Friday, May 3, 2013

since I used to rape, maim and kill for pay and honor, I am suited to accusing all men of rape

My name?

Stan Goff.

I wonder how Reformed Rapist and Murderer for MoBroSam comes by his conclusions.

"Hey, if I pretend that I'm a woman, and that I fear rape at every turn, I can then extrapolate that the fear comes from generic fear of men, because of their generic tendency to rape, and I can say their generic tendency to rape comes from their generic tendency to use subjective standards on consent to sex."

"I can ignore that women often are so fucked up psychologically as to say no when they actually mean, if you're a real man you'll know I mean yes and you'll take what you want, and it will make me even HOTTER than I was before, while you were pondering asking for permission, which tends to turn me off and make me utter emasculating, soul-crushing observations about your inability to please a woman like a real man would."


(staying in-character as Noble Gough)

The more I do these things, the more I assuage my guilt for having raped quite a few women and girls myself during my 3 trimesters of life: pre-Army, active-Army and post-Army.

I have aborted my pre-Army and active-Army gestating self-concept.  It was nothing more than a blob of tumorous tissue anyway.

Now that I've destroyed the offending invasive construct that made me a (former) rapist-for-pleasure-and-pay, I'm a noble feminist.

And I'm in a perfect position to tell YOU, XY genome person, that YOU are a rapist because of your XY genome and your shameful breeder sexuality.

If you were gay, you'd be exculpated because gay men never commit rape.**


Because lots of women nervously check the rear compartment of their motor vehicle when they open the door, it's YOUR fault, hetero male.


Even if you've never harmed a woman or girl in your entire life.

Even then.  Even then it's YOUR fault.

Because you didn't harangue, harass, and habitually morally browbeat every single hetero man you know, to shame him into admitting he rapes, or desires raping, every single woman or girl he sees.

I know this, because I used to rape the fuck out of everything female I laid my eyes on and dick into.

I am Stan Goff.

And you have my word on it.


** Except when they do.  Which doesn't count, unless they rape a woman.  Which they don't.  So, as I said -- doesn't count.

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Paul Behrer said...

It admits to rape, or it gets the water again.

It admits to rape, or it gets the shame blasting again.

It admits to rape, or it gets rhetorically tortured until it releases its humanity, becomes spineless and reactive, and says "sure, I'm a rapist" just to stop the torture.


I love this "leftist" slash "progressive" slash "feminist" fucking bullshit where category-blaming is the hot tip of the torturer's poker.

Yeah Stan. You know Steubenville. Christ, you're practically Everyman there, eh?