Friday, March 16, 2012

clench your jaw

...and say it like a good Brahmin. Top shelf. TOP SHELF!. Now clink your scotch glasses.

Sven Martin & Gary Perkin deliver the best photos in the biz.

2012 UCI World Cup, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa - Downhill Qualifiers — More Mountain Bike Photos

wow, just like that video game I played

...just like a few of them, in fact.  That's so creepy how the things you do in a video game are now the things you do to do a remote-spy, remote-TASER or remote-kill on someone.  Some paranoid fool on the Toobz probably already has said there may be some connection between the two especially given the way news drama and sports already glamorize and hero-ize a military or quasi-military outlook or person or action I mean how could a kid growing up today playing the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell series not think it's cool to remote spy on someone or something, or remote-tear gas or remote TASER-buzz or remote concussion grenade or remote EMP pulse him/her/it.  How could a kid growing up today playing any of a million iterations of Halo not think shooting stuff is cool especially when your enemies look so weird to you and maybe talk some strange language, the paranoid might ask.  How could a kid growing up in America today not think that Muslims are evil people who plan to terrorize humanity as long as they are on the planet, muses the paranoid.

Luckily in most states you can have such paranoids declared mentally incompetent and have them soft-jailed in an institution, or stripped of their humanity and possessions and placed under the strictures of a ward appointed by that same state.

Even more luckily a higher authority may step in.  Such a paranoid person would quickly be identified by HomSec and removed from society if he or she ever showed signs of such paranoia in a way that Our Glorious First Black President or One of His Many Highly Meritoriously Selected and Incomparably Qualified Junior Executives found dangerous or otherwise tantamount to domestic terrorism, as vaguely and broadly defined in one of the many statutory, regulatory or procedural contexts in which it may be found henceforth.

So help me POTUS.

who knew?

The Law Is Dead, by C.T. Rossi

truly the greatest number of label words ever!


screamin' down the hill

Aaron Gwin, Timed Practice run, World Cup Men's Elite DH Round 1, Pietermaritzburg SA

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

items 2 and 10 on display for your perspective embiggening

(...which items are listed here.)

Warner Wolf says, let's go to the tape:

And here's the story where we find items 2 and 10 creeping into the picture.


Item 2 has a starring role in this story as well.

found at Sibel Edmonds' site.

Monday, March 12, 2012

sammy gargles google

...and google gargles sammy.

I'd like someone to lay out the case for why it's acceptable to him/her for a company like facebook or google to sell his/her information to 3d parties, or give such information to MoBroSam.

Can you imagine if we were still in the paper letters/snail mail for everything era, and the US Postal Service was opening all your sent and to-be-received mail, pocketing any checks or cash, and finding ways to sell or pass along any information shared by you (sent mail) or with you (incoming mail)?

Why should Zark Fuckerberg be allowed to take the profile and wall posting information of his users, and sell it to others?  When someone signs up to facebook, they're not doing it for the purpose of giving Fuckerberg information for a profiteering basis.  They're paying for a service:  hosting a web site (or cloud chunk) where people can connect.  What the fuck makes it legal, or socially permissible, for fucking Zark Fuckerberg to declare unilaterally that the information is HIS and does not really belong to his members?

If I use gmail, what gives google the right to screen and take information from that email?  When I sign up for gmail I do so to get an email hosting service -- and nothing more.  Where am I openly agreeing to give google my (presumably) private email transmissions for data-fishing purposes, for resale in commercial settings or "giving" (hah hah hah) to MoBroSam in "homeland security" settings?

Uh... I'm not.

Who wants to defend google and such people as Zark Fuckerberg? 

Who thinks such profiteering and/or snitching to MoBroSam is the way things ought to run in a sound, stable and sane human society?

Who prefers these things to a secure, personally private society where they are not allowed and, for the most part, also not tolerated when someone proposes their allowance?

der pwoggletod

The bone-suckers who love to piss on "reactionaries" fail to see that "progress" is destroying our planet and we can't keep having "progress".

Instead of glorifying Noam the Multimillionaire Pseudo-Anarchist, or Glossy Karl the Pretentious Eedjit, it may be a good bit wiser to spend some time studying this.

another trip to Brazil paid for

Greenwald makes Wee Denny the Circus Clown and Supermax Punk into some kind of hero.

Glenn's always trying so hard to rescue the Democrats.

