Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ha ha ha

For the 6th time now, "Tom Feeley" has programmed an "automatic delete" for the comments I put up at ICH.

That's what happens when you criticize one of "Tom Feeley's" heroes --

Chris Hedges
Glenn Greenwald
David Michael Green
Phil Rockstroh
Naomi Klein
Dave Lindorff
David Swanson

Never speak ill about any of those people.  Never expose their lies.  Never show their inconsistencies.  If you do, "Tom Feeley" will delete your comments.

"Tom Feeley" is a nice handle for HomSec/NSA Stooge.

Rope those goats!  Control that left-hand gate!

satire that lacks humor and a sharp critical eye

Aaaaaaaand, let's go to the tape, Warner Wolf --

Mac Weenies is hailed among the pretentious as a font of clever satire, but I have to say that I was doing that level of satire in 8th grade and naturally, those whose juvenile, unclever and cateye-marble-sharp ...errr, aaaaaahhhh... wshitticisms are found at hot-dogs-and-Boy-Ar-Dee-worms are published authors while all I get is to carry a coffin now and then, with stern gravitas in my bearing out of respect for that which whomever has passed on.

This is the way of the world.  Mundane = genius, in the minds of the empty-skulled.

Celebrate it now!

Because it's so ...uh... ironic:


A vintage 1960s designer drug. Unlike most other banned literary substances, this drug is often used by fiction writers and non-fiction writers alike. Artificially increases prose style and sophistication. May cause speech patterns to be affected. Known to induce cutting, witty remarks in some test subjects. Long-term use can lead to literary irrelevance.

Yes that's quite clever Curtis Edmonds and I'll be sure to download a Kindle copy of your latest collection of letters, spaces and punctuation marks because I'm fucking totally persuaded, broheem, on the question of your cleverness and its display in self-revering wit.

Or not.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

justin case, b.a., m.a., m.f.a., ph.d., l.c.s.w., l.p.n., r.n., j.d., m.d.

If you watched Biblical Name McBeardlessScotchpoof recently, you know that the AIPAC/Blade Times has to apologize for B.N. McBS's contributions to the field of Borrowing Others' Comedy and Presenting It As Your Own.

Never worry, gay jewish leftists who treat the Times as their "news bible", the editorial staff is in your corner and stands opposite the ring from B.N. McBS's foul, copycat humor. When the first bell rings, the opponents will come out swishing and swinging their feather boas, mincing and sashaying around each other with finger snaps and catty comments aplenty.

singin' to the knesset

...their theme song!

marble & cast iron

I love stumbling across shit on the Toobz that reminds me of spineless little fucktards who have tried to "correct" me here.

Here's the spirit of Brian M and Jack Crow and Fake Turk and Topolino:

disrespect isn't worth crap, even as a response to disrespect. he'd have been better off for everyone involved if the venue just shut the show down and told everyone to get out.

Oh my. 

Concern troll is gravely concerned! 

Someone hurry and call Corey Robin!  This is The Reactionary Mind at work!

And now,

here's someone not me who could have been me:

you're wrong. The man was standing up for himself. He was doing his job as a comedian. His occupation. These people booing were keeping him from doing his job. So was he going to step off the stage because they decided to boo him? No. These aren't jokes he's delivering. He's giving them what they gave him. Disrespect. And he did a great fucking job.

Great fucking job indeed. And fuck you, you pretentious "i'm insulted on behalf of others, so worship me as a heroic Pwoggy" bullshit-laden meme-fapper.


Here's what they're talking about:

how you got played

The "leftist intellectual" who derides religion focuses only on Islam and Christianity. Judaism is never blamed for "magical thinking" or distorting the perspectives of its followers.

The "leftist intellectual" who comments on "terrorism" also will focus on Islam and Christianity. Judaism is never blamed for urging its followers toward violence, and Israel is the Gold Standard for thriving democracies.


What does that say about "the left"?

Or about "intellectuals"?

What image does it paint for a "leftist intellectual"?


In making the above observations, am I hating on Jews?

Or am I simply asking "leftist intellectuals" to remove their intellectual fetters and their eye-hood blinders?

In making the above observations, am I praising Islam and Christianity?

Or am I saying that if you want to pretend to hate "magical thinking" or the corrupting influence of religion, then you need to equally hate Judaism and all its products with the same vehemence you reserve for the Christer cracker misogynist prepper bigot homophobe who allegedly harbors rape fantasies?

Fucking pretentious hollow-headed hipsters.

Fucking PowerNoggins.

Fucking frauds.

Remember, kids -- ignore the MoBroSam - David connection in all aspects, and focus on reactionary christer cracker misogynist homophobe prepper bigots with rape fantasies.

Sammy and David are noble. The Talmudic Scholar Gnome Chomp-Ski said so; Our Constitutional Lawyer implies as much routinely when not saying it overtly; and manifold Leftist Intellectual pundits remind us of this at every occasion.

Our real threat is teabagging reactionaries who want to teach Creationism.

It's not loan sharks or Holocaust revengers.

Monday, February 25, 2013

oh, steer!

...said the cow, longing for her bull.

...compained the pwoggy leftist hyperfeminist broheem, railing against the misogynist teapartier bircher christer cracker.


While More Feminist than You, Broheem! bloggers and other empty-noggined commenters are busy whinging about "austerity," I'd like them to answer two simple questions.

1) Can spending money one doesn't have ever be a good thing?

2) Does the fact of past spending dictate the mandatory floor for future spending?


When you get fired from your Do-Nothing Job, can you keep spending as if your income hasn't been removed?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

it takes a village to craft a lying essay

Seven authors required to control "progressive" perspectives on the importance of Citizens United.

Keep ignoring Buckley v Valeo!  That's what any thorough research effort would do!


These toads would have been fired from 50% of the lawyers they worked for if they'd ignored Buckley while researching the intersection of campaign finance and corporate personhood.

But in Pwogville, it's way more important to massage the theme built over the past 2.5 years concerning the Massive Importance of Citizens United.

the mythological eve

The one bit of good news if you listen to the video carefully, this is all vaporware. It sounds like General Dynamic and its brethren are pumping to get stuff like this funded (or more accurately, the missing bits). But I wonder if the authorities understand what a Pandora’s box they will be unleashing.

Yes, the video telling us it's "vaporware" is the final word on that question.  Totally, broheem.  Totally.

No, they don't need to "pump" anyone to fund the design and manufacture of these devices.  Yes, they do need to make drones seem like cool advances in technology, which goes hand-in-hand with The Gnome's Talmudic Declaration, namely that Technology is Inherently Neutral.**

Yes, they understand what they are doing.

No, they don't care what you think.

No, Eve, your mythology is not convincing. 

And yes, Eve, it's very funny -- as funny as a broken leg on a horse, with "funny" being read from the equine perspective.


Why the fuck does anyone read this charlatan who seeks rehabilitation of consumerist materialist "economics" arguments?

What gives her any perspective to pretend at knowing the defense industry and where various concepts are, on the from-idea-to-production timeline?  Is she pretending here to have secret HomSec and DoD clearance?

Does she realize that anything dirtying will be done in Israel, where Sambo farms out all the ugly stuff that goes on for the benefit of Big Spookery and its related industries?

What a fucking joke.


** Holy fucking mackerel, this isn't gefilte!

step up to the yoke, plow mule

and get haltered.

What Led Chris Dorner to Go Off the Edge: Workplace Abuse, Racism, and Unfair Firing

Fine work Mark Ames, you pretend to examine things from Dorner's POV but use the occasion to heap scorn on "corporate", which is an AlterNet synonym for Evil Rethuglican, because AlterNet readers are partisan Democrat to the end, though "progressive" may be their costume donned for the sake of feeling less lonely, but they're Donkeys through and through, like Ames shows himself to be with the assumptions in and omissions from his essays.

Dorner wasn't pissed off at the Republican Party.

If you weren't so partisan, Amesy Wamesy, you'd see that what pissed off a Black copper is the same shit that pisses off others who aren't so damned partisan.

corporate corporate corporate

but the Democrats aren't corporate

they just act that way because of pressure

from the Evil Rethuglicans

who are powerful intimidators and

mind-bending psychic projectors

if not for Evil Rethuglicans and

their witchery

America would be Fully Progressive with

a swanky Audi for everyone and

a Prius for errands when you need to

maintain your Green image

public schools that endorse electronic fetishes

and offer politically correct ideology as truth

Think of the Children!

No child is born a reactionary!

