Monday, February 3, 2014

sense or non-

Because you're stupider than you imagine yourself, you pretentious PowerNoggin Putz who comes to this blog to read my entries and feel insulted, slighted, besmirched, degraded, dehumanized, targeted by bigotry, attacked by homophobia, demeaned by misogyny,

you probably think that when I mentioned Today's Are Eye Pee in a recent post, I was "hating on" Today's Are Eye Pee.

Which just goes to show how fuckin' stupid you are, and how your entire internet browsing experience is focused on feeling self-righteous, special, and a member of:

(a) the Cool Kids Clique;
(b) the Upscale Consumerists;
(c) the Enlightened Progressives;
(d) the Exalted Left; or
(e) the sensitive Cultural Canary-in-Coal-Mine sect

which forces your mind's hand toward bowing out of introspection and self-criticism, and standing firm on 15 because the dealer may have a 7 or higher on top of the deck.

Honestly, I'm surprised you aren't afraid of your own reflection in the mirror.


This fella right here had some powerful chameleonic chops. He probably had some powerful other stuff going on too, because he was found dead with a syringe in his arm yesterday morning.

Sad to see ya go, man. No ham in your delivery.

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Harold Caidagh said...

The clip reminds me of every interaction I've ever had with BlogTrust member bloggers, who fungibly exchange with Slattery the Ponce.

I got to my present position by birth into privilege (85%) and unctuous sycophancy (15%) and I shan't be chided by someone who so coarsely uses blue language in this rarefied setting.