Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I gots nuthin'

mostly, cuz, 'cause someone's already said it:

ultra-rich liberals will keep supporting them no matter how much of their substance gets eaten away.

That's because for ultra-rich liberals, being a left wing proggie douche is all about teh feelz. It feelz good to "care" so much about the poor that you're willing to vote for someone who will take from them and give to the poor the state to set up idiotic government programs to "help" the poor so that they don't have to lift a Goddamned finger themselves.

Afterall, if they had to give to charities or worse, volunteer somewhere, they might actually end up coming into contact with some dirty poor person. Basically voting for progs allows them to assuage their guilty consciences and pat themselves on the back for being so "caring" without having to break a sweat. Because sweating is icky and "working class." Limousine liberals are some of the worst people in the world.

hoo doggie, that just described a lot of people I know, with the minor change that they're not ultra-rich, but they probably are aiming toward that status and definitely identify with it.

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