Thursday, February 13, 2014

not just pretentious, but totally empty and fully meaningless

Here's a stalwart "lefty" internet persona, doing what he does best:  acting like he's smarter than you, and telling you how you're wrong about everything while he's absolutely inescapably and constantly correct about every single fucking detail of life and his commentary regarding it.

A reason to care about history (broadly conceived) is that the past is to some extent determinative of the present, just as the present is to some extent determinative of the future

I'm going to translate that fucking maelstrom of pretentious lies, because unlike "mistah charley, phd" I am actually generous and I am not busying myself trying to be your lecturer for this installment of PowerNoggin Pretense.

Here's my translation of the above.

A reason to care about history is my devotion of every waking moment of my life, post-high-school, to believing that history and the past are the most relevant determinants of the present. They define the present, they limit our present options. The only way to understand anything is by splitting hairs over which historian's story is correct. The eventually rectified story of the past now confines our choices in the present as well as the outcomes of the future. All of this is true because I say it is true, and I have a Pee Aitch Dee, so hurry up and get on your knees and suck my pretentious academic cock and please swallow because I'm your superior and you're a misogynist rapist reactionary bigot homophobe if you don't suck and swallow.

History is nothing. Your choices now, in this moment, are confined only by what you face right now. They are not limited by some pretentious PowerNoggin fucktard's dissertation. What you can do right now, in this moment, is limited only by you and your willingness to try something in this moment.

The longer you worry over "history" the more you look like one of those Fifty-Plus bloggers and tweeters who still tries to prove to you that he is definitely one of the Cool Kids.

Everyone else long ago forgot about not being a Cool Kid in HS, but the "historian" with a Pee Aitch Dee is still trying to show that he really was mistakenly omitted from the general consensus tally of who is a Cool Kid.

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