Tuesday, February 28, 2012

railroad tracks

Running parallel to the American experience of bursting real estate value bubbles is the Canadian experience of that same bubble. Though many Americans can't see this happening here (because it means contemplating their Big Ticket Annuity Gift to a Mortgage Bank), it's definitely going on.

Detach and pay attention to the Canadian issue from the perspective of a mocking peanut gallery seat-holder. Look at what Garth Turner shows for an example of a $1.5 million house in a Toronto suburb:

When such a big overvaluation is going on, it's a true sign of a zombie fad.

And before you snark on the gap of time between my zombie exemplar and today, I would remind you that humans haven't evolved in that meantime. Having cooler toys and machines today doesn't prove we evolved psychologically, it only shows we valued "efficiency" (machines/tools) and entertainment (toys) over sustainability.

Bubble economies play into efficient entertainment. Biggest fastest bucks for those inflating the bubble. Inflaters enjoy the rush affiliated with big-payoff risk. The rush obscures most of one's innate desire to protect one's self and progeny 40 years hence. To the extent that desire's in play, it's focused on protection of self and progeny by stockpiling money.

Also known as "capital."

See, and I'm not even Glossy Karl.

Friday, February 24, 2012

not deep purple

no rolling stones truck parked just outside

les mccann, eddie harris, donald dean, benny bailey, leroy vinnegar

swiss movement

also check out roberta flack's version of the song, which is found on her debut album from 1969, First Take.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celsius 233

You are asking about our removal and destruction-by-burning of copies of the Qur'an?

An accident, we assure you.

Both the removal and the destruction were accidental, as was the fire into which the books accidentally were thrown, entirely by accident. We do sincerely assure you of these facts, with the utmost integrity.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

kooky, kooky... lend me your comb


All those lice, fleas and Demodex folliclorum!

shivonne gore-man has the beta at Hmehrikke's Favritte Rhegg.

I have a question for Keith.

Keith, since you are aware that Anonymous is assumed to be a collective of hackers and other electronic monkeywrenchers, wouldn't Anonymous cutting off computer networks or power grids be kinda like you being the catalyst for dismantling the NSA and all other "intelligence" entities (computer networks) as well as the Department of Defense (power grid)?

Just wonderin', and all. Just a-puzzlin'.


related: What does Buck v Bell have to do with civil rights?

lookin' for the nerve...

Monday, February 20, 2012


Acknowledge your competitive instincts.
We all have them.

Get to know them, all their dimensions.
Even the ones that sicken you.

And find a healthy outlet for them.
Sports works for many; card games, board games, puzzles are good too. Video games are a maybe.

The urge to compete for resources is driven by a cocktail of hubris, megalomania, and sociopathy. We are intellectually superior to canids, yet they are wiser than we when it comes to resource management.
What does this say about our government?

like Nicklaus in his prime

Mid-1970s.  2-iron from 240 out, into a 15mph wind and it stops 3 feet away.  Not just once, but several shots in a row.  You can imagine people starting to form a semi-circle around him at the practice tee.

Paul Craig Roberts, Silencing the Critics

Saturday, February 18, 2012

stick it to 'em

Arthur Silber examines the pseudo-dissident journalists and picks out the many flaws in such journalists' arguments -- their psychological tricks, their rhetorical gaming, and their logical errors.

On Behalf of Life: Occupy, Authority, and The Obedient Dissenter

Hardhitting, Dissenting Journalism -- Without the Hardhitting, Dissenting Part

Thursday, February 16, 2012


...Iran might actually want to develop nuclear power and/or nuclear weapons, so it really doesn't matter that Davidland is e-signing a deal with Pastaland for $1 Billion worth of training aircraft.

...even though Iran couldn't deliver a nuke once developed, and these planes would allow Davidland to so deliver one of the many many nukes it possesses, we should use military force to stop Iran NOW!
Israel reaches $1B deal to buy 30 military training aircraft from Italy

— Israel has reached a $1 billion preliminary deal to buy 30 Italian military training jets, Israeli defense officials said Thursday, providing a long-awaited upgrade to what is widely viewed as the most advanced air force in the Middle East.

more at your friendly neighborhood Voice of MoBroSam, The Washington Post.

hitchin' a ride

it means I'm rich and superior

image found on PinkBike

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the new kingfish

Andrew Napolitano!