"You should have given Supermax Punk way more credit and respect.  By constantly bending over and taking pipe from America's Business Leaders, he showed the way to Win the Future," said Greenwald in his recent essay.  "His service as a goat-roper for pwoggies and self-styled radicals in the Donkey Party is well-established.  Remember his performance on Obamacare?  Fake objection to Barry O's Big I Windfall right up to the last minute, where he changed position and stood behind Barry O.  Just like a good prison bitch, eh?," mused Little Glenn the Bicontinental Buttsex Baron.

Greenwald's track record on Donkey Party Rehabilitation is proudly One Full Decade long now.  For this he gets syndication, the admiration of PowerNoggins, and more trips to Brazil paid for by an employer's largesse.

I can't recall the last time Greenwald uttered sharp criticism of anything except what every single Democrat is unanimous in criticizing (i.e., Evil Rethuglicans).

I can't recall the last time he showed his supposedly admirable legal mind working overtime.  I can't even recall seeing evidence of it returning from its decade-long coffee break.

How Would A Patriot Act?

By fellating the Donkeys so he can fly to Brazil to fellate Flavio (or whatever the boy's name is).

Thanks Wee Glennie!  You're a hero in my book!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

heckled, jeered, booed, and bottles thrown

Dennis Perrin's latest bit SUCKS ASS.

"Reactionaries" and "professionalism" are his touchpoints in this one.

He's clueless.  I blame his Ivy Boy education and his Hollywood enamoration.

Get a clue, Dennis.

It's also very unfunny.  By which I understand him to be trying at serious analysis.

At which I know him to be failing.

Talking about Sarah Palin being used to court "reactionaries" misses the mark because "reactionary" is a bullshit label.  It's used only by people who aim to place themselves above those they label as "reactionary."  And Dennis, you're not better than any of those people you're disparaging with that label.  Your Ivy education doesn't make you better.  Your constant sucking of O'Donoghue's dick doesn't make you better.  Having been affiliated in some way with O'Donoghue doesn't make you smart, cool, hip, informed, "inside" or anything other than someone who wishes O'D were still alive so you could suck his dick some more.  What a fucking pathetic play at superiority arising out of sycophantic dicklust.  Jesus.

Talking about Sarah Palin being "in over her head" is a way for Perrin to suggest he's some kind of fucking sage on political play.  Dennis -- you are NOT.  Your analyses to date are ruminations on what is FUCKING OBVIOUS to a lot of people who never sucked O'D's dick and who never went to an Ivy school.  Jesus fucking christ, Dennis.  Stop trying to elevate yourself by putting others down.

Sarah Palin didn't imagine herself to be Bobby Fischer or Boris Spassky.  Her objections to what she saw on the national landscape weren't all that illegitimate, Dennis.  Why?  Because we're not all required to be fucking self-impressed "professionals" like you.  And from here you springboard into the "reactionary" denigration, suggesting that the people to whom Palin appealed are low-born low-class pieces of shit.

Dennis, just quit already with the hipster-who-sucked-O'D's dick perspective.  It's old, it's tired, and it doesn't play well.  A lot of us are bored by it.  Those of us who have some tinge of admiration or respect for you are getting eager to reject those fair-minded feelings because THE BEST WAY for you to show superiority is to BE SUPERIOR, you fuckwad.

And you're not showing elevated humanity by pissing on "reactionaries" or Sarah Palin.


Friday, March 9, 2012

fuckin' hilarious

I have two fancy parchments, I wrote a bullshit book about "reactionaries," and I have a faculty position where I tell clever lies to impressionable young mushminds!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a well-paid solipsistic sophist who believes that his CV suggests absolute superiority!

I am gravely concerned about the problem of reactionaries, therefore I:
(1) wear a topcoat, and (2) live in a hip NYC brownstone.

M. I. Tate

Script for Amber Milgram's latest interview at PRN:

Amber Milgram
Editor in Chief
Progressive Reports Now

Michael Tate
Chomsky Chair
Prestigious Parchment University

AM: Tonight's guest is Michael Isidore Tate. Mr Tate is the Noam Chomsky Professor of Obfuscation and Distraction at Prestigious Parchment University in Portland, Oregon. Mr Tate, welcome!

MT: Thank you, Ms Milgram. I'm deeply honored to be chosen for interview on this prestigious progressive show, which puts me among a pantheon of luminaries in the progressive sector of American politics. Frankly, I'm a bit embarrassed, much as I was when PPU chose me to sit in the Chomsky Chair four years ago. It's all so unsettling, being classed with such brilliant thinkers.

AM: You deserve it. You deserve it like I deserved this position at PRN and the Porsche Cayenne I bought with my first bonus.

