Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Culturally imposed guilt

One of the least appealing things about being a Feminist progressive leftist is the way my fellow Feminists, my fellow progressives, my fellow leftists are always trying to shame me into feeling insufficiently Feminist, or not progressive enough, or a bit too close to the center and too far from the Leftist Ideal.

Because we progressive leftists are very polite, the shaming from the progressives and leftists is always passive-aggressive.

But we Feminists can be pretty abrasive, especially when encountering The Patriarchy and all those walking examples of misogyny.

Personally, for reasons I don't quite understand,* I am a bit more comfortable with the abrasive approach of my fellow Feminists.  I don't sit very comfortably among people who prefer passive-aggression.  I prefer it when people actually say what they mean, rather than trying to force you to feel inferior for not agreeing with them.

In the past few months, I've noticed my fellow progressive leftists getting very preachy and moralist about their progressiveness and leftism.  Lines are being drawn in the sand.  But only indirectly by implication, as is standard for passive-aggressive people.

For example, love and admiration of cats is considered and assumed to be essential to the progressive and leftist lifestyles.  In times of relative positivity, the progressive and leftist show this by constantly using those "LOLcat" creations to make a point -- and in so doing, they suggest that they (the progressive or leftist) are clever and superior for supporting the feline sector of the animal kingdom, while also suggesting that the felines are superior for supposedly sharing in the progressive or leftist view of life.

This tends to bother me, because what I've found from dealing with cats over my lifetime is that cats are far more reactionary, conservative, and --do I dare say this?-- stupid.  Not only that, they are distinctly and profoundly anti-social.  And arrogantly aloof.

Maybe that's why many leftists and progressives admire cats?  The arrogant aloofness?  As in, "Yes, I am superior, and just like my arrogantly aloof cat who couldn't care less about you or your reactionary views."

This perspective of greatness by affiliation rests upon a mistaken view of cats.  As I said, they're stupid!  Why would you try to affiliate with stupidity, while pretending to be intellectually superior?


Ultimately, the best animal for a self-respecting, self-sufficient, independent-minded person is a dog.  But not just any dog!  Some dogs are far more like cats -- meaning, stupid!  aloof!  and snobbish!

The cat is your friend only because you give it food.  Hence, aloof.  "You want to play, human servant?  That's nice.  Go get a stupid dog," says the cat.  Projecting its stupidity onto dogs, the cat obscures the cat fan's awareness of cat stupidity.

The cat won't go backpacking with you and let you know about the presence of animals you may want to investigate or observe.  The cat wants you to give it a crystal bowl of caviar-like Upscale Food and then leave it alone to groom its perfect coat of white angora fur.

In short, the cat is a lot like the stereotypical Gay Friend in a movie or sitcom.

Which probably explains why my fellow progressives and leftists like them, because it seems that affiliation with gayness is the ultimate trump card for a leftist or progressive.

Shame, for being heterosexual!


I remain confused by the ironic impulse of my fellow Feminists, leftists and progressives toward behavior that actually resembles the sorts of closed-minded, backward-oriented and reactionary viewpoint that my fellow Feminists, leftists and progressives so often complain about.

Maybe someone can help explain this situation?  I remain optimistic about it, though guardedly so.


* I'm not too introspective, though I do enjoy being mistaken for an intellectual.


Cats Rule! said...

You're a fraud, you asshole. You aren't progressive, leftist or feminist.

If you were, you'd worship cats.

Like I do.

Cats Rule! said...

Also, you're not even a woman. You're a stupid breeder who's trying to make fun of leftists, progressives, feminists and gay men.

If you actually are a woman, you're a self-hating lesbian, and probably a really ugly mannish diesel and not a refined upscale professional lipstick lesbian.

Anne O'Dyan said...


Is that you?

diane said...

Oh holy stupid bitch....I'm deleting my facebook account right can reach me at if you need to hear more righteous self-aggrandizement from me, you ugly cunt.

Anne O'Dyan said...

Flugnuts is Op is op is diane is anne shew is MJS is Michael J Smith is Al Schumann?

Who knew?

owen paine said...

not me

only one
only 2
the lysergic

you like
my cartoons?
I draw
them in
3 minutes
pretend they
are great works
of cartoon
though they
really are
more like
a fart

anne shew said...

sweet lover...,..old man owen is not me....,,,,.I have a comma penis and....a parenthetical vagina both...,.,.,.do you like...,,,,,.my morse code of punctuation?....,said the synthetic lovebox the meaty taco the bearded clam of digital construct...,...will you have electronic...,..k.?

Mike Flugennock said...

My latest cartoon wasn't drawn by paine, though he is a funny as fuck sitcom character, isn't he? Paine reminds me of that corrupt priest from that Bulgarian sitcom I watched when I ate some shrooms sitting in a beanbag chair HOLYFUCK! in Sofia back in 1993.

But AAAAAAAAny..wayyyyyy, as Fadduh Smiff sez, YOU'RE BANNED, ASSHOLE!

Hah hah hah!

Anne O'Dyan said...

