Tuesday, March 19, 2013

pescado, sin agua

Apparently there was a trial in Ohio concerning a rape in the town of Steubenville.

As usual, the Concerned Feminists Who Always Prove How They Hate The Patriarchy are busy linking to scribblings by people who don't know a fucking thing about Steubenville OH or that region of the USA and why it is now a desolate wasteland while during and prior to WW2 it was booming with steel and coal related activity.

Some of this already was covered by Michael Cimino in The Deer Hunter, but we have another 35-40 years of rust belt dissolution to add now for context.

If you are a nifty keen pwogwessive who uplifts womyn and is enslaved by the NYT and NPR and PBS and Whole Foods and Green everything and Organic anything, you probably haven't the slightest fucking clue what it's like to live in one of those post-WW2 dead zones.

Hint:  they don't spend their idle time talking about latest kale recipes and which trendy eatery has the best variant on kale for under $100.

Hint:  they don't all get a $35k euromobile or Murken SUV for HS graduation.

Hint:  they haven't been accepted to the 5%er college/university of their choice by mid-11th grade; they're not even bothering to apply anywhere.

Hint:  the America that used to value what their local populace did (heavy industry work) is dead, and has been for at least 40 years, and there's no sign that it's going to reverse during the lifetimes of those alive today.

Hint:  REMINDER, you probably don't have the slightest fucking clue what life is like for someone in a town like that.


Here's what you DO know, though, as a staunch PowerNoggin more-feminist-than-you-broheem! observer of and pot-shotter during discussion of sociopolitical matters.

You know that if you pick an easy subject like rape, and stand in the shoes of the victim (for argument's sake, to gain victim leverage rhetorically speaking), you can use the subject of rape as a call to hack off the penis and testes of every man within 200 miles of Steubenville and thereby protect all regional women, like a good feminist would.

You can use illogical distillation ----> male commits rape, therefore all men = rapists, therefore all rape is caused by maleness, therefore if we eliminate maleness we eliminate rape, thus we must eliminate all men.

That does nothing to understand what is the landscape in Steubenville.

Have all the women and girls been packing their things to move elsewhere?  Are there no women in Steubenville?

How many times have you been to Steubenville, you imaginary victim by empathetic assumption of another's status albeit completely without functional equivalence or analogy between yourself and the actual victim in question?

What was it like there?

How are you understanding things in Steubenville if you haven't been there?


Based on what bit of factual data?

Using what emotional filter in the extrapolation?

Oh shit, just never fucking mind.

I'm gonna package it all as Steubenville = Reactionary Misogynist Rapist Town.


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