Friday, February 7, 2014

an inch forward, 2.54cm backward

There is good in the world.  And there is bad too.

There are beautiful things, and there is ugliness.

People are generous.  People are stingy.

Technology is good.  Technology can kill you.

Politics could move societies forward.  Politics has dragged people backward.

The hit man killed someone.  The hit man made a nice chunk of money.

Defense spending makes people rich and provides jobs.  Defense spending destroys lives.

Noam Chomsky helped some people question things.  Noam Chomsky prevents you from asking the most dangerous questions.

Glenn Greenwald is a famous gay lawyer.  Glenn Greenwald is a famous liar who happens to be a gay lawyer.

Edward Snowden blew a whistle.  Edward Snowden told us nothing new.

Chris Hedges writes about our militarized police.  Chris Hedges spent 20 years apologizing for militarism abroad.

Your favorite band gives you aesthetic pleasure.  Your favorite band makes me vomit.

My blog makes me seem a reactionary bigot misogynist homophobe.  I'm not what I seem.

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