MT: So you drive a Porsche and not a Mercedes or Bee Emm Dubbleyew?

AM: Yes. Of course. A Mercedes is a car fit for African cabinet ministers. A Beemer is what you buy your child when she turns 16. And a Cayenne is what you buy yourself to tell the world that you've Made It as a successful professional.

MT: I still can't believe that I was chosen for the Chomsky Chair.

AM: From what I've read of your writing, it was the best choice. Rarely have I seen someone so perfectly follow the patterns first set by Our Noble Saviour, Noam Chomsky. In fact, the first time my intern gave me one of your essays, she did so without attribution. I assumed it was written by Noam himself. Then the intern surprised me with your identity and authorship. Immediately I had my secretary call yours to schedule this interview. Anyone who can do what Noam did with the same murky meandering and confusing facticity deserves a spot on PRN's interview roster. You should be proud!

MT: Surprised and intimidated is more like it. But I'll admit, I've been trying hard to write like Noam Chomsky since I was 14 years old and encountered my first essay of his, where he explained why working for M.I.T. is the best choice for someone who calls himself an "anarchist." The brilliance of that piece! An "anarchist" working for the world's largest weapons research university! An "anarchist" who serves Imperial grandiosity and narcissism! Why, I couldn't imagine a better way to make millions!

AM: So your salary at PPU is in the 7-figure range?

MT: Oh. Yes. I thought you knew. They pay me a flat $2.5 million annual stipend, plus per-word bonus fees for all pieces I publish.

AM: What's the bonus fee?

MT: That's confidential. But I can say that it's quite generous and has the potential to dwarf the annual stipend if I choose my words and publications correctly.

AM: And how about this interview? What sort of arrangement will compensate you for your time here?

MT: I've engaged an external lawyer to negotiate that on my behalf, since PPU's original proposition was a bit... hmmm... how do I put this?... over-cautious. My lawyer suggests that PPU is concerned that I may embarrass them, and that's why their proposition was so cautious.

AM: So PPU must have final editorial authority over whatever written pieces you publish. That's what I'm inferring from what you just said, anyway.

MT: Well, the details of that arrangement are confidential, Amber.

AM: Understood. But just between two progressive friends, is it safe to say that your published work must be vetted in some way by PPU?

MT: Let me put it this way, Amber. I am the Chomsky Chair professor at PPU and generally I publish pieces under my own name and using that title.

AM: Yes. Tell our audience more about PPU.

MT: PPU is the nation's newest triple-tiered degree institution. It offers undergraduate degrees in blogging, Tweeting, and facebooking. You can get an MA in GoPro or other point-of-view video making. PhD degrees are awarded only in 21st Century technological communication.

AM: Can you give us some examples?

MT: Of course. I am sitting on the thesis committee of a young woman who is seeking a PhD in self-promotion. Her thesis is that she can make herself appear wise beyond her age, experience and schooling if she simply chooses the most trendy ways of promoting herself on facebook and Twitter. In reality she is only 16, but she has chosen for her facebook profile the photograph of a successful professional woman in her late 20s. Her facebook photo album consists of publicly found images of people doing various things, with digital retouching of one of the subject's faces so that the successful professional 20-something is engaged in the various things shown. Right now we're helping her refine her Tweets, because they often seem relevant to a 16 year old and not a late-20-something woman. We're confident that by the time the PhD is awarded, this young woman will be able to pass herself off as a highly successful female professional, which should be a nice springboard into a lucrative career in The Cloud.

AM: It really is about what you project and not what you are these days, isn't it?

MT: Of course. The Internet has enabled all sorts of wealth-accumulation. It's quite striking.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

tin donkey

The pwog who is angry at libertarians smugly condenses all libertarian views under a single heading:

I got mine; fuck you!

But as I recently commented at some eedjit pwoggy blog yesterday, the sensible retort to this is to caricature pwoggy and libbie thought as follows:

You got yours, but actually it's MINE.  Now gimme.  I will distribute it fairly because YOU are obliged to give me what is MINE and my entitled status is proved by my Prius, a degree from Stanford, and a job with the Podesta Brothers (or The Nation or Huffington Post or wheverer).

Self-described "lefties" tend to see others as vehicles for Achieving The Leftist Nirvana.  Thus, if you should invent something, the proceeds of your invention belong to All People Everywhere, and we're damned lucky to have Lefties around to tell us how your proceeds will be distributed.

