully rigid $750 bike with 26" wheels, for example-- by being a Born Expert.

So it never dawns on them to work on riding more, and practicing their skills while doing that extra riding.

After all, if you couldn't bunny-hop at least 18" vert on your first attempt at age _____, then you'll never be any good until you get a $10,000 wonderbike that fills all your e-Rider's Wish List needs.

Nobody ever improved as a cyclist through hard work and lots of saddle time.  Those top riders in any cycling discipline, they were born at their current level and have simply slacked the entire time between birth and now.

Same with skiers.  Good skiers are born.  Nobody who started as a lousy, awkward, tip-crossing back seat driver has ever amounted to anything.  No ski racer who was a bottom-of-the-pack racer at age 14 ever has amounted to anything.

Just ask Ted Ligety.

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