I'm not so sure why the SMBIVA creator comes over here to use his 6 different voices. Is this supposed to be degrading my blog?

I guess that's what happens when you "lose your job" in the fictional life you created for your main character who's allegedly an academic? I wouldn't know, personally. I haven't ever worked in academia, not really, and not by fictional construct.

I don't have the urge for polysyllabics, I don't have the fancy educational background, and to be honest, I like actually helping people learn something when it comes time to share knowledge. Holding myself out as an "expert" and speaking with false profundity in a cloud of obscuring jargon is the opposite of teaching where I come from.

I guess I don't like artifice.

Cute Little Beagle said...

Stop the presses!

I luvs me some cock&ass, bros, and I don't think this blog hates gays. It makes me tingle with operatic flourishes and frilly excess, it makes me want to put on lacy chiffon underwear and grease up my asshole! I have recipes to share for edible ass lube, just wait until I return from my blog hiatus.

Anne O'Dyan said...

This is getting embarrassing. I really don't need to hear all this stuff about lubrication and anal sex.

What is the reason for you many commenters leaving explicit sexual details in your comments?

It almost makes me want to moderate comments, but to be honest, I'm not really interested in editorial oversight. I have much better things to do.

Besides, striking people's comments is a mark of cowardice, and I don't fear anything from a mere collection of words. Why would anyone fear that?

Anonymous said...

Flugnuts is Op is op is diane is anne shew is MJS is Michael J Smith is Al Schumann?

Who knew?

Don't forget Michael Dawson and Fred Bethune. The "diane" character is a synthesis of Flugennock and Dawson, with a hint of anne shew on occasion.

She was created because of criticisms that FlugnutsPaineSmith was misogynist and insular.

Anne O'Dyan said...

Good points, nonny.


Anonymous said...

No prob. You'll probably notice that "anne shew" and "owen paine" are nearly identical, though FlugnutsSmithSchumann seems to think the distinction of poetastery and morse code punctuation makes them distinct and different.

Whoever writes that blog thinks he or she is really funny, but actually he/she is as funny as a mortal heart attack or terminal cancer.

You're doing a great job of satirizing that place. Keep it up. I've bookmarked your blog.

anne said...

o' pen k ,10,34, " funny " of stop me .. , \ and it's not morse

anne said...

" She was created because of criticisms that Flugnuts.. . Smith was misogynist and insular. "of dee, but look at how she is playing that out .. of making them look even more so , you did some lovely writing that showed a bit of this on the .. of matter post , you can do better here rewrites rewrites re... , no going out to play now you boxy taco of a man ,that needs a beard

anne said...

my cat went camping and wandering with me over the years that we were together , and she let me know in the ways that they do what was about of other animals and more , and she did her own fishing as i say ..when we were out ,and when in i gave her some fish and rice with her having no hands for handling in not able to go out on her own to get , i like dogs as well , and as i said to mr. now wading , of dogs (cats ) you don't know what is going on in their lovely minds very different from your own ,.. that led to io z putting his sub titling up

Anne O'Dyan said...

A bearded editor I don't need, but I do think FlugPaineSmithSchumannDawsonBethuneDiane could use one, or several.

As could the rest of the Cool Insular Kids Clique, including The Miraculous Renaissance Ghost Known as Jack Crow and a few others who tend to cross-reference each others' blogs in some kind of secret handshake society.

That's what my lawyer tells me, anyway.

Anne O'Dyan said...

However, my lawyer is said to be a reactionary misogynist closeted poof, so maybe he's not trustworthy.

Maybe The Kapshow holds the key?

anne said...

i need a bearded editor .. . ,

Anne O'Dyan said...

You should ask Crow, he seems awfully confident in his ability to be whatever is needed in every situation, like a real ubermensch, a true hyperborean.

Who happens to be fat as fuck, and living in a city, without a clue to survival in the woods -- let alone alpine adventure.

Hero for a generation of women who have no self-esteem! Role model for emulators of Joey Weil!

anne said...

that bearded editor could just be another wom'n that likes knitting .. .

Jack Crow said...

What is your itch? What in hell is your itch, Oxtrot?

Can't you let a guy defraud others in peace? Can't you let a fat piggish liar dissemble as often and however he likes?

Don't you think my fabricated stories about myself and my pretense at encyclopaedic knowledge funneled through an eidetic memory is impressive?

Lots of others do.

I can only surmise that you're a jealous reactionary who wants to control women's uteri.

anne said...

likes knitting means that she doesn't have birds for hands

Anne O'Dyan said...

Mr Crow,

I'm not Oxtrot. He's no longer working here. We fired him, and Lohmann, and Ochstradt in one fell swoop, trimming the fat... as it were.

My fun-making at your expense is just a little friendly camaraderie, mostly because I want to be a world-class intellectual like you.

I seek that status. I too want to be the world's smartest human who hasn't accomplished anything of merit, despite extensive bragging on a blog suggesting the contrary.