He's made that way because of the influences of XY genome humans

and their awful, terrible, frightful


No child is born focusing on what's best for all

every child is born a narcissist with mommy attachments

The State must coerce each of us toward Valhalla


Socialism with Intellectual Leadership

Industry run by bean counters

Arts run by witch hunters

Entertainment run by loan sharks

Commerce run by liars

Merit for all

measured by the

divine and eternal dictates of the

glorious Torah and

exemplified by the righteous nation

of Israel


In the days after his lethal rebellion and violent death, Christopher Dorner has become many things to many different people: a one-man Alamo hero who died fighting the police state; a crazy black man who started murdering cops because that’s what crazy black men do; or a symbol of government oppression and the militarization of America’s police forces. For some conspiracy theorists, Dorner even became a Manchurian candidate in an elaborate Big Brother plot to sow chaos and fear, so that Government Marxists could fill America’s skies with armed drones, assassinating gun-owners and freedom-lovers at will.

See there?

There's only 4 conclusions you're allowed to draw from this media circus surrounding a light-skinned black dude who identified with power -- but not the one in the White House, you over-eager hipster feminist PowerNoggin broheem. 

No, I'm talking about the one who went "rogue" and stopped identifying with power, and actually got pissed off enough by what he saw as the exercise of power to be pushed to something that most people's judgment would tell them to not do.

What makes a man break from his fellow humans in that way?

Ames doesn't want to know.

He says he does.

But he just wants to rope goats.

Notice the "conspiracy theorist" phrase, and notice what cartoon mindset it's ascribed to. In that final sentence, Ames uses the molotov of choice for statist drones (LOOK! A conspiracy theorist!) who can't find the intellectual finesse to question the honesty of the aims of Those Statesmen/women Who Are Donkeys. And what is the "conspiracy" Ames belittles? One that's been caricatured by nearly every Pwogbot in espace or fleshworld, the "Obama is a Marxist" idea which supposedly is followed by countless Tea Party people presently holding key positions of power in American society... and which is conveniently the Donkey Tribalist Scrivener's thumbnail sketch for what makes the Evil Rethuglicans so Evil.

So, remember, keep siding with the Democrats.

And keep thinking it's about "corporate" and Tea Partiers and the Koch Bros, because those Democrats are all about progress, civilizing the heathens abroad, and promoting & preserving the American way of lifestyle.

Friday, February 22, 2013

not just skiing, not just athletics

Here's Jim Taylor:

Which brings me to the point of this article, namely, that alpine ski racing can have two great champions who are so different in so many ways. You can throw in Bode, Lindsey, and Julia, and you have an even wider range of personalities, all of which led them to greatness. Yet, Ted and Mikaela also share many essential qualities for success including a maniacal determination, a deep faith in their capabilities, the ability to handle pressure, and a positive response to setbacks.

Those qualities are essential not just for skiing well, but for living well, and that would include how you handle the "adversity" of someone holding a different view than you -- which Taylor says in every way but directly when he remarks on the different personalities that exist among those who have these essential qualities for skiing at high levels.

He's not a Christer just because he mentions "faith." You PowerNoggins have "faith" in process, in merit, in "science." If the word "faith" can only lead you to criticize a Christer/cracker/reactionary, you demonstrate faith in your own ideology's superiority.

The only problem is the faith is misplaced there, and not demonstrating the qualities for success.


So you failed.  Get up, try it again, but do it correctly this time.

Not likely you'll get things correctly next try, but you have to keep trying.  Maybe use a coach with a watchful and discerning eye & mind, help you get some objectivity.

Which doesn't imply read Greenwald (or Chomsky or Marx or whomever) and assume he's correct

That's the wrong path.  That's another recipe for failure.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


My friend Eddie Malagi sent me an email enclosing his latest Tweet:

"What's with those people who pronounce the word and as if it were spelled anz?"


Not a fan of Boehner, but if he did this I could be persuaded to change my mind.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

funny as fuck

and punchy too.

Bill Burr - "You People Are All the Same."

Guaranteed to piss off the same people I really love pissing off.

I'd never heard of Bill Burr before watching that last night. 

He's definitely a lot funnier than you, bro.

he douches with drano

OCL pretends here that he's not a goat-roper... THEY are.

MSNBC boldly moves to plug its one remaining hole

By hiring long-time Obama spokesmen Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod, the cable news network clarifies its function

Maybe it should be rewritten with smarter, funnier editors overseeing OCL's palabric pukings. Here's what I'd write:

Dipshit hack lawyer turned lying "observer" of politics moves his head slightly leftward to shove a dildo into his last remaining unplugged corporal orifice.

By writing as if he's always known the truth about America, Glenn Greenwald again gulls millions of readers who don't realize he's either as naive as Pollyanna or as big a con man as Joey Weil, but not likely both.

These fucking poofs who think they own the world now because all the "feminists" have excused femininity of all wrongdoing and extended the exculpation to gay men on account of their feminine nature, they keep getting that perspective ("own the world") reinforced by publication of such lying fucktards as wee Glennie the thimbledicked, ass-gaped whore of whores.

If you like to project fantasies onto reality, and when doing so only project those fantasies which reinforce the eternity of the fantasy, "own the world" probably is true.

Don't mind me, I'm just a stupid redneck misogynist rape-fantasy-holding breeder blusterman who knew at 17 what Greenwald probably won't ever know and whose wisdom has increased at a constant rate of growth in the intervening 35 years while Greenwald continues moving backward, but what the fuck?, I'm not getting paid to lie and he is, so he WINS!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

lying whores

-Let's go to esteemed MENSA groupie and NPR/PBS contributor, Chris Mooney, for today's breaking story.  Chris, what are you seeing out there?

-Well, Bob, it would seem that the reasons people vote "progressive" or "reactionary" is due to immutable brain chemistry, which suggests to me that it's genetic.  In other words, if you're a "reactionary," you're genetically programmed to be an idiot.  And if you're a "progressive," you're genetically superior.

-Chris, are you a neuroscientist?


-Are you a psychologist?


-What's your science training, Chris?

-In 7th grade I watched my teacher dissect a frog.  And we played with magnets and iron filings somewhere in there.

-Chris, how would you know whether an alleged neuroscientist is lying to you?

-Bob, I assume that if he's published, he's telling the truth.  Publication is the most rigorous screening process we know.  Only honest people get published.  Take me, for example.  I get published by Tom Feeley, who spends 10 hours a day looking for news items to publish.

-Chris, what if I told you I cover all of Feeley's articles in the first half-hour of my day, and that it wouldn't take me longer than an hour to do what Feeley says he needs 10 hours of brow-furrowed, sweat-dripping work to accomplish?

-I'd say you're a liar, because Feeley has repeatedly published the point that he works 10 dogged hours a day.  It's been published.  Therefore it's true.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

conversation at high tea

It seems so important the Assange is given widespread support. I hope that the people coordinating the campaign appeal to trade unions so that there can be a powerful enough expression of defiance to government collusion and deceit to get him released.

Yes it does seem so important. Please pass the Grey Poupon.

I'll simplify and downsize and be less selfish next time around the Karmic Wheel. This time, I'm comfortable! So I can offer passing observations from the comfort of my nice, well-larded home. We really should consider thinking Assange deserves sincere support. And by "support" I mean sending him "good vibes" and the like. That's how we pampered yuppies show our political activism.

With "vibes."

It's very new age.

quick feet

SCHLADMING, Austria — If Mikaela Shiffrin had butterflies kicking out of her first World Championships slalom, she certainly didn't show it on the race hill in Schladming Saturday.

The 17-year-old became the third youngest World Championship ladies' slalom gold medalist in history, executing a superior all-around slalom performance against the world's best. She became the first American woman to win the slalom in either a World Championships or Olympics since Barbara Cochran in 1972.

17 and still improving, with more experience she'll be more efficient (= faster), with more rings on her trunk she'll get stronger physically and mentally (= faster).

who's your editor?

The incorrigible Mike Whitney:

First of all, whenever you hear a politician talk about “streamlining the process”, run for cover. The term is a right-wing formulation that means “remove all the rules which inhibit profitmaking”. Naturally, Wall Street’s favorite son, President Hopium, is more than comfortable with the expression and uses it to great effect. But what are the rules that Obama wants to eliminate, that’s the question?

First & second sentences error, third and fourth allowed to pass.

First of all, whenever you hear a politician talk about “streamlining the process”, run for cover. The term is a right-wing formulation that means “remove all the rules which inhibit profitmaking”.

Allow me some room here.

First of all, whenever you hear a politician talk about “streamlining the process”, run for cover. The term is a right-wing formulation that means “remove all the rules which inhibit profitmaking”, and arises under many different names when practiced by the various nominally different political factions.

There, now it's not tainted by your latent pro-Democrat partisanship.  Remember, the Democrats like profiteering through alleged streamlining, right-sizing, merit-based-reduction, etc.  It's integral to keeping that Service Economy humping.

Naturally, Wall Street’s favorite son, President Hopium, is more than comfortable with the expression and uses it to great effect. But what are the rules that Obama wants to eliminate, that’s the question?

