Saturday, February 15, 2014

dinosaur tears

Whenever lefty whingers crow about unions being the way forward, unions being the only way workers can leverage their worker-power, blah blah blah, I am quick to think them dinosaurs for living in the WW2 era of industrialization and early- (relative to now) stage power plays at work in the social fabric.  They won't admit unions have become tools of management, they won't admit unions have become money-washing facilities for Fat Tony's Brown Bag of Cash, they won't admit unions serve to standardize worker dissatisfactions and further homogenize the top-down power assembly by focusing workers on their humans-as-robots role in the process.

Apparently, some workers in the UAW power field disagree with the lefty dinosaurs.

At Vokswagen’s Chattanooga factory, the UAW was actually welcomed by the employer. No union-busting propganada sessions. VW, which already has a powerful union back home in Europe, wanted to set up German-style “works councils,” where rank and file employees could have a say in production decisions. But, according to many U.S. labor lawyers, it needed a union partner — otherwise, under the Wagner Act the works councils would be considered an illegal “company union.” The UAW seemed ready to be that partner. UAW organizers were allowed in the plant to make their case. Management didn’t argue back.**

And the workers still said no. In the secret ballot election that concluded Friday, VW’s Chattanooga employees voted against unionizing by a margin of 712 to 626. The UAW couldn’t even win an election it had been handed on a silver platter by management.

* * * *

**–Though local politicians, like Sen. Bob Corker, did. President Obama sided with the UAW, at least behind closed doors.

What will the dinosaurs think now? Will they claim the workers were "wrong"? Hmmm.

I thought "union organizing" was for the laborers' benefit! Those laborers must be wrong! Lefty dinosaurs stuck in a 70-years-ago dynamic assure us that unions are the only way forward for laborers!

Well, maybe I just don't know.  We can probably dismiss the reporting done in the block quote above because of its source, and because that source allowed a typo of "propganada" to pass muster into publication.

I know that's what I'm going to do, because otherwise, my lefty valhalla seems to be illusory.


Maybe this is just evidence that among those Chattanooga VW plant employees, 712 of them need to be rectified by intimidation, threats to physical and financial well-being, and constant shame-blasting with such wicked verbal corrections as "scab" and "reactionary."

Or maybe, giving the wheezy old white-chin-whiskered innaleckshuls their due, this is just a sign that these Chattanooga cats still need a union -- just not this particular union.  But what a quandary that presents!  It requires admitting UAW-Chattanooga is defunct in its workers' rights assertions.  Which admits union imperfection.  Which admits union failure, at least in some relevant capacity for galley slave empowerment.

The innaleckshuls are going to have to wrassle with their hallowed "meme" of cognitive dissonance on this one.  In other words, they're gonna have to admit that cogdis isn't just something that reactionaries suffer.

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