In Lefty Nirvana, nobody is the author of their own fate.  Rather, each of us is obliged to everyone else!  I am not free to shirk my J.D. and in fact I'm obligated to reactivate my bar membership so that Lefties can tell me whom to represent, what to charge, and how to settle any given claim.  Nothing I've done was actually my own, in other words.  Everything has created an obligation to others.

Lefties are especially persnickety about this point when it comes to social unrest.  The Lefty insists that everyone must work toward The Leftist Revolution Nirvana, and rest assured, the Lefty will remind you time and again of your obligations in this area.  You are required to help Lefties achieve their ideal revolution.  It's an existential mandate.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This is Biff Trusswell, reporting live from Calgary AB

June 27, 2018. Calgary, AB CANADA

"I'm standing in downtown Calgary where overtaxed emergency services vehicles and personnel are scrambling to collect the corpses that have built up over the past 36 hours.

"It was approximately 5:12 PM local time on June 25 when KLIE's lead news anchor Malena ("Mali") G. Nantumor collapsed suddenly in her reporting on the cratered housing market here in Calgary. Let's go to the dramatic video footage, captured by Mali's own GoPro camera that she always pointed at herself:

(video redacted at request of the Nantumor family)

"Elsewhere across the province of Alberta, others were succumbing to a mysterious ailment. The only notable symptom in common (other than death) has been an extreme reddening of the person's orbital sclera in the last 15 minutes or so of his or her life. Nantumor's co-workers said they saw Mali's eyes turn severely bloodshot right before she went on-camera, but they assumed it was allergies due to seasonal pollen.

"At the present moment, the body count in Calgary is estimated to be 350,000 -- and that's just for the past 36 hours. Given the rate of disease and death thus far, it is expected that the population of the Calgary metropolitan area will be reduced to nearly zero by the end of July."

(end segment)

"Thanks Biff. We take you now to Doctor Maya Sthenia-Gravis of the Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, MA USA. Dr Gravis is America's foremost expert on communicable diseases and the newly hired chair of the Immunology department at Harvard. She comes to Harvard from Golem Pharmaceuticals, the newly-formed international powerhouse drug manufacturer that was located in Iraq as a result of an Israeli-American joint venture orchestrated by former Israeli Prime Minister Yu-Bummin Miaoutbro and his partner, American businessman M.S. Dosh, in 2013. Dr Gravis was the lead immunologist at Golem for 5 years and was warmly greeted by Harvard's faculty at the start of this month:

(video shows standard photo-op)

"Dr Gravis, welcome to Terrorism Tonite!"

"Thank you. It's an honor and privilege to be here at this terrifying time in North America. I hope I can help your audience rest more easily with some expert knowledge they won't find anywhere else but here on Terrorism Tonite!"

"Dr Gravis, what have you learned about this disease that's rapidly claiming the lives of North Americans?"

"Well, the first thing we've learned is that it seems to be a mutant influenza virus created in the secret laboratory of some terrorist organization. Our best guess is a radical Islamic group funded by followers of Obama Baraka, who as you know was the scion of an incredibly wealthy Middle Eastern Islamic business tycoon. Shortly before coming here to Harvard I met some people in Iraq who were sympathetic to the Baraka scion's radicalism and his untimely death at the hands of US Navy SEALs and Israeli Shin Bet assassins. My best and most informed analysis is that we can trace this mutant virus to the Baraka fanatics."




The following are comments I sent to a friend yesterday AM regarding the Fluke Flake Flipout.


Coverage as written - expandable by rider or plan modification etc - such changes cost extra (premium bump)

Thus -- figure out what's written and what it covers and what that costs, and make choices on what else might be available and what that will add to the expense

Are health plan coverages a pivotal part of the decision to attend a law school? Would a school whose faculty and alumni quality are superior, but health care plan average-inferior-nonexistent, be off the list of schools worth attending, just because of the health care plan absence or inferiority? For what reason does a student choose a law school? Shouldn't it be the quality of the legal education?

What does this say about health care provision and expense coverage in America? Whose responsibility should it be to provide coverage for the health of a university undergraduate or graduate student?

Who should be in the business of arranging such coverage? What makes a university better-suited to this than businesses whose primary focus is the provision of health care coverage? Should a prospective student be looking to the college or university to provide health care coverage? If so, why?

Appears that Ms Fluke is complaining essentially about the costs of health care in America and the extent of available coverages for such costs, and blaming her law school for problems that are beyond the law school's control and area of expertise. Law schools are in the business of teaching people how to think like lawyers, and not in the business of providing health care coverage. You wouldn't go to a lawyer for setting of a broken bone, and you wouldn't go to an orthopaedic surgeon to have a lease agreement or contract drafted. Why is Ms Fluke blaming her law school for problems that are systemic within the health care sector?