The latent pro-Democrat taint I struck from sentence 2 is confused when read as idea-flow from sentence 2 to sentences 3 & 4.

If Obama is "Wall Street's favorite son," and he's endorsing a "right-wing formulation," then what's Whitney really saying?

The Donkey Party isn't opposing Obama with any balls, nothing that would suggest even a mild charade of legislative process hurdle. So doesn't that make the Donkey Party also Wall Street's favorite, even if you want to ply the argument of Obama being Reagan Retread, DINO-fraud, etc.?

Yeah, it does.

So is Whitney suggesting the problem is that the Democrats are just too "right-wing" and only if they'd move a little left, things would be better?

That's how it seems.  Based on the history of essays I've read, I'd say that's his deal.  Soft-Marxist, seize the machine and make the machine work for you by installing Programmed Professionals in place of the present "right-wing" profiteers.  Massive change, bro!  "Marxists" and other "leftist economists" would never use the centralized financialized industrialized service economy for private gain, please ignore the corruption that arose in the USSR, that's due to Leninists and bolshevik/menshevik division tensions, a massive nanny state seized by "leftists" would be pure as the driven snow!

Those crazy statist kids and their naive ideas! 

Increment by increment, visible only to electron microscopy, that's the way to go. Small steps comfort all, big steps scare most, and fear should always trigger avoidance in these situations!

So let's ask "what are the rules Obama wants to eliminate?," and consider the question as one only of slivers chiseled off the bureaucratic blob of frozen thinking on government-vs-individual power/rights balancing -- done after much deliberation bearing the gravest of deep concern, with a policy microtome.

Got it.


are the same people who invented the idea of having a "sale" of "up to 25% off" on "certain select goods"

but don't tell you that "up to 25% off" is calculated only after taking the normal retail price of these "certain select goods" and bumping it 40%

and marking that as the "was ______" juxtaposed against the "now ______" on the sale price tag.*

Now that's what I call "value added."  Think of the jobs created by this deceptive method of retailing.  Where once you could get an item directly from its maker, now you get to pay a middle-man whose only contribution to the game is making the item more expensive for you.  "More," meaning "more than if you bought it directly from the maker."

It's the same item.  You're just paying more so that the middle-man can run a short con on you.  If he's really good at working you, he can make it into a long-con relationship by grooming you to believe he does add value, causing you to be a repeat customer.  He might "knock an extra 5% off, just for you", even though he's already marked it up 65% from what you'd pay if you bought direct.

Didn't see that, eh?

When you visited Costco you rejoiced at knocking out one layer of middle-man, but did you then stop looking and therefore now you think Costco isn't a middle-man?

Yeah, box stores are great, and Costco is the smart person's Wal-Mart.



* Normally "juxtaposed" is off my list, as a phony's word, but here it's got a little extra spice. "Imagine, if you will, an x becoming an s..." said Rod Serling.

since you know

...I hate Jews --you told me so, Topolino, so it must be true-- you'll be surprised to hear that I like the movies of Todd Solondz, who chronicles the striving, insecure, awkward lives of middle- and upper-middle-class Jews who live in the Newark NJ suburbs like Solondz's hometown Livingston, a place where I worked during my last two years of ancient papyrus academy.

Last night I watched Dark Horse and the opening 5-10 minutes scenery at a wedding gave me the chills, reminding me of the ugly abominations that litter Essex and Union and to a lesser extent Somerset Counties, the things built as "catering centers" for weddings, bar / bat mitzvahs, big anniversary parties.  Those structures look like mortuaries, almost without exception, but the bizarre populace of north-central NJ finds them "impressive" and "breathtaking" in their "luxury" et cetera.

And those who find them so aren't just Jews, they are Italians and Poles and Irish and all kinds of other ethnicities religions outlooks.  Their defining feature?  Strivers who identify secretly as lower-class but want badly to be higher-class-than-that.  Superficial overdone glitz = "luxury" to them.

They're a lot like the people you find in Fallout: New Vegas as The White Glove Society.  Please rent and play the game long enough to get to The Strip so you can visit the Ultra-Luxe Casino & Hotel to see what I'm talking about.

Solondz seems to know such a life's orientation leads to misery.  Hell, if I had grown up in Livingston I'd be miserable too.

never mind MY role in it

OCL posts another essay where he pretends he's seen these problems all along, and expects his readers to assume his eternal wisdom and constant blamelessness.

In fact, the opposite has taken place: although it seemed impossible to achieve, Obama has presided over an America that, in many respects, is now even more unpopular in the Muslim world than it was under George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Now that's a clever bit of historicity-facticity blended together like semen & feces in a frothy foam of ass-sex dessert topping, isn't it, Glennie?

Ladies & gents, I remind you that when I first encountered OCL he was howling like a stuck pig (non-Kosher) about the dangers of Islamic terrorism and blaming the existence of such people on the laziness of Bush-Cheney in fighting the dread Islamic Fundamentalist Movement Which Threatened Glenn Greenwald's Otherwise Peaceful Consciousness.

He didn't start blaming Obama in earnest until 2012.

Between 2003 and 2012, Greenwald was arguing for more, better Democrats so that we could do a REAL NUMBER on those Islamic Fundamentalist Movement Which Threatened Glenn Greenwald's Otherwise Peaceful Consciousness.  Between 2006 and 2012, that argument included frequent endorsement of Obama.

How about you admit your role in it, Wee Rice-Dicked Glennie?

Friday, February 15, 2013

why chomp skis when you can chomp your competition?

2013 FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships: Schladming: Giant Slalom: American Ted Ligety wins his 3rd championship title

Ted Ligety (USA) picked up his 3rd Championship title after finishing with a time of 2.28.92. Ligety is the first man in 45 years to win 3 gold medals at the world championships.

Here's what two of his prime competitors said:

"Ted is the man. He's the best in the world," Aksel Lund Svindal said. The Norwegian was second after the opening run but had only the 13th fastest time in the final run and was edged for third place by Moelgg by 0.04.

"It's not possible to beat Ted, I think," added Svindal, who won gold in downhill and bronze in super-G. "With two golds already in his pocket I bet he was fairly confident in the start."

Stephen Eberharter, the Austrian who won the 2002 Olympic GS, called Ligety's GS skiing "sensational."

"He completes these turns to perfection," Eberharter said. "He is unbelievably steady. And if he gets in trouble, he knows how to correct them immediately."

Remember, PowerNoggin -- elitism is bad, doing anything at elite levels is bad. Just ask Hans Pum.

According to Alpine sport director Hans Pum of the Austrian ski federation, Ligety was "flying, not skiing. He goes from one victory to another."

"He's in very good form, he has a very good setup with the materials and he skis well," Pum said. "He got his first super-G win in the first race and then he just carried on. He's doing (whatever) he wants to."

Do you know what that feels like, PowerNoggin? To fly down the mountain, doing whatever you want to, never on the defensive, playing the entire time, feeling at one with the environment you're in?


Do you know what that feels like, PowerNoggin?

Does your envy of those with mastery fuel your rampages on the internet where you look for Christers crackers misogynists preppers reactionaries to blame for your failings in life?

Can you even approach the state of mind required to do, in your own life, what Ted Ligety does on skis?

Do you know how to get there?

"nature walk" trail requires removal of nature

YupPwogs love the image of "nature" but have a hard time dealing with its reality, so their "hiking trails" have to be treated by removing all indicia of nature and brought to resemble urban sidewalks, a safe corridor that prevents a natural experience.

Nature is always well-groomed and politically correct.

This is the Law of the Pwog.


This is the Law of the Pwog.

Precisely, My Children.  Now go forth, and multiply.

doesn't give the same headache

John Michael Greer said...
Avery, homeschoolers have by and large been stereotyped on the left in very unhelpful terms.

For what it's worth, here in eastern Jefferson County, WA we have a great many "left-wing" home schoolers. It's not always a case of avoiding what's in the curriculum; it's also a case of regarding it as inadequate and wishing to add to it.

Marrowstone Island

Or perhaps agreeing generically with education, and with the idea of helping students learn, and maybe with the overall map of subjects intended for teaching, but disagreeing with the lack of rigor, the Lowest Common Denominator dumbing-down, the technology-based emphasis rather than critical thinking emphasis, the short-sighted agenda.

None of that even approaches the prison ambience question, or the notion of whether I'd want my kids "learning from" the arrogant offspring who show their peers that bullying with a Politically Correct facade is acceptable but "bullying" that is normal student teasing is worthy of suspension and other discipline.

And it doesn't approach the question of why many public schools have a culture of worshiping the football team and its "supporters," more than the excellence of the instruction given the students and what sorts of things they have achieved in, you know, academics. Which is different from Sensitivity Training Excellence or other forms of faddish political correctness doctrine that bears not one whit on critical thinking skills.

