Thursday, February 13, 2014

lakshmi told gaia who told elodie and then we saw it in a tweet from pedge who heard it from a guy doing A&R at a micro

jesus fucking christ

you're still trying to out-hip your peers and you're in your 50s or 60s? holy cannoli, what a fucking waste of a life.

"but Harold I can't do anything about the really important stuff that is going on right now, so my best path is to revert to HS days and play that gig for all it's worth"

yeah don't forget to consult Pitchfork and then ask a few 20somethings what sites tell them about the latest shitfest from some bunch of self-promoters who have blended Billy Squier, Katrina & the Waves, Weezer, Cat Power and Stereolab into a new sound that shifts genres every 15 seconds to prove their imaginary impressive musical scholarship chops since there isn't any real creativity among the bunch and their only skills are aping and parroting -- outside their very impressive talent for self-promotion and image management, I mean.

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