Monday, April 15, 2013

our culture is destructive, but there's nothing wrong with that!


I think there's something to what you say here, but I don't know that it's poor training per say. It's a little like saying that HS baseball coaches aren't doing their job because such a low percentage of their players make a living from the game as adults. We do have a general culture focused on quick turn around with minimal investment for maximal profit. Nothing wrong with that, but a savy area management team could no doubt sell more lessons at ALL levels if there were more emphasis on instructor's just being great skiers and instructors. That includes training, etc... In the end though, it really is a game, this sliding around on snow thing. There are some great life benefits for all involved, but it really is just 'play'.

I should be surprised at the things people knowingly sweep under the rug with feel-good-isms or verbal glad-handing and baby-kissing.

But I'm not.

Notice the peripheral minimizing of the nothing-wrong-with-that bit of "no seriously Edgar, I did not witness your signing that fraudulent tax return, and I did not hear you tell me that your accountant keeps 2 sets of books, and I never saw you fucking your secretary in her car in the parking garage that one night about 3 weeks ago around 7:30 pm."

There's really nothing wrong with a culture that cares only about profit and really doesn't give a flying fuck about what is destroyed on the way to making that glorious profit, and I don't know why anyone would ever criticize it.

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