Sunday, February 16, 2014


I find it mind-numbingly sad, then side-splittingly funny, that e-riders think they can't ride what they imagine themselves being able to ride radbrognarishly on existing Turner trail bikes.

Oh you can't do "enduro" on current Burner framed bikes?

You need 1" or 0.75" more travel to get rad on a Burner?

I tell you what, e-rider.  Go take some video footage of yourself getting radbrognar on your brand-spankin'-new Burner and show & then describe how your riding is limited by that frame's design (including travel amount and head angle).

I'll be waiting, bated-breath style, for your proofs. 

Don't forget to use your e-engineering and e-framebuilder and e-designer skills to bolster your proofs!

Reminds me of skiers who can't handle 3-D snow on their current wizardshape skis -- and the reason they can't, that just has to be that current ski designs are holding them back!

Please, Dave Turner -- make the fantasy bike that I swear I need in order to be "competitive" at the Radbrognar Enduro that's happening July 2014 in my locale of Deadflatuntechnical, Midwesternstate USA!

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