Politically correct robots are still robots.

holy fuck, my brain hurts!

Sorry but I can't agree with you this week either. In a perfect world, decentralization would be wonderful. However, as someone deeply involved in township government (in a non-elected capacity), I see the pitfalls of local control.
Failure has not been a reason locally for non-relection in our area. Unless a voter is directly affected by the failure, they give it no mind when they go to the polls -- to say nothing of those who simply vote a straight ticket for the incumbents, year after year.
As for money being "appropriated" by sticky fingers when it passes through many hands, it's been my experience that more eyes on the money is a good thing. When only a few folks are handling the money, there is much less chance that it's disappearance will be noticed.
Finally, it's been my experience that local officials are elected by more of a popularity contest than based on their abilities to efficiently and honestly operate township government. On the other hand, it's nearly impossible to find someone qualified who will agree to run for election. So what to do?

I am gonna pop.

That's some unadulterated UberPwog PowerNoggin un-reasoning right there.

Sorry but I can't agree with you this week either. In a perfect world, decentralization would be wonderful. However, as someone deeply involved in township government (in a non-elected capacity), I see the pitfalls of local control.

There's no "perfect world" dimension applicable here. Your problem is simple: you don't want anyone disagreeing with what YOU want government to do. You want to use government to control others, rather than provide minimal points of existential secruity. Controlling others is not the primary aim of government. Why? Because it's a negative ambition. Negative ambitions are what got us into this thicket, dumbass.

Others are allowed to hold different views, Cat.  And that difference is not evidence that government needs to correct those other views.  The difference actually is evidence that the subject causing the difference is precisely where government should NOT be meddling.

That's the driving principle you need to follow.

When you show me an area where the difference is causing mortal danger for you, danger you can show me in a convincing, palpable way, I'll consider whether the subject is one where the government's strong arm may provide a needed service.

And we'll come to that conclusion cooperatively, not simply because you raise a fear and I bend my will to accommodate your fear, such that my concerns about the legitimacy of your fear become nullified.  That's not how we do it, Cat.  We don't nullify my legitimate concerns simply because you're a 'fraidy Cat.  We examine your fear, and balance it against my concerns.  Which means we examine whether your fears are well-founded, and if so, whether the only means of protecting you is Big Daddy Government.  There's some self-reliance you'll have to accept, Cat.  And I'm guessing that's what makes you 'fraidy, Cat.

Failure has not been a reason locally for non-relection in our area. Unless a voter is directly affected by the failure, they give it no mind when they go to the polls -- to say nothing of those who simply vote a straight ticket for the incumbents, year after year.

What in Hades is the above saying?  I don't understand it at all.  Cat has a problem with people who don't agree with her.  That's all I see.  Can she show us something other than what I see?  Let's see.

As for money being "appropriated" by sticky fingers when it passes through many hands, it's been my experience that more eyes on the money is a good thing. When only a few folks are handling the money, there is much less chance that it's disappearance will be noticed.

It's been my experience that people with your experience are operating under biases that result from flawed assumptions.

Give us an example of "more eyes = more safeguard."  Is that like HomSec snooping on everyone's internet activity?  More eyes on me means I'm a safer fellow American?

Another way of seeing the fiscal responsibility thing is this:  one person with responsibility = one person we know either is crooked, or is clean, and we only have to look at the books and we'll know.

So I don't see where "more eyes" is anything other than an apology for bureaucratic bloat.

Finally, it's been my experience that local officials are elected by more of a popularity contest than based on their abilities to efficiently and honestly operate township government. On the other hand, it's nearly impossible to find someone qualified who will agree to run for election. So what to do?

What is "qualified" here, Cat? And why can't you find someone? It's not you? What do you imagine public office requires, Cat? A degree from Harvard's Kennedy School? Holy fuck.

What to do?

Get your head out of your ass, that's what.

words words words lookit my words

With the high cockpit I found I was able to weight the front end, while staying more central on the bike and not having to shift my weight back if it got rough.

This is what happens when an enthusiast reads a sentiment often enough to believe its truth and then incorporate it as the right thing to do

weight the front end, while staying more central on the bike and not having to shift my weight back if it got rough

and then using a little confirmation bias to convince himself that what doesn't achieve centralizing

With the high cockpit I found I was able to...

actually achieves what it doesn't.

High cockpit = rearward weight bias.

This is the stuff you find from confident "experienced" riders commenting on the Toobz. Their confidence is only a little excessive here, and only distorting reality a little bit.

As in, really excessive and a little bit of a shit-ton.

It's the exercise of trying to look authoritative and knowing, while lacking either and probably both.

It's not limited to MTB discussion.  Happens in skiing discussion.  Happens in sociopolitical discussion all the time -- like, 95% or more of the time.


My primary flaw as a skier involves my hands position,  and it's caused by my arm positions (which are different R and L), which are caused by some technique issues (minor shoulder lead) and some psychological issues (L elbow injury 18 months ago).

When a skilled observer sees these things and tells me about them, and I try to discipline my hands/arms/shoulders, the rest of my skiing goes all wonky.  I forget to feel with my feet and start at my feet and the problem ends up getting amplified, not minimized. 

I can keep thinking that my hands/arms/shoulders are okay, because they feel okay to me.  I can convince myself that what is natural (feels okay) is the same as what ought to be.

It's a nice recipe for a sort of dead-end cul-de-sac of skiing skills, though.  There are situations where my little awkwardness/sloppiness hangs up a turn transition, usually really steep spots that require smooth precision.  Other places it doesn't reveal itself. 

I could just avoid those really steep spots requiring smooth quick precision.

Is that where I want to stop?  Is that a plateau I want to accept?

vacuum is what you need order to have a PowerNoggin perspective.

Hey, PowerNoggin!

Eidetic memory is not the same as understanding interconnectedness. It provides no context, it enables no insight.

It is just a thing -- not even a skill, you can't improve it with practice -- that some people are able to do. It's just your memory of the first time you gleefully pulled legs off a grasshopper and with a big smile on your face watched the hopper struggle without his legs while you never once thought about the pain the hopper was suffering because it's just a stupid ugly insect and it's lucky you didn't step on it to feel the power over something that pales in importance, existentially speaking, to your arrogant little dick/cunt self, because your parents didn't teach you empathy, PowerNoggin -- they taught you how to fake it in order to manipulate others to great advantage.

So when the Gnome interrupts his ski chomping to prattle on in sentences recalling all kinds of trivia that impresses the fuck out of you, that doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about. He chose a purposefully vague and proof-vacant field for his specialty, one where clever "interpretations" (read: utter fabrications) done pompously is the way you climb the success ladder. His "work" rarely contextualizes, instead it lectures and pontificates. You're just impressed with the historicity and facticity, and the ancient wizened Talmudic scholar presentation he bears in public.

"He's just like that kindly old rabbi I knew when I was 8."

Says the "atheist" who spends lots of time pinging Christers and crackers.

Go on, picture the essence of intellectual prowess narrowly, as memory alone, or if generous, working only as solipsistic sophistry's servant.

Why don't we get into a measurement contest, Pwoggy. You like stratifying people this way.

Name your intellectual hero, and let me pick him/her apart for you to show you that your respect is ill-placed.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Early 90s it was easy to confuse Bettie Serveert and Buffalo Tom even though one had a woman singing and the other a man.

Maybe Carol van Dijk and Bill Janovitz should have traded places at a Lollapalooza show.

only because it's better than you ever were

did Roger approve?

his second time around:

one NEVER does that!

Badfinger tried to ruin this one.

dogs chase their tails


Here we see nonsense 3-card Monte:

So let's take a look at your example of the local sewage district. What was water quality like with that system? Filled with toxic wastes.

It was only with centralized federal involvement that started with the Environmental Protection Agency created by Nixon in 1970 that the U.S. began the path toward clean water and clear air.

Seriously, bro? That's your argument?

EPA is the reason why we need a massive Nanny State?

You tripped over your double-dildo again, Pwoggy Hyperfeminist Hipster Broheem.

Federal government centralization of power and money and leverage, that's how all that massive pollution got there in the first place.

Centralizing power is how industry got massive. Centralized power creates hyperleveraged "capital" which funds the building of huge industrial operations that belch out huge amounts of liquid, solid and gaseous toxics.

How the fuck did you miss that shit?

I'll tell you.

Smug hyperfeminist hipster broheemian perspectives, mythology as fact, complicity ignored through other-blaming.

I'm not generally ever in a mood to agree with The Self-Appointed Arch-Druid, but I think his response to the above quoted nonsense almost hit the right notes and almost covered the main points of ...errr... ...aaaaahhhh... rectification.

I do notice the Arch-Druid emulating me more in recent posts.  Wonder why that is?

