Sunday, May 5, 2013

nope. not excessive. more like proper, perfect, exactly suitable.

Whenever you consider what it's worth to gather information without consent, further conglomerate and organize it still without consent or other prior notice, and then ultimately resell it to numerous high bidders again without your knowledge, consent or especially your cut of the profit pie,

and you consider what it's worth to have a MacGuffin nation in a geopolitically strategic centerpoint, with MacGuffin participating heavily in the techno-espionage, money-for-nothing Talmudically Holy Business Strategy both independently and as local made-men outpost for The Don,

it is completely expected, totally understandable, and not the least bit surprising to find your brand new business offices are more garish, spendthrift and excessive than even the lowest-born, tackiest redneck breeder's nouveau riche McMansion:

Shlomo & Shmuel's Surf Shop, a theme room

The Tzipi Livni Penthouse Suite

Interior Design by Yonatan Lamprey

Every tenant's child named Ahuv/Ahuva gets one of these

"Understatement is the Tel Aviv way," said publicist Hadar Ben-Gurion

You want to know why the American economy is titties-up for 98% of Americans now?

Because it's not a participatory economy.  It's a vampire economy.

Welcome to Nosferatu's Castle.

Admission fee, 5 quarts blood, payable immediately.

In exchange, a soul-less eternal life in the 2d most expensive city in the "middle east", found within the region's Beacon of Democracy.

This isn't some hipster teenage romance show on TeeVee nor some pulpy lonely woman paperback series of theme novels.

This is reality, motherfucker.

This is blood-sucking, body-shriveling feasting on others.

And Talmudically speaking, it's precisely what a human should aspire to.

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