If Barrio Bama read this script it wouldn't be believable at all.

Same with every leading candidate for 2012 POTUS.



Breaking news: Goldman Sachs has a tarnished reputation!

Does it really matter what their "reputation" is, if they continue to pilfer billions from Our Earned Taxpayer Dollars?

Let's triangulate! Push the focus to a bad reputation! See, they're getting what they deserve! More money unearned unentitled unwarranted TSUNAMIS OF GIFT MONEY but hey their rep is tainted!

Tainted, I say!

Their lackey is in the White House, their pawns positioned at key waypoints throughout The Federal Swamp. They have ruled that swamp since William Jefferson Blythe Lewinski Blowjob Clinton was POTUS.

Tainted, I say!

we lie so you don't have to!

That's what I propose as the new business slogan for The Pew Research Center.


This is why:
U.S. Public Takes Strong Stance Against Iran's Nuclear Program

By Pew Research Center

February 15, 2012 "Pew Research Center "
-- The public supports tough measures – including the possible use of military force – to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Nearly six-in-ten (58%) say it is more important to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, even if it means taking military action. Just 30% say it is more important to avoid a military conflict with Iran, even if it means that country develops nuclear weapons. These opinions are little changed from October 2009.

Alternatively, they could use this slogan:

We'll tell them what they think -- and they'll believe us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

movie star, journalist, billion dollar fund manager

Don Gato's essay criticizing Chris "Activist for Social Profile Boosting's Sake" Hedges makes Hedges sound a bit like a hydrocephalic blogger and self-appointed Toobz Sage that I roasted quite a few months ago -- Jack Crow. I wonder if Hedges resembles The Mighty Crowbar by also walking his pet chinchillas to Obedience School.

Both Clowns do their very best work when triangulating, taking people's attention off the pivotal issue and re-directing it toward some 3d entity out there, horrible and terrifying in its somethingness. Let's talk about a real problem today, people: the patriarchy! And after that, let's talk about the next-worse problem: reactionaries! All the while, we'll ignore the essence and instead focus on various costumed characters which we will suggest are legitimate stand-ins for the real thing! And we'll be very stern and severe in our appraisals of these masked characters!

Ira for Irwin

Tomorrow (Wed Feb 15) Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo will substitute for (Your Old Pal) Irwin on WFMU, 91.1 FM in the NYC Metro area, or on these here Toobz.

Tune in from 3-6 PM, Eastern time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hey goatie, here's your leash!

1) Irony at full sprint around the bases even though it's over the center-left field wall:

Essay at The Atlantic - When Journalists Write Like Flacks, Author - Jeffrey Goldberg.

2) Chomsky-esque goat-roping, using the technique of shrinking the acceptable limits of debate:
By fighting terrorism with covert CIA actions, President Obama deprives us of the ability to meaningfully evaluate American foreign policy.
Instead of judging (a) whether the CIA should do anything at all; (b) whether the CIA's mission should include things outside information-gathering and cataloging -- like fomenting discord in foreign cultures, for example; (c) whether any of the CIA's activity should be secret; (d) whether the USA should be involved in the affairs of any foreign nation; (e) whether anything we're told by Uncle Sam's minions is true, ever; or (f) any other issue/question you might imagine on the subject of Mother's Brother Samuel's "foreign policy" ambitions and activities and its legitimacy and/or the legitimacy of any of its constituent parts...

...instead of any of that...

...we get Yuppie Self-Proclaimed Expert on Foreign Policy, Conor Friedensdorf, writing such pap as
The War in Iraq is mostly over. We're drawing down forces in Afghanistan. Barring an unexpected terrorist attack or another Libya-style troop deployment, Election 2012 will proceed in a world where the War on Terrorism is being waged by intelligence agencies making drone strikes in places like Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, and one in which we may be taking covert action inside Iran too.

In others words, much of American foreign policy will be a state secret.

Think about what that means for democracy.
The war in Iraq is over? No, it's not. We're still the invading force, even though MoBroSam pitches the whole gig as though we were asked to step in, establish a permanent presence, and take control over Iraq's oil and related infrastructure. There's assumed fact number one from our man Conor.

We're drawing down forces in Afghanistan? What, "drawing down" but staying there? Isn't this just the proclamation that Barrio Bama made quite a few years back, that we're "drawing down" in Afghanistan? Isn't the reality opposite that, unless we assume we never ever had a presence there? If we're there in ANY context, we only "draw down" to give an appearance of leaving. Right? There's assumed fact number two from Conor the Bravely Expert and Generously Sagacious Foreign Policy Scholar-in-training.