Please feel free to use my provocations to enhance your own profitable writing career, and of course, please do not ever acknowledge how your horizons got expanded, and by whom.  Please.

Thank you.

Our Constitutional Lawyer

...relaxes at a Disco Revival party in Sao Paolo:

Yeah, I tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Yahweh.

keep that shit under wraps

Tighten the clamps, shorten the fetters. Crossover play/sales is/are the goal(s). Get too "urban" and you'll scare those crackers. When filmed, get robotic ("white"). Avoid feeling the music, that scares the cracker. Whitey only "feels" things like John Phillip Sousa.


Maybe, but it's winter here.

Or that's what the calendar suggests.  45 deg and rainy is more like "winter" where I grew up, swampland Capitolia.

The solution obviously is to engage in fracking, and call it "progress," or to lie about 100 years of natural gas availability.

Maybe we should ask Noam Chomsky about it.  Maybe we should pay Glenn Greenwald a retainer and get his considered professional opinion on it.  Maybe some Simulated Beavers could give us the Econ-Bro angle with another Dam of Distraction (no spillover weir or tunnel, sorry).

The solution will come to us in our sleep if we keep praising Gay Jewish Leftists and keep blaming white trash reactionary Christer cracker misogynists with rape fantasies who won't let gay couples marry in their baptist church.

Don't be an ugly redneck.*  Worship the Gay Leftist Jew.  He or she knows more than you -- about everything.

Especially how to violently correct those who disagree with you!


* His disciples sure can't spell.

hands off!

Friendly periodic reminder here.

The following categories of human may not be found culpable in any wrongdoing of any variety:

Gay Jews
Jewish Leftists
Gay Leftists
Gay Jewish Leftists

The following categories of human may not be found culpable in any wrongdoing of any variety, with one exception, and that is when they are members of the Elephant Party:

Black Womyn

The following countries may not be found to embody destructive characteristics because reformism can save them, thanks to Gays, Jews, Leftists, Gay Jews, Gay Leftists, Jewish Leftists, and Gay Jewish Leftists being present in both countries:


Please print this list and post it adjacent to your 72" (diagonal) flatscreen monitor.


keep this list as a "sticky" on your iPad's desktop.

fucking carrot-waxers

Oh boy!  Hurry and write a blog post on the Hot New Topic!


Proof of gun crazed reactionary core at center of American culture! 

Proof that dipshit white power rednecks...

...oh wait...

...Dorner was Black...

...Obama is Black, or at least halfway there, and that's what made me support him even though he obviously was on the same Power Career Path, ideologically speaking by his actions, as Dubya Bush or Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld or Scooter Libby or Karl Rove...

...oh fuck...

...most of my leftist heroes, in whatever degree of leftism, use guns to enforce their goals' implementation... global political democracy hero, Israel, includes torture and psy-op warfare in the mix...

...kinda like me at my 143d tier blog...

...oh fuck...

...I'd better not look too deeply here, better stay superficial and locked-on, target wise, onto the ISMs that make me shake in terror, or the ARYs who cause me to suffer paranoid nightmares...

...and keep completing the circle of Leftism = Fraudulent Maniupulation of Others While Ignoring Own Complicity Blindspot.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


In the course of several chairlift conversations today I hit on a theme that explains why, although I distrust them equally, I hate "leftists" more than I hate "rightists."

"Leftists" revel in fraud and passive-aggressive behavior.

"Rightists" are just right up front about what they don't like and why they don't like you.  But "leftists" will use their P-A behavior to try really fucking hard to shame you into feeling inferior for not agreeing with the "leftist" perspective.

The "leftist" pretends (s)he is morally superior and never ethically regressive or reactionary, but given that fraud and deception are admired on the "left," it's pretty funny, though darkly so.

I never want to punch a "rightist" in the face.

"Leftists" almost always make me want to pulp their arrogant PowerNoggin faces with my fists.

But unlike "leftists," I don't have an urge to try to castigate every imagined adversary (i.e., if you're a "leftist" you would try to pummel every "rightist" or "reactionary") I can identify, and I don't hold to any fantasy view where in my Personal Valhalla, all those I imagine as my adversary are rounded up and tortured to death.

On the other hand, most "leftists" don't have any plan for getting along with anyone they consider "reactionary" -- watch their behavior, dipshit deluded reader of this hate-fueled and ignorant blog.  Show me a "leftist" who actually embodies the Kum Bah Yah spirit of pure, innocent acceptance, and I'll show you someone who isn't a "leftist" at all.

The very essence of being a "leftist" is tribal superiority.  Not only is it the essential quality, it's practically the only point of being a "leftist."

I haven't seen a single "leftist" go out on a limb to personally advance his/her/its philosophical agenda.  Rather, what I see from "leftists" is pot-shotting, drive-by insults, or haughty shaming through superior bearing.  Which, incidentally, is a lot like the Old Money "rightist" in his/her/its behavior toward anyone who isn't Old Money -- the dismissive haughtiness, I mean.

They differ in that the Old Money "rightist" essentially treats non-Old Money people as invisible, whereas the "leftist" treats non-leftists as targets of humiliation via passive-aggressive rhetorical shaming.

In the spirit of the above thoughts, I want to thank all my "leftist" lurking followers for using my blog as a catalyst for their own profiteering off essay or fiction writing that wouldn't have happened without reading my provocations.

And I want to thank each of you for never suggesting me to your publisher or editor.  I understand -- I might just cause you to fall out of favor, and you couldn't bear to handle the reality of me --a neanderthal knuckledragger who is NOT a pretentious leftist putz-- actually being a superior thinker or writer.

Because YOU, hyperfeminist broheem, are more savvy at Yellow Kid Weil'ing people, and because YOU, hipster douchebag fuck, aren't made uncomfortable in the act of defrauding others.

On the contrary -- it makes you feel clever and superior.

And what's worse, that smug superior feeling doesn't trigger even the faintest twinge of remorse or guilt -- probably because you had assholes for parents, and they taught you that manipulating others for your private gain is the pinnacle of human achievement.

You know, I'm not keen on the labels "sociopath" or "psychopath" but if ever I were given orders from King of the World telling me to cull the population, I just might use smug manipulation of others as the token of cullworthiness.

But you, pwoggy leftist hipster feminist broheem?

You'd just look to see if the person bought goods from a company somehow owned (majority or fringe stakeholder, wouldn't matter) by those evil Koch Brothers, and that would be reason enough for you to cull them and probably throw them into the mass incinerator. 

You know, because you've got that Holocaust Revenge thing going, and all.

Right, "leftist"?

no, seriously -- look HERE!

Pwoggy feminist leftist egalitarian meritocratic broheems and womyns are well served by them InterToobz.

Everywhere you look, some More Feminist Than You, Broheem! blogger or forum commenter is telling people that the biggest problem on the American landscape, the one that affects the most people, is one of the following:

* abortion rights

* gay/lesbian marriage in a church that presently won't allow it

* dearth of exotic organic edible rarities

* nutjob reactionary Christer cracker misogynist rapists who want schools to teach Creationism

* nutjob reactionary Christer cracker misogynist rapists who won't let MoBroSam take away their guns

* failure to control the weather with impressive new planet-wide technology, leaving Professionals to struggle with large amounts of inclement weather, which is very annoying

Almost exclusively, the More Feminist Than You, Broheem! blogger or forum commenter doesn't give the slightest flying fuck about any of these things:

* militarization of even the smallest town's po-po force

* continued widespread raping and pillaging of the US Treasury via "bailouts" of criminally run businesses, and via spending on technotrinkets that allegedly enhance our Homeland Security

* constant snooping into your personal life by monitoring your internet behavior, landline communication, or mobile phone communication

* use of collected taxpayer $$ to murder, maim, or otherwise partially or totally destroy the lives of people in foreign lands who stand in MoBroSam's way

So remember, cool motherfuckin' feminist "straight but not narrow" pseudo-intellectual hipster broheem, you should ignore those issues that affect everyone, because those issues won't let you divide and conquer your enemies in the populace, and remember, your enemies in the populace are not the criminals in my second grouping of points, but rather, the crazy reactionary misogynist white power gun nut rapist bigots you imagine are hiding under your bed or waiting in your garage to do massive harm to you and your precious kitty.

You fucking cementheaded pretentious putz.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

random hookup gay sex club suggests...

Act now!  And you can take big cocks in your greasy ass, ALL NIGHT LONG!

Ask your Representative to become an original cosponsor of HR 676: "The Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act." today!

Yes, Tinker Bell's House of Buttsex approves of more bogus "reforms" to enhance profiteering and decrease fiscal burdens on those who can most stand to yield some of their margin.

Hey, Gayboy Lambert! Medicare is BLOAT CITY, like you after swallowing 15 dudes' jizzloads and 10 dudes' piss showers.

So, hurry up and get into a daisy chain of gay sex bliss, fancyboy.

