Wednesday, November 28, 2012

D. Kayd

It took less than 10 years for the InterToobz Horn o'Plenty o'Bloggers to settle themselves into neat little tribal packages.

As recently as 2 years ago there was still some mitochondrial activity across a pretty wide spectrum of opinions.

Though to be fair, most of those opinions were stupid, poorly grounded, badly reasoned and most of all, wrong.

But the spectrum did exist, even if it was a bit over-populated at the center, and even if the center was pretty wide.

I want to think the petty weasels of the freedom-oriented Left finally got over their ridiculous fears of allying with libertarian-Right folks.

I want to think that Leftists finally started walking the inclusivity talk they've been spewing for 50 years.

But sadly I think it's a sign of the Left finally realizing that if you truncate all the issues to gay marriage and abortion rights with a periodic nod toward labor, nobody gives a flying fuck.

Except gay and lesbian feminists.

And more-feminist-than-you-Broheem! breeder dudes who think themselves "intellectual."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Why would you want to deny fellow Americans from seeking a living wage and benefits? Those people that joined in the protest but do not work for Wal-Mart are not "outside agitators"; rather, they are fellow Americans showing support for fellow Americans that were too afraid of being fired or otherwise punished for merely asking for living wage and benefits.

Further, you should encourage W-M to pay living wage and benefits because W-M currently puts an unnecessary burden on the tax budgets of every state and county in which stores operate. By paying low wages, they openly tell employees to file for food stamps, Medicaid, etc. Then W-M via the US Chamber of Commerce lobbies Congress to keep health insurance benefits tied to corporations.

Anyone that so harshly protests unions is either anti-American or shilling for a corporation. Since the spelling and punctuation appear to be correct and the sentences coherent, probably a paid shill. Shameful.

You seem to think labor unions today function the same way they did when first begun. Despite what they originally were intended to do (leverage on work conditions), they have become corrupted entities with their own petty political machinations.

I would agree that work conditions are a good thing to bear in mind, but they're really First World Problems discussion fodder for most American workers.

The problems for American workers are bigger, they relate to emptiness -- nothing-work for meagre pay. Bloat via middle and upper management salary and perks. Labor unions designed to help people not lose a hand in a mechanized factory can't really help with that situation. In many ways they helped create it.

Your criticisms are valid for the post-World War 2 through post-Korean War era. Not for today.

This is why the left is hopelessly dead in the 21st Century -- it's stuck playing music and singing songs from 50 years ago.


The people most injured by Wal-Mart's practices are those who work or shop there.

The same segment of the American populace gets the great majority of its ideas about the world and about American society from the TeeVee and their chosen radio station.

They aren't reading ICH, not the great majority of them.

Most of the people who feel critically or strongly negative about Wal-Mart aren't going to be shopping or working there. Some of them might read ICH.

How do you reach the Wal-Mart shoppers and workers and let them know how their shopping or employment is like slow suicide?

How do you get them to stop preferring Lowest Prices Always over inquiring about value for dollars spent? Wal-Mart stuff is breakable disposable crap most of the time, so even if the price is low, what are you getting for the price?

How do you get people to start seeing that as a more sensible way to see a dollar spent?

Once you get them there, you might be able to get them to think about the problems of capitalism and consumerism.

But hammering them over the head with Marxism (for example) or labor unionizer harangue, that's not going to do it. It hasn't ever done it before.