Barring an unexpected terrorist attack? What? Hey, My Man Conor... have you noticed that Barrio Bama has said that he can declare anyone, anywhere to be a "terrorist" and thereby entitle himself, on behalf of Terrorist-Hating Americans, to detain indefinitely, injure, torture, dissappear and/or kill such a "terrorist"? Aren't you assuming that there's some honest brand-recognition veracity with the term "terrorist" and that it's always applied judiciously, fairly, and with the highest sense of detached objectivity in the naming? Sheesh. That's assumed fact numero tres, Senor Friedensdorf.

The entire essay is one which repeatedly reinforces the Official Story As Rendered By Barrio Bama And His Merry Band of Highly Competent Junior Executives... and reinforces the Nobility and Supremely Humane Purpose of MoBroSam's Foreign Policy -- if we just get the CIA to admit it shouldn't do such wicked things now and then!

3) WhiffFN of his 7-iron tee shot on the 143-yard par 3 -- you're now hitting 3, rather than 1, reminds the caddy.

PCR, talking about war on Iran:
Also on February 2, Gareth Porter reported that General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, informed the Israeli government that the US would not join Israel’s aggression against Iran unless Washington had given prior approval for the attack.

Porter interprets Dempsey’s warning as a strong move by President Obama to deter an attack that would involve Washington in a regional conflagration with Iran. A different way to read Dempsey’s warning is that Obama wants to hold off on attacking Iran until polls show him losing the presidential election.

More like, what MoBroSam wants to achieve, he can easily achieve indirectly. Redheaded stepchild Land of King David can be the lunch-hour bully and demand Iran's milk money or else, while MoBroSam sits back and issues stern qualifications on whether he will turn a blind eye to the bully's bullying when it becomes less verbal and more physical. This makes MoBroSam look wise, calm and detached. And in comparison, Davidland looks hotheaded, angry and bellicose.

During the course of the initial flare-up, Trash-Bin Net&Yahoo will again lecture Barrio Bama on the Hitler-like threat posed by Ahmadinejad: they want to wipe us off the map! Alan Deresciewicz, stage name Dershowitz, will leap up and down, spittle flying all around him, screaming about the anti-Semites in America who won't allow MoBroSam to go to Davidland's aid to stop The Satanic Hitler of the 21st Century. Martin Amis will remind us of the horrible threats posed by Middle Eastern Nations Not Run By Followers of Judaism.

Obama doesn't need to worry about re-election. PCR misses the boat here. Pwogs and other smug eedjits will forgive Obama anything, as long as they can gain moral playground cred and politically correct street rep for again electing Our First Black President. Post-racism as The Preferred Image of America is more powerful than the stench of rotting flesh in Iran or anything else someone might lay at Barrio Bama's doorstep.

Which would take us back to the sprinting irony of (1), wouldn't it?


FN- Actually a water hole and the ball went swimming; technically a water hazard penalty stroke; functionally in missing the green or surrounding fairway/fringe, a whiff.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

ndaa... hey... get yer sopa off my pipa!

Peoples Universal Rainbow Republic (PURR)

February 4, 2012

Karl Franz Ochstradt
Internet Asshole
c/o "constructive destruction"

Dear Asshole:

We at PURR are entirely without empathy for your racist and bigoted Cracker hysteria. You think it's your prerogative to dictate what women do with their wombs! This cannot stand. You mock honorable intellectual professional progressives, which undercuts The Movement. You show dangerous disrespect to the most noble man in our nation, who just happens to be our First Black President, Barack Hussein Obama. And you have repeatedly insulted Our National Treasure and Living Legend, the Eidetically Superior Professor-for-Eternity, Noam Chomsky.

Consequently, in view of the threat to National Security posed by you and your website, we have reported you to The Honorable Janet Napolitano, Administrator of Homeland Security, and to Michael Chertoff, MOSSAD/Shin Bet liaison to the Hon. Madame Administrator Napolitano.

It is our sincere hope that your redneck Christer Pig Rethuglican Apologist agenda dies and/or disappears with you.