You ignorant fuck.

OOPS. I'm sorry.

I thought we'd established that gay men are geniuses in the realm of sociopolitical & economic analysis.

How crass and cruel of me to joke about it.

I should be complaining about reactionary teabaggers who say Hagel's too wimpy.

look at me, pretending to suffer vicariously!

Fucking misdirection:

Not Loving It: Young Students Forced to Go McDonalds for WiFi After Libraries Close

In many parts of the country if your local library is closed and you need internet access, McDonalds may the only option you have.

There’s about 15,000 Wi-Fi-enabled public libraries in the country but after they close many young people with homework have to go to businesses that have free internet access.

Hey, Vicarious Victim Bullshitter, here's an idea for you:

How about checking out books and actually thumbing through pages to get the information you want to read?

That too "reactionary" for you? Not "progressive" enough?

The only way someone can read material from a "library" is with a computer and the No Veracity Standards at All source known as the Internet?

Fucking brilliant.

Instead of calling on people to read more books, you equate web surfing to academic research or quality book reading.

What kind of fucking illogic runs the game in American "leftist" non-thought?

Sounds like some bullshit that would cause the Simulated Beavers to be excessively overwrought with grave concern.

toe poe

leeh no!

Remember, Squeaky, that YOU have the ability to know another's sincerest thoughts and beliefs simply by visiting that person's blog and reading one entry.

And YOU are the only person on earth who has that ability.

Because you're a precious pwoggy snowflake of a hyperfeminist broheem, and everyone else is a cracker christer rapist misogynist teapartying reactionary bigot.

So remember,

when you read someone else's blog post, that automatically gives you 100% error-free comprehension accuracy, and you should draw big meaningful conclusions from that reading, and remind yourself that you're always correct when guessing at another's mindset.

UberPwogs Uber Alles!

AIPAC stooge dodges shoe, utters snark.

and Junior Sycophantic Profteering Toady shows his Concern Troll best, right after ShinBetBoy tries to be snarky.

"Get out of here, dude."

Go, pwoggy.


It's all about the Noble Jew now, dude, so get out of here.

never fear

When the Simulated Beavers seem to be elsewhere doing something other than building Dams of Distraction, you can always count on The Crowbar to continue the pretentious historicity-stuffed and facticity-bloated bullshit of excusing things as c'est la vie, with sighing resignation, because of comfortable yuppie privilege status that hasn't ever known a moment of socioeconomic struggle -- ever.

Almost as cool as kicking in heads of those you consider "reactionary."


...waaaaaah hah hah hah hah!

Everyone makes fun of Republicans with their delusional thinking (rape won't cause pregnancy, evolution is a myth, etc)...

That's funny. So it's because they're "Republicans" that they supposedly think rape can't cause pregnancy? I haven't encountered that argument from anyone, Elephant or otherwise. You wouldn't be lying here because of a latent Donkey tattoo on your heart, would you?

About "evolution is a myth," the % of people I know who think Creationism trumps Evolution is well under 1%, and I know quite a few Republicans.

Clever stuff, looking at whackjob fringe arguments and thinking they represent the views of a giant cluster of Americans. Seriously clever stuff.

Wouldn't be anything like me saying every Pwoggie is a rice-dicked closeted gay man who adopts the Feminist Broheem pose just to split and deride, would it?

...but the lies the Democrats tell themselves are just as numerous and pernicious. They're just harder to spot because so many of them are 'conventional wisdom' at this point. I'm ready to throw things at the tv when MSNBC's commentators come on to chirpily announce that the US is exporting oil, or cheerlead for Obama for repeating the '100 years of natural gas' lie.

Hey, how'd you start making sense suddenly? Is it because you loves you some Donkey, and you's disappoint in them? Do you think we'll be "saved" with more, better Donkeys -- like Wee Glennie or the Pwog Army thinks?

torn human psyches

Last night I watched Equus and Antichrist.

Equus: Saucy Jenny Agutter, a bit too hammy Richard Burton, surprising Peter Firth. The sappy music that played when Burton delivered his monologues was too much, the material didn't require sappy-feeling-amplification. Great subject, hamfisted execution. Was it just the hyper-religion of his mother? The browbeaten, wage-earner-but-not-role-model ineffectual dad? The overwhelming empathy for the bridled, slave-like horse?

Antichrist: Hmmm. Stylish, I guess, in the prologue's B&W display of the pivotal event. Unsurprising bizarre turn at Act 3 recalled Misery too much. Dafoe's character oscillated between controlling and empathetic, Gainsbourg's character was nembutal city until Act 3, and when the violence began, I turned it off. Thanks for "shocking" me, von Trier. Preeeshaytit.

Monday, February 11, 2013

jaw BS

Tongues wag, jaws robotically open and close on the subject of We Need More Jobs So Let's Worry About Jobs and Consumer Purchasing Power Instead of Who Profits and to What Extent and Why.

Never consider reforming things with a slate-wiping and rewriting.  Meliorists assure us, that will result only in INSANE REACTIONARY MISOGYNIST HOMOPHOBE WHITE POWER GUN NUTS trying to rape and murder everyone you know.

If we could just make more Ethereal Economy "jobs" out of nowhere, and pay people money for nothing so that they can consume more trinkets and spend more time upgrading their house and car and other items that form the basis of One Upwomynship, the world has been progressed forward to a noble place.

Income is what people need, and it doesn't matter how they get it.

Jobs are not about anything more than fueling consumerism.

Never ask for more from your job.  Never expect more.  Be happy that your soul-crushing, spirit-grinding, fulfillment-absent "career" pays you enough to go out for edamame and kale chips, $24.95.  Get stoked on the notion that when Obama creates a Department of Green Commerce, you'll be able to get a Prius that's subsidized by spending federal money that isn't really there because it's not backed by any durable thing.

That's progress!

...jew, no?

Did you know that I'm a "Jew-hater"?

It's not really like anyone who knows me personally would conclude this, but if you write a few jokes and post them around the internet, where you invert the comically inane ignorance of someone's posted comments and mock that inanity and ignorance through inversion, it's quite possible you'll be labelled as a "Jew-hater" and further, as "ignorant."

By people who do not know you personally, and clearly do not understand comedy unless it mocks "reactionaries."

Proof, you say... "where's the proof?"

Here, where they play Kill the Retard or Monkey in the Middle or whatever you and your chumleys called it in your own youth, stupidfuck deluded reader of this ignorance- and hate-fueled blog.

As long as you can blame a "reactionary," you can get away with anything among "leftists" -- including hyper-judgmental tribal blaming of those who mock your clique-ish unfunny comedy.

shove an explosive dildo up your _____________

The more pretentious someone's image-of-self, the more that someone seeks reputation for greatness by affiliating with what that someone considers greater than he/she/it. 

Project that shit by linking to pretentious meandering bullshit that says nothing.

Remember, the pinnacle of PowerNoggin pomposity is this, hipster feminist broheem -- take a very simple subject, write a lot of deflection and distraction that only tangentially touches on the subject supposedly under discussion, and "publish" it with reference to self as academic authority in whatever field(s) the parchment factory deems him/her/it qualified to pontificate toward an audience of mushminds for the sake of raking in $$$ as "tuition" fees.

Never, ever, in a million years ask whether the "tuition" is actually teaching the mushmind how to think.  Instead, simply assume the authority knows his/her/its shit, and assume this because he/she/it is on a parchment factory's faculty.

It's all about the symbols of success and the totems of superiority in tribalist contest.

Distract, deflect, divide.

Some mushmind will consider it "dissent" and think self a "dissenter" for affiliation with the "authority" whose distraction, deflection and division is offered solely for tribalist superiority's sake.

Yeah, Turchin.  It's all about "jobs" and nobody's "job" should ever be a means to explore one's abilities.  NEVER.

"Jobs" are about income, so that the unemployed and lower-paid are allowed to feel they are moving up the economic ladder toward the vaunted Middle Class.

Ladies & gents, Peter Turchin is a lying little piece of shit, no matter what faculty position he holds.

xerox mania

Keep after it Flugnutz Paine Smith.

Just read this blog, and then modify its posts with politeness and an upper-middle-class vocabulary spectrum, quasi-academic rhetoric, and droll, resigned, too-rich-and-comfy-to-really-care attitude.

Remember kids, lying out your ass is okay as long as you call yourself a "leftist," and copying others without attribution is okay as long as you call yourself "academic" or "intellectual."

Hell, it's not just "okay," it's expected!

Liberals really eat this stuff up, don’t they? It’s all about process. Snuffing towelheads, for any reason or none at all, is fine as long as you fill in all the right forms.

