Wednesday, February 5, 2014

problems in the black market

If I were consigliere to a local mobster, I'd be talking to the don about revamping his enforcement techniques and tactics.

In the 1990s and before, enforcement of authority by loan sharks, bookies, controlled substance dealers was done on threat of corporal injury.  Pay your debt or we'll break your arm.  Etc.

As we watch today's kiddies becoming today's young adults, these whitebread Special Snowflakes are going to be engaging in some black market activities as their standard Rite of Passage.  They'll be driving down to the Underclass Neighborhoods to crack the window on their Prius and ask "how much for an eighth?" and then trade folding money for bags of 65% oregano 25% shake 10% stems/seeds.  Some of these New Nascent Yupsters will be taking their black market activities further, and getting into binds with Vinnie the Vicious and Smackdown Sammy.

But as the New Nascent Yupsters value their online representation of self more than they value in-person interaction, the real way to gain enforcement of debts will be to pose threats to a person's online image.

Instead of Vinnie the Vicious and Smackdown Sammy and Jawbreaker Jimmy coming around to hassle you at the Condo your mummy & dead bought for you to attend Special Snowflake University without the hassles of dealing with lower-born Dormers, they'll be saved for the Big Slugs who actually pose a bigger money threat to the don's operation.

The don should consider hiring master insulters and image-destroyers with lots of internet experience.  These image-exploders would pose more threat to Special Snowflake debtor than the armbreaking thugs.  Special Snowflake cares far more about his friend count on Zuckbuck and how many "likes" he gets, and he cares about the "followers" he has on twitter and the people who love his instagrams.

Online profile destruction is poised to become the armbreaker of this wonderful new Projected Self Era.

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Harold Caidagh said...

Because think of the children!, paragraph 3 above explains why Colorado (a haven for Jewish progressives since the mid-80s) has gone the way of tax-and-regulate treatment of MJ.

If Aaron Knesset and Aviva Fuchs are going to have their Rite of Passage, we want them driving to a trendy boutique in Boulder's Pearl Street Shopping Amble and dealing with Abe Greengrab wearing a dashiki, jiffy-pop dreadbag, and girl jeans with crocs.