Thursday, April 18, 2013

adoption is a good way to earn extra income

...provided you can successfully house the adopted child, and ignore him/her sufficiently enough to gull Youth & Family Services into believing it's a Loving Home.

One of the great things you can do with an adopted child is use him or her as a trigger for unleashing your pent-up anger and frustration.

For example, you can dress up a young boy in girl's clothes, and then when others comment on your feminizing of the boy, you can claim the moral high ground and dismiss them as backward reactionary misogynists who don't understand, and fear, the power inherent in womanhood.

Children, you see, are brought into the world to help fix their parents' self-image problems. If Mommy thinks The Patriarchy Must Be Blamed, and finds it easier to accuse The Patriarchy for every slight Mommy felt in her lifetime than to examine whether Mommy's own mind (and any theoretically existing problems within that mind's workings) could be responsible for the self-image problems... well, that's just how things work in a Progressive Society.  We don't fix things directly.  We use indirection.

So, by using your male child as a Status Display Item and growing his hair long and dressing him in "cute sundresses" and the like, you tell yourself that My Son Will Not Be A Misogynist Patriarchy Pawn, and you tell yourself that the gambit of forced feminizing is the surest route to fixing what you perceive to be an oppressive misogyny running rampant across The Patriarchy Known as America, or at Least that Portion which is Reactionary.


Let us assume there is a Love Triangle brewing in the early-mid 1940s. This Love Triangle arises from the overwhelming awareness of Massive Profiteering Available during global war.

The star crossed lovers are a young American woman, a distinguished gentleman member of the English Peerage, and a rakish svengali who hails from France.

The affair begins between the American and the Brit, her attraction to his Englishness and that highbrow accent overwhelms her and blinds her to the age difference, which should pose long-term relationship durability problems.

On a weekend abroad alone, the American gets drunk when in a soft, introspective moment she realizes Her Lordship is a fossil. So she finds herself a Froggy fornication friend.


In 1947 the world is nursing a massive hangover from the end of WW2. And Miss America is pregnant.

Who is the father? What gender is the little muffin in her oven?

By financial support analyses, paternity looks to be British in origin, but by romantic storyline compulsions the idealists put their money on the Frenchman.


The baby is born and on first look-over appears to be hermaphroditic. Mama America names the little nipper Isabelle Real, or Queen Isabella, named after the Spanish monarch who suggested voyages toward what eventually was "discovered as" North America.


As Izzy grows up, his/her sexual indeterminism confuses many. Naturally, other kids tease Izzy.

"Don't know who your daddy is!  Did you even have a daddy or were you a test tube gene splice stem cell experiment?"

Mama A has things under control, however, 'cuz she's a fierce Grizzly Bear mama who protects her cubs with whatever response is deemed necessary.**

Like this.


** "Necessary" here meaning, "as anthropomorphized Disney-Nightmare-style, not as actually happening in nature."

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