That's hilarious shit, coming from a person whose multiple entries under 5-7 different handles reflect an extreme obsession with adhering to the proper process, and an obvious linkage-by-ankle-cuffs-and-chain (indenture is implied here) to the indicia of process, such as "economics" and political reformism and polite discussions of Glossy Karl's wisdom over a fine snifter of cognac.*


* "We were quite sad when the scholarly Billmon stopped posting at Moon of Alabama, where many academic leftists gathered to debate the propriety of the various process positions available which were adverse to those maintained by reactionary Rethuglicans, so we began building dams of distraction at the Simulated Beavers website.  And by 'we', we mean the single author pretending at multiple active authors and commenters. Truly, we are geniuses by and of our own measure, and this may not be countenanced by any assertion, proven or otherwise."

keep looking for reactionaries to blame

Clearly these stories can be blamed quite simply on people who stand against progress, and who would fit within Professor of Concern Trolling's definition(s) of "reactionary."

Vallejo cop caught on tape smacking down victim

Reminder: Vallejo is not a town in the Idaho panhandle where Aryan neo-Nazis run the show.

The Running Man … For Real

Do you really think those police forces bought helicopters because they can be used to thwart progress? Is using a helicopter not technologically progressive? Are such uses of helicopters not inherently ethically neutral?

The Gnome of Chomping Skis says technology is neutral. So, stop worrying. If you're worried about this, you're just standing in the way of technological progress, you're just a reactionary.

You don't believe me?

Then ask one of the following experts on reactionaries:

Corey Robin, Professor of Concern Trolling, Diamond Merchants Junior College

Jacques Krogh, Eternal Supreme Uber-Pedant and Dean of Self-Impressed-Blind-Spot-Bearing and Judgmental-toward-Others Blogging, the Ethereal Vapor Graduate School of Sophistry

Jonny "my dick just turned" Schwarz, Professor Emeritus, 2-Legged Stool College of Crippled Comedy

Sue Zanov-Techsiss, Adjunct Professor of Pointless Obsessions, Pwogville College of Fettered Perspectives and Crippled Intellects

or any of the millions of others who cling firmly to the lies we're sold as "progressive politics" like turdballs on one's taint pubes.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I can smell you like copper blood

fee fee fi fi fo fo fum,
I smell the blood of an Englishman!

split ends

I talked to two friends, and they talked to two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Four PowerNoggin Prestigious Parchment Purveyor Peons have gathered to remind the world that you must be either a conservative or a liberal, in the precise ways in which the 4PNPPPP assholes insist one is a conservative or liberal, and please do not ever think people have an option beyond being a litmus-test stereotype of "conservative" or "liberal."

Fuck, I'm surprised the Professor of Concern Trolling wasn't in on that one.

What a bunch of fucking assholes.  They get paid to shove square pegs into round holes and defend the practice as accurate observation -- and not distorted thinking based on preconceived notions and clearly shown limitations in/of their own (4PNPPPP) intellectual fantasies.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another fraud example.  Please remember to congratulate the emperor on his fine new robes.

you worship a cross, turned 90 degrees -- so shut the fuck up, asshole

I love those phony motherfuckers I encounter, both in real-life person-world, and here in Projected Ethereal Imaginary Idealized Self-world, who try to blame everything they dislike about life on "religion."

Almost exclusively to a person, they hate on Xtianity and its variants, and give a free pass to Jewbeedoobeedoos.  Somehow, The Noble Jew is our cultural response to the hypersensitive Pwoggy Leftist Bro's first encounter with a real piece of evidence that in human history, some people have hated Jews -- as Jews.  You know what I'm saying there.  They hate Jews and Judaism categorically.  Some "historians" and "sociologists" have called this group of people, erroneously, "anti-Semites."  A Nice Jewish Boy Lawyer, Alzie Deresciewicz, uses the phrase erroneously and often.

But let's get back to the subject of religion.

Everyone I hear or read criticizing the Xtian Xommunity (to borrow a pwoggie leftist phrase, "community," heh heh heh, as I imitate The Noble Crowbar) either is a Jew or is a staunch "atheist" who worships science and progress in the same way the Jew loves his matzoh, loves her bat mitzvah, love their Hannukah.

Sometimes the "atheist" spent a childhood in a religious home, and because his/her parents were ASSHOLES, the "atheist" blames the religion for the parents' ASSHOLE behavior. 

Correlation does not equal causation, you nimrod pseudo-intellectual fuck.

Your parents were ASSHOLES because they were ASSHOLES, and they just happened to also be "religious" -- whatever that really means, precisely and accurately.

It means more than "regularly attends church and reads the Bible."  For fuck's sake, most of the PowerNoggins I know regularly attend church (consult their favorite pwoggie feminist broheem websites) and regularly read some kind of Bible (might be some work by Marx or some modern complication of what The Glossy One tried to baffle people with in his own time).

You worship an X where a Christian worships a cross.

Your symbol's arms orient SW-NE and NW-SE while the Xtian symbol's arms orient N-S and E-W, but it's the same bullshit.

You want to apply an X, existentially crossing them out, to anyone whose views or words offend your projected victim-on-behalf-of-ethereal-hypothetical-victims sense of perspective.

Please continue to blind yourself to this.  That's what cultural "progress" is all about -- hypocrisy and bossy dictatorial impulse.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

just your luck

Argumentum ad tl;dr

A related distraction technique, familiar to readers of A Storehouse of Knowledge, involves swamping an opponent in long-winded screeds of text to artificially inflate the appearance of depth and quality of information presented. Quite often, the actual content of several paragraphs can be summed in a sentence. While the Gish Gallop floods an opponent with many, but relatively short points, argumentum ad tl;dr flings text walls so massive and impenetrable that even Victor Hugo would blush. Both tactics, however, have exactly the same purpose: to bury and obfuscate the core points that need to be discussed under a quantity of superfluous information. A user might well think that these techniques show that they know what they're talking about, but in the end they act simply as distractions. Note that both are different (but not mutually exclusive) from argumentum ad nauseam, which bolsters the apparent credibility of the argument simply by repeating the same thing over and over and over and over again.

For example, Jason Lisle's blog posts and "research paper" about the anisotropic synchrony convention prattle on endlessly about relativistic physics, hiding the fact that his fundamental assumptions were, to say the least, a little far-fetched. Similarly, engineer Dewey Larson has written numerous books on his theories about matter, going on for pages and pages about the need for critical thinking and letting evidence fit hypotheses, when what he actually proposes in these weighty self-published tomes can be summed up in a medium-length sentence.

I can think of huge numbers of bloggers, internet forum commenters, and circa-2013 "authorities" in American culture (no matter what your politics) who embody one or more of the above distractive rhetorical tricks.

You may have seen me make fun of one or more of them at some past point.

Upon further reflection, and after consideration of the many weighty variables in their infinite conceptual modifications, I just may continue doing that.

Professor of Concern Trolling

Truly we have progressed.

One now may find a position at the collegiate faculty level by demonstrating a prowess at concern trolling.

All who deny this progress shall be branded as reactionary, and possibly modified further with such qualifying terms as cracker, christer, misogynist, teapartier, bircher, homophobe.*


* Subject to modification as new pseudointellectual protowonk hipster lingo progresses in its creative-ish new, but still comedically fettered, "insults" designed to shame the target into accepting the Progressive Way.

gather? I'd rather...

see more of this:

Quentin here should help us arrange an experiment:

How’s about we have 5000 real-ass Brooklyn tenement and PJ-raised mothafuckas pack up their shit and move to the cul-de-sac where he spent the first 19 years of his life playing with imaginary friends and hiding from the lacrosse team?

How happy would those lacrosse team dudes or anyone else in Smallville be if there was suddenly a bunch of wildstyle “street art” on every overpass… reggaeton, merengue, and/or hiphop blasting all times of day from every car and window, and a bunch of FOGs (fresh off da Greyhound) talking shit about how the Cracker Barrel don’t carry Bluntvilles, Cobra, 211, or even a damn Dutch Master?

You think it would be a welcome “live and let live, diversity is beautiful” situation if there was suddenly some dreads smelling up Main Street with oils n incense and whatnot and telling your ‘rents about how they on that Babylon shit?

Same could be said for Missoula, the Ballard of Montana.  The search for "authenticity" (read: imagined image of how hip Missoula would be if only it had more hip things like boutiques selling trendy trinkets, hip new foodie fad eateries, and the not-ironic-at-all trend of capitalizing on how hip Missoula has become) is really a pose, "I'm not as whitebread as you'd think, even though I grew up in Roland Park (or Darien or maybe even Mendham)."  On rarer occasions it is more "I'm not as white trash as you think, I have great disdain for the reactionary cracker Christers who dominated my home town, even today I show my disdain for them by blaming their presence in human culture for every failure I've had -- whether work-related, relationship-related, or dreams-thwarted-related."