Ms Fluke would have been served better by going to an insurance producer to find out what types of coverage are available for a woman of her age, current health and economic situation, and making an informed decision based on those available coverages and their respective costs.

go ahead

Call me a xenophobic racist reactionary, but this shit is spooky.

random idiocy

1) The Batch.

(A) Here's what's in my fridge right now:

2 half-gallons of Florida Sunshine
1 half-gallon of 2% cow lactation
1 dozen Extra Large chicken ovaries
1 half-gallon container of Greek pepperoncini
1 8oz jar of HOT! sliced banana peppers
1 large pot of remaining Guido's Best Home-Made Pasta Sauce (peppers, onions, linguisa sausage)
1 lb sliced Acadian turkey breast
1 lb of sliced bland PacNW version of provolone
1 squeeze bottle horseradish mustard
1 squeeze bottle stone-ground Dijon mustard
1 jar raspberry preserves
1 large bottle Annie's Goddess dressing
1 large bunch of celery stalks (NOT organic)
1 large bag of carrots (NOT organic)
1 container holding apple-smoked Gruyere cheese block
1 container holding Pecorino Romano cheese block
4 bottles remaining on a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale sixer
1 large (industrial-sized) dispenser bottle Kikkoman soy sauce
1 pound (in 1/4 lb sticks) of salted butter
a bunch of D, C and AA batteries and some 35mm film
1 container of mushrooms (NOT organic)
1 small bottle Kitten's Hot Banana hot sauce
1 container vanilla soy milk (yes, organic; yes, soy)

(B) Here's what's in my freezer:

1 ziploc bag full of Karo syrup, laying flat (flexible cold-pack used for elbow rehab last summer)
1 large (knee-wrap-sized) cryotherapy gel-pack wrap from 1999 when my left ACL was rebuilt
2 trays of skanky ice
1 nearly empty 5-lb bag of French Roast coffee beans
1 extremely old flank of vacuum-wrapped smoked salmon -- wagering it's 10 yrs old
1 small bag oregano
1 small bag basil
1 small bag tarragon
1/3 bag frozen peas probably 8 years old.


2) The Striver

Recently I was talking to my brother about his plan to travel west next winter on a ski trip.  He asked about Xmas Break week as a time to make the trip.  I explained that western skiing is not premised on man-made snow plenitude and that the ski season isn't always ready to go by Xmas since Ma Naychur sometimes is whimsical with her sharing of the Baby Jesus Dandruff.  I suggested later in the year for optimal snow conditions.  Bro responded that Niece can't just take a week off school to go ski.  I replied that if she got the flu she'd have to miss a week of school - so what's the difference?  Bro says "you don't understand how competitive it is at the elementary school level if we want her to get into The Best Prep Schools."

Seriously, did I really come from the same parents as him?

Bro thinks I'm an insane hippie/criminal/slacker.  I suppose that compared to The Striver Class of Obedient Serfs, I am.

I'd still take my daughter out of school for a week for a ski trip, no matter how "competitive" the schooling.  She's only in elementary school.  A week of elementary school missed?  Inconsequential.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

wrong target... and still, he missed. four times.

Henry Giroux talks about America's "four fundamentalisms" and because he uses footnotes we're supposed to take him seriously.

None of the "fundamentalisms" he lists is an operative view held by those who now control America's economic and political destinies.

Rather, the "fundamentalisms" are the psychological warfare vectors used to justify the desired acts and outcomes.

There is no "market fundamentalism" at work when there is a complex regulatory scheme that employs a lot of contractors, regulators, lawyers, consultants and still favors the regulated entities at the expense of the taxpaying public.  Market fundamentalism would be no regulation, no governmental assistance, no governmental favoritism in law enforcement, business license issuance, etc.  That's obviously not at work now.

There is no "religious fundamentalism" at work in American federal government.  Even in the states where religion plays the biggest role (Utah and Idaho, both heavily populated by LDS believers) it's still not a theocratic network at play.  Giroux assumes the emissions of pundit puffery are the same as what perspectives underlay governmental action.  He doesn't understand that pundits don't dictate policy -- they obscure it with inflammatory partisan rhetoric, distracting the audience from the core issues.