Can you help me get there, Mr Crow? You present yourself as a great teacher with a vast, unending warehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

Do you have some rare historical facts that will help me get there, Mr Crow?

Please, share some information that will help me progress in my life.

Jack Crow said...

Okay, here's one for you, "Anne" or whatever you're calling yourself now.

You wish you were as smart as Sandy Krolick.

Do you still hear the lambs crying as you try to fall asleep?

Anne O'Dyan said...

Thank you Mr Crow. Who is this "Sandy Krolick" you mention?

Maybe you can help answer another question, Mr Crow.

Let's say I get pregnant. It's possible you know. Lots of men want in my pants. Lots of them drop by trying to seduce me. So it's possible. I know my profile says both genders hate me, but that's meatspace. Here, where we all can hide behind an ethereal construct presented for consumption, men flock to my blog. So it's possible.

Say I get pregnant. And then, 5 weeks after learning I'm pregnant, I decide the pregnancy is inconvenient for my current life situation.

I had the chance to use contraception when I had sex, but I was far more interested in the convenience of possible abortion as post-sexual-intercourse birth control, rather than pre-intercourse contraception.

I'm a leftist progressive Feminist, after all. It's my body.

So when I decide it's time to abort the little creature developing inside me, am I not extinguishing a human life?

Is it not the same as me drowning my 1 month old baby in a bathtub?

Jack Crow said...

There is no human life inside you, "Anne" or whatever you're calling yourself.

It's not a human until the moment it exits your labial gateway. Before that, it isn't anything more than extra weight and a blob of useless tissue -- a tumor is more human than that blob.

This is so, because I say it is so.

You have to ignore those Christers and Crackers who say otherwise. They're going to be annihilated when I'm Great Lord Emperor of the Universe anyway.

Anne O'Dyan said...

That's what I needed to hear, Mr Crow.

It seems to me that despite the complex chain of biological events involved in the 9 months of gestation, the human baby actually is created in the seconds during which it breaches the "labial gateway" as you called it.

That's brilliant, Mr Crow.

Now I can go back to laughing at my friends when they say "we're pregnant" at any point prior to the actual childbirth. I'll sneer at them, mock them, deride them for their ignorance!

You've given me a new way to feel superior, Mr Crow! Thanks so much!

anne said...

on another labial note , i'm having some .. dick in bush tees.. thoughts ,said the doodler like no other .. .\ o'ire , what is the appeal of willard ? i don't get that at all from here in my just looking over a little ,ver y

Anne O'Dyan said...

The "appeal of Willard"? I didn't know he was in litigation. What issue is he appealing? To what court?

anne said...

i just made a lovely cerf-volant(yes always lovely ) out of a fallen leaf she said as she flutters out .. . again , / diane's reply to owen's suggest .. ." Owen, thanks so much for that offer. Though I never ever use email to correspond (100% phone voice/letters person) outside of job issues, I may take you up on it later on (after I finally manage to disengage myself from the tubez) to keep in contact, as I value your acquaintance."

Anne O'Dyan said...

I would value the "acquaintance" of quite a few e-puppets who pretend they are almighty intellects in well-connected powerful jobs, which is why they are anonymous on the Toobz.

Though I'm not sure I want to meet a bunch of pimply, over-eager dweebs who love earning $8/hr working for one of Rahm Emanuel's tentacles.

What I would truly enjoy is personal debate of Corey Robin in a public forum, as a warm-up. Then the feeble old fuck Chomsky, who'd try to distract everyone with his facticity and pregnant assumptions.

I'd cap it with a public debate against The Crowbar, who I'd snuff in 3 or 4 Qs. BAM!

Anne O'Dyan said...

...of, against, with, whichever preposition fits best.

anne said...

i don't know of the corey that you have mentioned a few times , and of a few others that you poke about , when i've looked over at their writing from some mention at io z .. they usually say something that puts me off and i don't stay reading for long , but i've met chomsky here , i mentioned something of it over on io z , a few picked up on what i meant of what i was starting to say there on ,in talking with them after , but most get put off by my odd way of writing , i'm going to look back at what i started to write on that one before the talking with someone there about went off the blog .. with thoughts of what you might mean with " with his fac'.. . and pregnant assumptions."

Anne O'Dyan said...

Chomsky... hilarious... "anarcho-syndicalist" who spent 50 some years helping the world's biggest weapons research university. Yeah, anarchism is advanced by helping the state develop machinery of death. Maybe in Bizarro World!

Corey Robin is obsessed with "reactionaries," much like a lot of the poseurs at intellectualism, such as The Mighty Crowbar. Using a category label as a proxy for actual understanding is one of the great con games of pseudo-intellectualism because it reveals an ignorant refusal to understand anything unlike your own non-thought-processes.

The only thing Chompers and Batman's Best Boy are good for is making Pwogs feel like they're intelligent and somewhat radical.

It's no wonder Chompers is a canonized hero of The Pink Chipmunk Clubhouse. They're all pretty much cut from the same cloth that made the Emperor's New Clothes... and like the nude emperor, their fans refuse to admit the startlingly obvious.