Same projected-life assholes thriving in American culture now, no matter what region you may be stuck living in.  They changed Boulder in the 90s, Bend in the 00s, they had to find a new hip cool "mountain town" to take over with their scenester, zuckbuck-posts-where-I-prove-my-life-is-cooler-than-yours, hottest new house remodels with the latest Eurogadget-stuffed kitchen, and outta-my-way-you-don't-come-from-comfortable-privilege attitudes.

Maybe I should have seen it coming.  I thought it a good sign that nobody knew what or where the fuck Missoula was when I told them I was moving here.  An even better sign that people here in 1994 were unyuppie and there were no indications of Idle Rich Commerce.  Fuck, even 7 years later in 2001, most (90+ %) of the houses were selling for under $100k!  Showoff vehicles were under 0.1%.  No evidence of vampire nesting.


barrel of ha-has

I give $500 in Monopoly money to Hermione Hairpie.

Consider it my Kickstarter contribution.

steal my thoughts, crib 'em in a book = PROFIT!

On display here.

It's excused by his Marxist bent, which requires one to think communally and to reject ownership of ideas.

hey fake turk

If you're gonna visit one of my posts over 150 times in the past 5 days, I hope you give me credit when you steal the post's content and make a dollar or two off the theft.

Of course, you won't do that. PowerNoggins are con artists first and foremost, and honest only on their death-beds, and then, only with one or two people.


Seriously pretentious motherfucker takes 1000s of words to say what I can say in 3.

Public schools suck.

And categorizing them as "a commons" doesn't advance the discussion -- instead, it splits hairs and deflects attention onto the author's impressive warehouse of trivial, useless facticity and historicity.

Friday, February 8, 2013

fat greedy fuck

John Engen.

Greedy motherfucker wants a job with Carlyle Group after his mayoral tenure ends.

He saw the writing on the wall when Carlyle bought the Missoula water supply.

Despite cell phone-while-driving being obviously stupidly unsafe from the very beginning, he cast the approving vote to allow cell phones behind the wheel in Missoula, saying they were "essential to business."


"Too many backward, dumbphone-using cracker reactionary types in the area, we need more Yuppies here."

But now they're illegal, unless hands-free.

The entire time, he's been an overweight Falstaff who binges on food like a rotten-toothed tweaker binges on meth.

But he's increased the town's "profile" and made it Really Hip to live in Missoula, thanks to lots of promotions and lots of magazine writers given free trips with luxury accommodations to get them here to fluff up the town, make it appealing to people who wouldn't have moved here otherwise, because they can't stand to live where everyone uses dumbphones and the water supply is controlled locally and there aren't 10 different McMansion developments to choose from when shopping for your Montana dream home.

Thanks, you fat, egomaniacal, greedy fuck.

patty hates herself

She must have been an anti-feminist, self-image-hating kind of woman. Just pay attention to those lyrics. Obviously they're appealing to misogynists with rape fantasies, chauvinist pigs who objectify women, and all kinds of other moral cretins and ethical morons who shamefully have an XY genome and a twig'n'berries.*


* Here we find proof of the embarrassing truth, that one of the Pale Penis People actually wrote the lyrics and then --to rub salt into everyone's bloody gash of a wound created by the lyrics' deep cut into the Image of Female Personage-- he bought some famous grisly bastard's house.  Clearly a misogynist with rape fantasies!

rooster strut

Uber-pwog Ultra-dad "protects his kids" by starting shit triggered by paranoia rooted in failing to teach those same kids about personal responsibility, risk, and the obvious inevitability of encountering other humans who don't have the exact same priorities and drives at every waking moment of those kids' lives.

The heated, choirboy-high-pitched "I protect my kids! I protect my kids!" is screaming GUILT louder than a Catholic priest's sermon. Guilt, because his primary choice of protecting and providing for those kids is making lots of money in unethical ways, and buying all kinds of fancy trinkets for those kids to make up for absence in the child-rearing portion of an adult parent's life with children.

I lay odds 500 to 1 that Angry Yuppie Dad hasn't taught his kids idea one about self-reliance, personal responsibility, and the general riskiness inherent in being alive. He would probably defend that absence of instruction by saying he "protects his kids" from frightening aspects of life.

Or, if he is outside my set odds, he likely talks to the kids as if they were 35 year old PhD holders, instead of 5 or 6 year old kids with almost no reasoning skills. This, because Angry Yuppie Dad can't imagine his kids aren't little Mark Zuckerbergs.

What a douchenozzle.

The snowboarder gets demerits for his own bantam rooster parade of upper-body disrobing to show his serious interest in "throwing down" with Angry Yuppie Dad. Maybe one of my topolino visitors can give me some Hip Cool Feminist Gay Dude insights on whether snowboarder was actually hoping for a little gay sex tryst in a tree well with Angry Yuppie Dad -- is that why he bared his chest?

If not, maybe there's not demerits in order but bonus points for extra provocation toward Angry Yuppie Dad, to see whether the Anger could be ramped up further. Provoking a battery charge? Could warrant bonus points.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

breaking news!

This just in:

In his final effort to unseat the current one and become the nation's new token Nice Jewish Boy* Lawyer,

here Glenn Greenwald throws current Nice Jewish Boy Lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, under a bus.

Typical passive aggressive judahpoof behavior, if you ask me.


*Essential point at link is found here:

Emasculated boys. The nice Jewish boy stereotype is that of an emasculated neurotic wimp who is especially vulnerable to domination and manipulation by women, including his possessive and infantilizing Jewish mother as well as the Jewish-American princess whose consumption he slaves to bankroll.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I can't remember if I told you, visitor of Tumbleweed Gulch, that I attended one of the Nation's Finest Public School Systems, in Montgomery County MD, for grades 7-12.

I did.

And the teachers SUCKED ASS.

I want to repeat that.


That, in comparison to a private K-6 school unaffiliated with any religious order and peopled by faculty and students from All Major Religions Including Agnostics, Unitarians and JWs.

My private school 1st grade teacher was smarter than any public 7th through 12th grade teachers.

Here's what's even more embarrassing.

In 2d half 7th grade and all of 8th grade, I was in the Houston Public Schools system, specifically Spring Forest Junior High School.

And even those teachers were far superior to the Monkey County ones.

So when you go looking for reasons to chastise homeschooling supporters or supporters of voucher programs, pretentious PowerNoggin putz, you might want to account for the real experiences of people who found Our Nation's Best Public Schools to be a pool of horse and cow diarrhea.

And before you go bending over backward to declare Public Schools Are Fantastic and to whinge about how "non-socialized" home schooled kids are, remember that education isn't about learning how to one-up someone else passive aggressively (like putting a Wag More Bark Less sticker on your car, for example), but instead is about growing your noggin's resident clean-wattage power and increasing its headroom.

So I don't give a fuck whether public schools help Pierre-Francois Greenbaum learn how to imitate WASPs.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

scrappy-doo was a meliorist?

Some people write blog entries of hollow, echo-laden non-profundity.  They use language as a way to preen electronically, but if examined critically the language resembles those fancy new robes the emperor's tailor built for him.

Such finery.  Such pomp, such rare fanciness!

Everyone has to start somewhere, I guess.

It's just puzzling when someone's blog nonsense is linked with praise either obvious or implicit, and then after clicking and travelling through the ether to the collection of letters, spaces and punctuation marks there's hardly anything to recommend its further commendation.

Everyone has to start somewhere, I guess.

Nice try!  Your syntax is admirably quasi-academic, your choice of modifiers very starched-collar and sufficiently pompous!

But no substance.

Worth remembering.

Maybe a platform for a joke or two at your expense, though, so thanks for that.


Once my childhood pastime of regularly watching cartoons on Saturday mornings ended, a favorite cartoon added a new character.  The purpose of this new character, a sycophantic little "me too" muppet, was never clear to me.

In hindsight, I think it's the same impulse that required those "cute, cuddly Ewoks" that ruined the Return of the Jedi installment.

I collapse all Scrappy-Doo symbolism into brain-dead me-too-ism.


Sometimes I run across a Scrappy-Doo kind of thought/comment.  Like here: you know, I gave up arguing with certain posters here that their undefined Utopian [and I am Utopian according to my facebook politics statement] dream was superior to the steady progress seen in the FDR years [1932-1978]. Without strong economic security, which require strong public investment [that's government spending to 19th century economists...AKA Neo-liberals] progress slowed an then began reversing itself.

Return to FDR policies and change is possible from there…but some unseen greater good requires a leap of faith that most will not consider. Selling FDR policies should be easy…we did it before and it worked….we can do it again.

I haven't seen that kind of dipshit incrementalist "progress" nonsense since I stopped reading The Dams of Distraction, by Simulated Beavers.


"Me too, Ian Welsh. I'm a meliorist pwog too!"


"I'm gonna re-blog this at Corrente!"