Fuck you very truly,

(signature redacted for PURR Security)

Guccibag Kittypu Ringandrun, Esq.
PURR Attorney-in-Fact
and Notable Media Critic


/message transcript intercepted by DHS liaison Chertoff/

/to: frillyblouse@brigadiersofpropriety.com/

/from: KFOEsq@oill.com/

/content beginning/

Hey GK, long time no scathe. Glad to see all remains the same at your end.

1) Kindly tell your pal Mikey that he can go pound his tough-guy skeletor fists into a bin of broken glass shards. (you get that, Mikey?)

2) Your mind's lack of any concept of comedy remains ironically enlightening and useful as fodder for certain writers.

3) Have you noticed how naturally you assume the Totalitarian Mantle?

Later pal.

/content end/

/DHS triggers: Mikey, skeletor, Totalitarian/

/message sent 05 February 2012 07:57 Eastern Standard Time/

Friday, February 3, 2012

the vacuum's in need of more...


Beyond the ken of the PowerNoggin stand The Monks, whose efforts defied Parchment Power, ignored Meritorious Accomplishments Tallied in a CV, shirked the Professional Obligation to Use Polysyllabics, and cared not a whit for the partisan pukings of Enlightened Pwog vs Rethug Christer...

I'm pretty sure they didn't give a flying fuck about Glossy Karl or "labor organizing" or any other triangulation tactic favored by "leftists"

pwoggie theme song

we must control everyone who is not just like Pwogwessive Us!

I know many PowerNoggin Pwogs whose solution to Evil Rethuglicans is take 'em out. Not surprisingly, often these Pwogs are fans of King David's Murderous Country, where the operative solution to all problems is take 'em out.

I love people who use a perspective that was suitable to the simians in the opening scene of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey... especially when they call themselves "progressive"!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

sorry nonny

I have to wade back in for a moment.

"Doctor" Michael Hudson, bean-counting psy-op warrior working for Circus Clown/Supermax Punk Dennis Kucinich, throws a big steaming pile of Hudsonfeces in his conversation with Max Keiser. Fast forward to 10:50 here:

Ron Paul has not said that he wants centralized planning by bankers. Ron Paul has not excused the thievery that's been ongoing in the "bailouts." How does Hudson get this perspective? By LYING, that's how!

Using typical 2012 PowerNoggin goat-roping, Hudson's comments re Ron Paul prior to the 10:50 timepoint are honest. He credits Paul with being the only GOP candidate who is anti-war, anti-imperialism, and anti-militarism.

But then, Hudson says that "the guy I work for" (Kucinich) is holding a similar view on the Dembot side of things.

This is a lie.

Kucinich already has proved his anti-imperialist fraudulence by cowing repeatedly whenever "pressured" by SuperMandingo.

To say Kucinich is as anti-imperialist as Ron Paul is laughable -- if you know the facts.

But if you're a PowerNoggin who knows facticity instead of facts, you look for reasons to love Kucinich and hate Paul, based merely on partisan alliance. So you'll believe Hudson's facticity despite the actual facts being contrary.

As to Austrian economics, they do not summarize simply to "centralized planning by bankers who can do whatever they like."

This would assume that a reformatting of the US Economy would leave existing bankers and banking structure in place.

What Hudson is whining about, indirectly, is this: he believes in big government and big regulatory schemes. And he knows PowerNoggins feel likewise, and fear almost more than anything the shrinking of government and the dissolution of regulatory schemes -- even where the regulatory frames show no real positive for anyone but the regulated entities!

Hudson's playing on the same themes that Bettybitch Warren played on: good "professional" people TRUST their government because they BELIEVE their government REGULATES the "bad guys" (...and by "REGULATES" it is assumed the regulatory activity limits or eliminates destructive behavior within the regulated community).

Even if Hudson correctly has identified a partisan fear of "professionals" and "progressives" and other PowerNoggins, and even if he's wisely tapping into Stepford Wife Warren's arguments, Ron Paul's position hasn't been what Hudson says. It hasn't been that ANYWHERE at ANY TIME.

And I'd defy "Doctor" Michael Hudson to offer his proofs regarding Paul's supposed position.

But I won't hold my breath.

...and now, I return to the land of FUCK YOU, POWERNOGGINS!



American Exceptionalism; or, It’s Not State Capitalism When America Does It

The Corporate State: A House Divided Against Itself

End War by Ending the State

The Lost Generation’s Call To Action