There is no "anti-intellectual fundamentalism" at play in federal and state government.  This is NPR/PBS claptrap Giroux's uttering here.  The USA has more colleges and universities per capita than any other nation on Earth.  Most of them survive through public funding.  That's not anti-intellectual.  Giroux is mistaking (once again) the anti-intellectual punditry of eedjits like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for the urges that motivate the key players in American economic and governmental operations. Most of those key players were educated at the vaunted institutions that pinheads like Giroux attended and continue to support (i.e. Ivy League universitites and equivalent small private colleges).  Again, not anti-intellectual at all.

There is no "military fundamentalism" at play in America today.  The military consumes big bucks because it's highly profitable.  It's not being extensively used as a result of military mindsets or our government being run by soldiers.  Military operations are extremely lucrative for those who design, build or supply weapons, uniforms, ancillary equipment, logistical services, bases, and related infrastructure for temporary and permanent military operations.  Quasi-military operations like Homeland Security and anti-"terrorism" technology, contracting and human-staffed bureaucracy are equally run as cash cows.  The reason militarism is central today is its profitability.  Period.  That's why wars are not fought to be won in a traditional military sense, but instead are being fought (and instigated) for their profiteering opportunities.  The longer we are at "war" in more and more places, the greater the profiteering opportunity.

Giroux trots out familiar "progressive" crap on each of these four points.  He does a fine job of gatekeeping and goat-roping.

Too bad he can't hit any targets with that poor aim of his.

I'd say you could have identified him as a gatekeeper with this simple sentence:
Think of Rush Limbaugh's cruel and hateful attack on Sandra Fluke, insisting that she was a prostitute because she believed that contraception was a women's right and should be covered by insurance companies as part of her health coverage.
Rush Limbaugh is not making policy at the state or federal level, and his opinion of Sandra Fluke is completely irrelevant to what Uncle Sam chooses to do policy and action-wise on any issue.FN

But by pointing to Rush Limbaugh, Giroux pleases the NPR/PBS pwogglegang and reminds them that the only critical thing to consider here is tribalism, and the only blameworthy people are Evil Rethuglicans and other "reactionary" people who can be lumped together inaccurately as "fundamentalists."

What a pile of horse shit.


FN - I'm not sure Rush Limbaugh saying something is the same thing as "women being told ______," because what ought to matter to any human is what the people who care for and love him/her say, not what Rush Limbaugh says.

A woman who looks to Rush Limbaugh to get her sense of feminine identity or gender fullness is a woman who could probably benefit from some perspective evaluation, some willingness to criticize whom she prioritizes as an influence, to whom she gives her attention and reflection of identity.

Honestly, you have to see that it's not Rush Limbaugh's fault if someone hears that lard-ass say something and takes it to heart. Nobody should give another's words so much power over sense of self. Why are people paying attention to him? His opinions don't matter. What would matter is such things as how he treats his wife, his girlfriend, the women who have worked under his employment, etc. Not his stupid gas-bagging punditry, which is irrelevant Billy Sundayism. He's just provoking. Isn't his public track record of being "conservative" while having Rx pharma addictions, sex addictions, gambling addictions, alcohol and tobacco addictions obviously showing him to be a fluffy cartoon of a man, who has no legitimate power or authority over anyone?

Giving so much credence to the fumings of a narrow segment of America (whack-job fundies) isn't really the best foundation for a critical essay. The audience for such strange preachers is narrow and they're tribalist.

I don't know any women who identify with Rush Limbaugh and I don't know any women who feel their uterine privacy is at stake now, practically speaking, as a result of Limbaugh's nonsense.

Punditry's culture wars are irrelevant, and treating them with gravity gives them undue credit. Treating the GOP's candidate race with gravity is pretty much the same issue, same result. If you're a woman, I'd be looking directly at the men in your life whom you care for and who care for you in return, and examining THEIR attitudes, and ignoring the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, or any other "public figure."

The more you can disconnect from the bullshit culture wars, the more you can see who really has influence over your life and perspective.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Most people are not ok, but they're taking their siestas in the sun
Got some ideas on the way it should be
But most of 'em just carrying on

Happy colored marbles that are rolling in my head
I put 'em back in the jacket of the one I love
Carry that velvet sack full of pretty colored marbles
And I'll ask you for 'em back, when I'm ready and done

Most people are not ok, and they're slackin' cause the job ain't done
Fillin' up on the poison nut
And getting down till the dawn

Happy colored marbles that are rolling in my head
I put 'em back in the jacket of the one I love
Carry that velvet sack full of pretty colored marbles
And I'll ask you for 'em back, when I'm ready and done